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Taking Submissions: Paramourtal 2

October 31, 2011

Paramourtal 2

Note: I know Paranormal romance isn’t horror. A lot of horror authors dabble in it as well so since it’s a paying market I decided to include this one.
Deadline: October 31st 2011
Payment: either a $10 one-time payment or 2% royalties (based on profits) for three years. Also 1 Printed and 1 Digital copy and more at discounted price.

Seeking Unique Paranormal Romance Stories
Deadline: October 31, 2011

Cliffhanger Books is looking for new, previously unpublished short stories (approx. 6500-8000 words) for Paramourtal 2, the second volume of our award-nominated paranormal romance series. We are eager to read truly original fiction with unique (i.e. think beyond vampires and werewolves, though they are welcome, as well), well-defined, emotionally complex characters.

Give us an innovative take on an established paranormal character type. Approach your love story from a fresh angle or motivation. Hook us in with an imaginative and perplexing plot that will keep readers engaged until the very end.

Submissions are open to all U.S. and international writers age 18 and over. Stories must be submitted in English. While paranormal romance authors are generally female, we want story submissions from talented male writers as well.


NOTE: Read the following guidelines CAREFULLY. Not following them may get your story disqualified.

Required Story Elements

• They can be dark, edgy, sweet, tragic, humorous or just plain scary as hell
• The central plot revolves around a romance between one female and one male.
• Make one of the lead characters a being of supernatural origin. Or the paranormal figure can be a third character integral to the main couple’s love story (i.e., brings them together or hinders their union).
• The stories do not have to be modern. They can take place at any time and anywhere in history.
• They can also take place on an alternate or imaginary world.
• Keep all language and content PG-13 rated.
• To get a better idea of the type of stories we accept, we suggest you pick up a copy of Paramourtal and read it before submitting

Do NOT include:
• Graphic, bloody, violent acts, descriptions or explicit torture of any kind
• Graphic sex or profanity
• Demeaning racial insults or acts of bigotry
• Stories about real people — living, dead or undead


• File: Send your submission in an attached .doc file (NOT .docx), not in the body of your email.
• Font: Garamond, 11 pt
• Line spacing: 1.5 (do not add spaces or lines after paragraphs)
• Indention: Indent first paragraph lines .25″ (do NOT use tabs)

Story Synopsis (IMPORTANT!)

You MUST include a concise, compelling story synopsis (no longer than 100 words) in your email message and on the cover page of your story.

One Submission per Author ONLY

We must limit each author to one story submission. If anyone submits multiple stories, we will disqualify all of them.

No Previously Published or Simultaneous Submissions

We cannot accept any story previously or currently published, sold or available to the public via the internet, periodicals or any book format (if you have posted your story to your blog, it is considered previously published/available to the public even if only your family has read your blog post.) You also may not submit your story elsewhere while we are reviewing it. Likewise, we cannot accept any story currently under consideration by another publisher.

Writing Tips — IMPORTANT

If you’re a new writer, we suggest strongly that you read the storytelling tips in our blog before writing your tale. Even if you’re an experienced author, following our guidelines and tips will increase your chance of acceptance.

Include Author Information

Provide the following information on the cover page of your attached story:
• Your full name (pseudonyms are allowed, but we still need your actual name)
• Story title
• Word count and story page count (minus cover page)
• Your address, telephone number, email address and website URL if applicable
• Story synopsis (see above)
• How you heard about Cliffhanger Books (specify writers’ groups, website, word of mouth, etc.)


Please submit your story by midnight on Monday, Oct. 31, 2011 (Halloween). Email it as an attachment to [email protected]. Put the words “PARAMOURTAL 2 SUBMISSION” and title of your story in the subject line. NOTE: We maintain the option to extend the deadline at our will based on quantity, variety and number of acceptable stories.

Intellectual Property Disclaimer

We believe strongly in protecting every author’s original concept and content. Submit your manuscript with confidence that no one else will revise it or take your idea and publish it under another name. Should Paramourtal 2 include a story you deem similar to your submission in any way, you have our assurance that it is not a plagiarized version of your work. Submit ONLY if you agree not to hold Cliffhanger Books legally accountable in such a case.

Acceptance Notification

If we select your story for publication, we will notify you by email. We will then post a list of the accepted stories and authors on this site once it is available. Look for it no later than January 31, 2012. Those not accepted for inclusion will also be notified by email right after. Please DO NOT contact the editors to check the status of a submission.

Story Critiques

Due to time constraints, we cannot offer free individual critiques of rejected manuscripts. If you wish, critiques of your story are available for $50. If your story is not selected and you are interested in having it critiqued, contact the editors for details.

Published Formats

The anthology will be available as a trade paperback and in most electronic formats.

Publishing Rights

We will issue a contract to each author whose story we select for inclusion in Paramourtal 2. Cliffhanger Books copyrights every published work. This gives us exclusive publication rights for three years after initial publication. No author may submit a selected story to any other print, electronic or audio publishing source or allow it to appear on any other website during that time. These rights are for the accepted story only. Rights of the characters remain with you so you can include them in different stories submitted to other publishers during that three-year period.


Each author included in Paramourtal 2 will receive a choice of either a $10 one-time payment or 2% royalties (based on profits) for three years. Each author will also receive a printed and a digital (PDF) copy of the book. Additional copies of the book will be available at a substantial discount.

Changes and Edits

Editors reserve the right to make the following changes or edits if necessary to all accepted stories prior to publication:

• Content/Story: If we think your story requires revisions in content, structure, style, etc. to make it stronger, we will email our suggestions to you. Then you have the option of rewriting it within an allotted time frame. If you choose not to make the necessary revisions, that may affect your acceptance in the anthology. Please note that, like all publishers, our goal in content/story edits is always to help you make your story as good as it can be, not to change it into our story.

• Grammar/Punctuation: We reserve the right to make grammatical and/or punctuation corrections at our sole discretion without notifying you beforehand. If your story needs substantial revisions, we may reject it. So make sure you proofread your work closely before submitting it.

• Space: We reserve the right to make minor changes without notification to ensure your story fits the alloted space within the book.

Book Distribution

Gods of Justice will be available in print through Amazon and other major domestic and international online retailers. It will also be available in several e-book frormats through Amazon, Smashwords and iTunes.


Cliffhanger Books will do extensive marketing through online sites, message boards and forums, as well as live author signings and other events across the country. Our goal is to expose this anthology to as many potential readers as possible in order to make it successful.

Good luck. We look forward to reading your tales.

[via: Cliffhanger Books.]


October 31, 2011