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Taking Submissions: Occupied: Stories from After the Invasion

July 1, 2017 - July 2, 2017

Deadline: July 1st, 2017
Payment: $25 and a contributor’s copy

Rayor Books is accepting original science fiction short stories for our upcoming anthology, Occupied: Stories from After the Invasion. This anthology will be published as an eBook on Kindle, and as a POD paperback.


We are looking for stories set after Earth has lost an invasion, and the homeworld is now occupied. This could be a contemporary setting, where the invasion happens next week, or one 25,000 years from now, after Earth’s empire loses a war. It could be set right after the invasion, or generations later, when humanity doesn’t even remember its independence. The only rule is that the occupation must be important to the story. While military science fiction is the obvious route here (and we love military sci-fi), it certainly doesn’t have to be.

We’re not going to put a hard word-count on this. It’s possible a flash piece or very long short story could bowl us over. We expect, however, most of the stories to be in the 4,000-8,000 range.

Reading Period

Now, until July 1st, 2017.


$25 on acceptance, through PayPal, plus 1 contributor copy of the paperback. Contributors will also be able to purchase additional copies of the paperback at a 45% discount.


First Print and First Electronic Rights, with a 1 year from publication date exclusive period. We further ask that the author not make the story available for free on their website or anywhere else while the anthology is in print. The exclusivity period would be waived if the author has the opportunity to be reprinted in a “Best of” anthology or single-author collection within the year. We just don’t want it competing in another small-press anthology or for sale for 25 cents on your website right away.

Please bear in mind that once we have purchased your story, you will only be able to submit it to other publications as a reprint, which will limit the places it can be published and the amount of money you may receive for it. It is up to you, the author, to decide if assigning your First rights to us in return for $25 and a contributor copy is the correct business decision for you.

How to submit

Send your story as a doc or rtf attachment to [email protected].

What we don’t want

Reprints, adult content, torture, stories using other authors characters or settings, fan-fiction, straight fantasy or horror. Science-fiction stories with fantastic or horror elements are acceptable. We also don’t want generic science-fiction stories where someone has just slapped an alien occupation into the background to make the story fit the anthology. Realistic violence, mild erotic content, profanity are all acceptable.

Via: Rayor Books.


July 1, 2017
July 2, 2017