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Taking Submissions: Legend: True Stories From a Friend of a Friend

October 31, 2013


Deadline: October 31st 2013
Payment: $25 and a contributor’s copy

We’ve all heard the stories of the ancient Gods, the Titans, the cryptozoological oddities. We know their names by heart, Jersey Devil, Nessie, Mothman.

Really… well, we’ve heard all we need to hear about them, right? How about some new legends?

ThunderDome Press is preparing a short story collection of NEW myths and urban legends. We don’t just want spooky tales, we want you to make local history. Pick a city (preferably one that hasn’t been written to death) and tell us an original tale so fantastic that all of the locals already know it’s true. It can be hyper-realistic or paranormal. It can be the focus of the story, or just the dread that influences what happens in the tale. Make our skin crawl, make us question reality, but most of all, make us believe.

Legend: True Stories From a Friend of a Friend
Edited by Chris Deal & Michael Paul Gonzalez

Word Limit: 5,000.

Deadline: October 31st (spooky!)

Pay: $25 + 1 Contributor’s Copy

[via: Thunderdome Magazine.


October 31, 2013