Epeolatry Book Review: Revelations: Horror Writers for Climate Action, ed. Seán O’ Connor


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Title: Revelations: Horror Writers for Climate Action

Author: Various, ed. Seán O’ Connor

Genre: Horror

Publisher: Stygian Sky Media LLC

Release Date: 22nd April, 2022

Synopsis: Horror stories from a variety of well-known authors.

Here’s a massive charity anthology assembling twenty-one reprints by as many horror writers (proceeds donated to an organization devoted to fight against climate change). Thus, buying a copy will secure hours of excellent reading (the impressive line-up of authors is a guarantee) and help those trying to stem this wide world’s dramatic climate problem.

But let’s stick to the stories which, expectedly, are mostly quite good. 

I will simply mention the contributions which especially stand out.

“The Wood on the Hill” is an old story penned by Clive Barker, actually a sort of dark fable taking place in a wild forest, while “The Tower” by Richard Chizmar is a disquieting tale where a small-town water tower becomes the location of savage murders.

“The Guardian” by Philip Fracassi is a terrifying story. Hungry, lethal creatures live under the sand in a deserted island, attacking and devouring any human being.

In “Summer Thunder”, Stephen King masterfully outlines the radiation effects of a nuclear apocalypse by depicting the terrible little changes affecting both animals and humans bound to suffer a slow and painful death.

Tananarive Due contributes “Carriers”, a post-plague tale where both carriers and survivors try to carry on with life in a grim, apocalyptic atmosphere.

My favourite stories? “Field of Ice” by the amazing Gemma Amor, a memorable, outstanding piece in an icy mountain setting where a woman on a secret mission has to face both natural dangers and an alien creature. And “The Maid from the Ash: a Life in Pictures” by Gwendolyn Kiste, a superb, unforgettable story, describing the life of a young girl found in the ruins of her house in the woods while trying to return where she belonged.

Other contributors are: Laird Barron, Ramsey Campbell, TE Grau, Joe Hill, John Langan, Sarah Langan, Joe R Lansdale, Tim Lebbon, Josh Malerman, Adam LG Nevill, Nuzo Onoh, Sarah Pinborough, Priya Sharma, Paul Tremblay.


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