Dark Recesses Press Is (Temporarily?) Closed

I was delivered some bad news today. It isn’t clear yet if it is for the foreseeable future or permanent. However, Dark Recesses Press has had to close its doors. It’s always with a heavy heart that I have to share this kind of detail with you.

A press shutting down, especially one that I hear nothing but good things of, is sad news. Due to personal and unexpected financial reasons unrelated to the press, editor Bailey Hunter has had to close their doors. The press has already paid out their current stories and will print the magazine with stories that were accepted to make good for subscribers, though they have closed submission and released the rights of everything not already scheduled.

This isn’t a case of a press not doing what you would hope to have done, and Bailey appears to be closing the doors in the best way possible for both their authors and readers. Hopefully, she’ll be able to re-open down the line, and we’ll happily share that news if and when it happens.

On the front of their website today, it was shared that:

It is with a heavy heart I must announce that due to recent unexpected, major personal set backs, publication of the quarterly magazine & webzine must be suspended at this time.

All back issues will remain available in our shop. All current pending submissions are released back to the authors.

Here is the official announcement from their Facebook:

We wish Bailey all of the best in this challenging time.

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