Taking Submissions: Reckoning 5

Deadline: September 22nd, 2020
Payment: eight cents a word for prose, thirty dollars a page for poetry
Theme: Creative writing about environmental justice

We’re currently reading for Reckoning 5! Please refer to the specific calls from poetry editor Leah Bobet and fiction/nonfiction editor Cécile Cristofari!

To understand what we’re looking for, try reading Reckoning 3Reckoning 2Reckoning 1the interviewsthe Reckoning twitter, or LCRW 33.

The short version: creative writing about environmental justice. Fiction preferably at least a tiny bit speculative, nonfiction preferably more creative than journalistic, poetry tending towards the narrative and preferably with some thematic heft, art leaning away from the pulpy heavily towards the political. But the heart of what we want is your searingly personal, visceral, idiosyncratic understanding of the world and the people in it as it has been, as it is, as it will be, as it could be, as a consequence of humanity’s relationship with the earth.

Ongoing Submissions: Polu Texni

Payment: $20 for a poem
Theme: Poetry on SF or fantasy themes

We are currently open to submissions, but we do have a big pool of accepted pieces so will be reading very selectively.

Polu Texni is looking for articles, poems, or art profiles that pertain to our themes. Submissions can be sent to submissions at polutexni.com.

Non-fiction: This is our current biggest need. We are looking for articles on future art, technology and art, fannish culture, emerging media, art and science, or art and fantasy, among other things. Feel free to drop us a quick email with an idea and a short bio before you write, although we are unlikely to make a commitment before reading the finished piece. We will pay 3 to 5 cents a word.

Artist Profiles: We want to run profiles and interviews on speculative artists. We want to hear from mixed media artists, and artists with less exposure. Please send photos or links to photos, and if chosen we will contact you for an interview.

Poetry: Poetry on SF or fantasy themes. We prefer strong visual images. We pay $20 for a poem. Please send one poem per email, in the body of the email. Please, no attachments. It’s OK to send multiple poems, but please send them in separate emails. We might make an exception for attachments if your formatting is particularly fussy, but also be warned that WordPress isn’t the best tool for finicky formatting so this is not the best market for pieces that rely on careful visuals. If you have a suggestion for an accompanying photo or illustration, let us know if your poem is accepted.

Book Reviews: We would like reviews of books pertaining to our themes, either speculative fiction books, art books, illustrated books or graphic novels. Pays 3 cents a word.

Please contact me at submissions at polutexni.com if you have any questions.

Via: Polu Texni.

Ongoing Submissions: Unreal Magazine

Payment: $.03/word for fiction. For nonfiction, we pay $.01/word. Reprints are paid at $.01/word.
Note: Reprints Welcome

We want stories that are well written, intelligent, and enjoyable to read. We are looking for stories with metaphors and emotional ambience and imaginative descriptive writing.

Unreal Magazine is looking for stories that define the rules of magic at this indefinite point in time.

Unfit Magazine is looking for stories that bend the rules of science at this indefinite point in time…unfitmag.com

After you finish the submission form, we will contact you if we’re interested in publishing your material. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond unless a story is accepted for publication. If you have not heard from us in thirty days, assume your work didn’t fit with what we needed at the time.

For best results, send your story to as many publications as possible. Just remember, “Simultaneous submissions are your friend.”

We wish you the best in your endeavours as an author.


The Boss (and a few other clowns)


Submission Guidelines

Fiction: 500 to 5,000 words

Pay: We pay $.03/word for fiction. For nonfiction, we pay $.01/word. Reprints are paid at $.01/word. Payments are only made to your PayPal account. We only pay for what appears in print, not for online publication.

Terms: We don’t charge for submissions. Reprints are welcome. Simultaneous submissions are most certainly welcome. Multiple submissions are not welcome. (If you don’t hear anything, wait 30 days before trying again. Thanks!)

Rights: We are looking for one time non-exclusive rights.

Head to the page below to submit!

Via: Unreal Magazine.

5 Places To Get Paid To Write About Writing!

I’d LOVE to start out this list by saying that Horror Tree is your #1 spot to get paid to write about writing. Unfortunately, anyone who follows our Patreon knows that we’re not quite there yet. Still, we’re getting closer all the time! While we will happily take your guest posts on writing *cough*cough* there is likely more of a chance that putting pen to paper on the writing process is something that you’d like to get paid for.

Today, we’re hoping to help with that and have found five markets who accept non-fiction about the writing process and will throw some money your way if they accept your work! (Shameless self-plug: We’re totally interested in those of you who want to help support Horror Tree by donating guest posts on the art of writing, publishing, reviewing, etc.)

[Editor’s note: I have stabbed my left hand which is the one that keeps trying to get you to send in your work so the rest of the article WILL be safe from such requests.]

So, without further ado, here are the five markets we have for you to check out today.

Writers Weekly

Each year, all year long, we purchase articles for WritersWeekly.com. WritersWeekly is distributed to freelancers across the globe every Wednesday.

WritersWeekly.com focuses on “selling” the written word. We do not seek articles on how to write. Rather, we seek articles on how to make more money doing what you love….writing! We are also interested in other forms of home-based businesses and self-employment that may result from writing, such as self-publishing, corporate writing, ghostwriting, etc. All ideas that help writers support themselves performing the work they love are warmly welcomed.

Payment: $60 on acceptance via PayPal (preferred) or check for first rights only ($40 for reprints).

For full details please head over to Writer’s Weekly Submission Guidelines today!

Write Naked

At this time the publication is accepting original work that includes:

  • Interviews
    Want to connect with a literary agent? Offer to interview them here. Or interview a freelancer, author or editor. Any figure in publishing is a good interviewee to feature on Write Naked.
  • Publishing Trends
    Notice a particular genre of fiction is hot right now? Are two big publishing houses merging–how will this affect authors? Suggest a post on topics along these lines.
  • Day-in-the-Life of a Writer
    Feature a day in your life that illustrates how varied a writer’s life can be. View a sample here.
  • Writing Essentials
    Do you have insight on copyright you want to share? Did you traditionally publish and then self-publish, or did your article turn into a book? Were you called in for jury duty? Tell me.
  • Behind the Pen
    Did you self-publish and sell 5,000 copies or more of your book? Find a way to save time and bill more as a freelancer? Pitch a tip or three.

Payment is $75 per post.

Write Naked has reading schedules which you should absolutely check before sending in an article.

The full guidelines are found on Write Naked’s Submission Page!


Ongoing Submissions: Visibility Fiction


Payment: $10AUD per story
Reprints allowed but not preferred

Quick Guidelines:

  • Word count: 2000-5000 words
  • Genre: Any Young Adult fiction
  • Must have: Diverse protagonist/s
  • Payment: $10AUD per story.
  • Email: [email protected]

Submission Guidelines

At Visibility Fiction, we’re looking for short, young adult fiction with protagonists with diverse identities. We want to read stories of characters from typically underrepresented minorities including lesbian, bisexual, gay, transsexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual people, people from racial and ethnic minorities, neuro-diverse people and people with disability.

We want young adult fiction with characters who are interesting and diverse, but we are not looking for stories that are specifically about being different.

We want fun stories, with exciting plots and great characterisation.

We are interested in young adult fiction in any genre, from contemporary, to science fiction and fantasy. For us, young adult fiction means it’s aimed at a teen audience with a teen protagonist.

Stories should be between 2000 and 5000 words, in standard manuscript format. Stories should be submitted as doc or docx files. Please ensure that your name and story title are listed in your email subject and manuscript file title.

Email submissions to: [email protected]

Payment and Rights

Visibility Fiction is now a paying market, thanks to the donations of our wonderful readers – all of which go to paying our authors. We now offer $10AUD for all fiction stories, with payments made via PayPal. Note: Teen writers under 18 will be paid via a gift card of their choosing (such as Amazon), due to PayPal age restrictions.

Copyright remains with the author at all times. Visibility Fiction simply asks for the non-exclusive rights to publish your story on our website.

Bonus Points:

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but let us know as soon as possible if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

Original works are preferred, but we will consider reprints. If your work is a reprint, please include any reprint information in your submission email.


If you have an article about teens and literature, visibility in literature, the importance of inclusive culture, etc., we would love to read it and share it on our blog. Equally, if you have a personal story about your own experiences surrounding inclusive culture or lack of visibility in culture, we would love to read and share that too.

We also love sharing relevant reviews of inclusive YA novels or related texts. In the case of reviews, we are happy to publish those reblogged from your own blog or Goodreads.

Pieces for the blog should be between 500 and 1500 words and submitted as doc or docx files. Please ensure that your name and article title are listed in your email subject and manuscript file title.

We are not currently offering payment for non-fiction blog posts. However, as is the case for fiction and artwork, we do offer exposure and provide authors/artists with a profile page, which can include a photo, bio, and links to personal sites and social media.

Email submissions to: [email protected]


We love reading diverse YA fiction. If you’re an author with a book you’d like reviewed, send us the blurb and relevant links and we’ll let you know if we would be interested in a review copy.

You can contact us at [email protected]

Via: Visibility Fiction.

Ongoing Submissions: Crimson Streets


Payment: 1 cent per word of final, edited length

What is Pulp?

According to Wikipedia, the pulp “magazines were best known for their lurid and exploitative stories and sensational cover art. Modern superhero comic books are sometimes considered descendants of ‘hero pulps’; pulp magazines often featured illustrated novel-length stories of heroic characters, such as The Shadow, Doc Savage, and The Phantom Detective.”

Pulp magazines, and the self-named pulp fiction which appeared in them was often seen as low quality, run of the mill literature. Literature for the masses.

In the context of Crimson Streets, Pulp is not a genre.  It is not to be confused with Hard Boiled Detective fiction or Noir Fiction, although these themselves may be considered pulp.


Crimson Streets is looking for fiction with a focus on action and atmosphere over characterization. Stores can fall into the adventure, aviation, detective/mystery, fantasy, hard-boiled, gangster, horror/occult, masked vigilante, noir, railroad, romance/spicy, and war genres.  We publish everything that could fall under the banner of pulp with the exception of Science Fiction and Westerns.  Science Fiction and Westerns are special cases and deserve their own homes.  That’s not to say that stories from other genres couldn’t have Science Fiction or Western elements, after all where would Dick Tracy be without his wrist radio or a mad scientist be without his planet destroying device?

The central conceit of Crimson Streets, is that it is being published not in today’s world, but in a darker, grittier version of the 1930s or 40s.  Where possible, language should reflect the time period.

We are looking for stories from 800 to 6,000 words.  We are not interested in poetry, fan-fiction, or stories that fall outside of the broad umbrella of pulp.  (If you think your fiction could win an award or be taught in an English class, then it’s probably not suited forCrimson Streets.)  A work of fiction should be a quick read.  While publishers of a more literary bent intend to be the “art house cinema” of the short fiction world, we intend to be the “action movie at the cineplex.”

We may be interested in serializing longer works such as novellas, but these only accepted if complete, and then broken down for publication.


In addition to fiction, Crimson Streets will also publish a limited number of articles on topics related to the pulps.  Ideas that come immediately to mind are on “Law Enforcement in the Pulp Story” or  “A Guide to 1930s and 40s Slang”.  Any article that would help an aspiring author of pulp stories may be of interest to us.

Submission Format

We do not accept print submissions.   Every submission should be accompanied by query letter in which you briefly describe your submission in one or two paragraphs. Be sure to provide your address, phone number, and email address.  Please send your submission in either a Microsoft Word (.doc) file in Rich Text Format (.rtf).


Crimson Streets is a web now/print later publication.  When stories and articles are accepted, they first appear on the web site atwww.crimsonstreets.com in the new fiction feed.  From time to time anthology editions of Crimson Streets will be printed that collect the stories and articles from the web site.

Our standard rate is 1 cent per word of final, edited length to be paid on posting to the new fiction feed.  Payments are made by PayPal where possible.  Payment is made within 30 days of acceptance and delivery of final copy.


Art, with the exception of one-shot cartoons and covers, is commissioned specifically for each article. We maintain a file of portfolios from artists who are interested in working with us. We refer to the file when we have an article that requires illustration. The goal is to match the article with the artist whose style is best suited to the task.

We do our best to make illustrating Crimson Streets an interesting job for the artist. Rather than dictate specific illustrations, we try to provide several possible scenes from which the illustrator can choose. We also welcome illustration suggestions from the artist. Our belief is that a work you wish to create is going to be much better than one you are ordered to create.

Art should be delivered electronically via email, DropBox, Google Drive, or like service.


As mentioned, one-shot cartoons are the only work that we purchase straight from submissions. We pay the stunning rate of $10  for single panel cartoons under the same terms as articles and stories. Cartoons can deal with any subject linked to noir, hardboiled detective, masked vigilante, pulp adventure,  or associated genres.


Admittedly, the cover is the glamour spot for artists. Covers are contracted a little differently than interior illustrations. Let us know if you are interested in being considered for cover work. Usually, we will ask to see some samples of your work and perhaps a rough sketch or two.  Covers should be provocative, at least by the standards of the 1930s and 40s with a cover-much but hide-little aesthetic.


For black and white illustrations, our standard rate is $40 for full page, $20 for half-page and $10 for spot illustrations. Rates for color work are negotiable. We usually pay around $100 for cover art.


Please do not send us original work unless you already have a contract with us. Your portfolio should contain a representative sampling of your style or styles. The majority of the illustrations inCrimson Streets are black and white, but we do also use limited color work. Please include samples of both, though you may wish to emphasize the monochromatic pieces. We look not only for overall quality in a portfolio, but also consistency.


By sending your submission to Crimson Streets you are offering us the right to first publication of the work in any format; perpetual rights to publish the work thereafter across multiple editions, formats, and media either singularly or in combination with other works; and exclusive rights to the work for eighteen (18) months from date of first publication.

Contacting Us

The best avenue to reach us is [email protected]

Snail Mail:

Crimson Streets
℅ Roger & Janet Carden
7120 Apple Mill Road
Efland, NC 27243

Thank you

Again, we would like to thank you for your interest. For us, working with our contributors is one of the greatest rewards of publishing a magazine. We look forward to seeing your work soon.


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