Ongoing Submissions: Alt Hist




Online Submission System

Please note that you should expect a response to your submission within three months. If you haven’t heard by then please send a query email to [email protected]

Please don’t submit your piece simultaneously to another publication.

What We Want

Firstly we recommend that you read some of the first issue of Alt Hist to get a flavour of what we publish, either the sample material or better yet go and buy yourself a copy.


Fiction submitted:

1. Must be a short piece of fiction – under 10,000 words.
2. Must be either historical fiction, alternate history, or historical fantasy.
3. Must be a well written character based story rather than an exercise in ‘what if …’
4. Must not be simultaneously submitted to another publication.
5. Must be an original work that has not been published elsewhere.


Reviews and articles about historical fiction, alternate history books, genres and writers are welcome and criteria 2) and 3) above also apply.


We would love to have your artwork to illustrate the magazine and website. In fact we need a nice image for the website asap, so if you have something you would like to contribute we’ll count you in for a share of the first two year’s profits as well!

Please let us know what rights you are granting us and be aware that the magazine will be published as an ebook and printed book.

How To Submit

Please submit using our online submission system provided by submishmash.

If you are having any problems submitting or want to ask a question contact us at:[email protected]

In the subject line please put: Fiction Submission, Non-Fiction Submission, Artwork Submission as applicable.

In the body of the email tell us a bit about yourself and any previous publishing credits.

If submitting text please use standard manuscript format.

How We Pay

Please note this has changed recently.

We currently offer a token payment of either $10 per accepted submission or a free copy of the print version of the issue in which your work features. You will also receive a free PDF copy of the issue.

We are looking for First English Language serial rights, which means that we have the right to publish it first before it appears anywhere else. Once published you could then publish the story elsewhere if you wish, such as an anthology for instance.

Via: Alt Hist.

Ongoing Submissions: Odd Tree Press Quarterly


Short Stories 500 to 1500 words $10 + Digital Copy
Short Stories 1500 to 7500 words $20 + Digital Copy
Essays 1000 to 5000 words $10 + Digital Copy

Odd Tree Quarterly Submission Guidelines

General Information:

We are looking for new or previously published short stories of a speculative nature. Especially focusing on horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Speculative related art and essays. Works will be published once in the quarterly and once in the yearly bundle published at the end of each year(four quarterly issues). Each quarterly issue and yearly bundle will be available in Print, Epub, PDF, and Kindle formats.

We tend to avoid first person and present tense narratives. Written work must be submitted as a doc file in an email attachment. Please no excessive formatting. Use standard fonts with paragraph indents. Do not double space between lines or paragraphs. Do not send us your first draft and expect us to fully edit and proofread it. We are accepting short stories 500 to 7500 words in length.

Art should be submitted in any common digital format(jpg, png, etc.). Submit as an email attachment or as a link. Art should be sized for 8″ x 10″ page (full bleed). 300 dpi or better.

Essays should be submitted as a doc file in an email attachment and should be of interest to fans of speculative fiction. Essays up to 5000 words.

All authors and artists should send a short bio(up to 100 words) along with their submissions. Also provide us with up to two links that will be posted in the quarterly at the end of their piece. It can be your website and/or a link to where your other work is available. Text links only please.

The quarterly will be published every year on Jan 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and Oct 1st.

Send all submissions to: [email protected]

We are paying for non-exclusive rights to publish works in the Odd Tree Press Quarterly and an option to publish once in a future anthology. The author/artist retains all further rights. All work will be paid upon acceptance through mailed check or PayPal. A contract will be emailed upon acceptance. This contract can be reviewed and signed online. Or it can be printed, signed and mailed to the address provided in the contract email.

Sample Contract:

I,_________, am agreeing to sell non-exclusive rights to my story,_________,  for publication by Odd Tree Press for the Odd Tree Quarterly for both print and digital media. Odd Tree Press retains the option to include this story in one future anthology. I retain all further rights to this story and I affirm that I am the author of said story. I retain the rights to publish this story elsewhere and at anytime. This contract is binding upon receipt of $20 from Odd Tree Press in payment for the publishing rights of this story. Odd Tree Press agrees to send me one digital copy and one print copy upon publication of the Odd Tree Press issue in which this story is published. I agree to provide this contract along with payment information in the form of my address(for payments by check) or my PayPal ID(for online payments). I agree that if Odd Tree Press decides to not publish this story, for whatever reason, I retain the $20 fee that was paid for this story. Odd Tree Press will never ask for refunds for purchased stories. These terms are acceptable to me, please consider this contract binding. This contract can be signed digitally or printed, signed, and mailed to: Odd Tree Press


Pay rates are:

  • Short Stories 500 to 1500 words $10 + Digital Copy
  •  Short Stories 1500 to 7500 words $20 + Digital Copy
  • Essays 1000 to 5000 words $10 + Digital Copy
  • Art $10(interior) to $20(cover) + Digital Copy


Via: Odd Tree Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Aurealis


Payment: Between $20 and $60 per 1000 words

Aurealis is open to submissions during two reading periods:

1 February—7 April and 1 August—31 October

Subscribers are fast-tracked through the assessment process

Fiction guidelines

Aurealis is looking for science fiction, fantasy or horror short stories between 2000 and 8000 words. All types of science fiction, fantasy and horror that are of a “speculative” nature will be considered, but we do not want stories that are derivative in nature, particularly those based on TV series. We do not publish horror without a supernatural element.

Although we are an Australian-based publication, we are open to submissions in English from anywhere in the multiverse.

Stories containing an unacceptable number of spelling mistakes and typos, and those that do not conform to our guidelines in other ways, will be rejected automatically. This may seem harsh, but we are being honest about it. Please take the time to polish your work in every way before you send it to us.

Aurealis pays between A$20 and A$60 per 1000 words, but assume the lower rate for unsolicited submissions.  Payment is made soon after the publication of the issue containing your story. Minimum payment is A$20. You will also receive a free electronic copy of the issue containing your story.

We buy First Electronic Publication Rights and the non-exclusive rights to include the story in a print and digital anthology. All other rights remain with the contributor. The story must not be published elsewhere for a period of twelve months after it appears in electronic form in Aurealis.

 Aurealis does not publish reprints. We don’t publish poetry or novel extracts. We don’t serialise longer works.

Our response time is no more than two months, and we are always aiming for much shorter turnarounds. Please do not query us until two months have passed since your submission. Where time permits, unsuccessful authors will be emailed a reply in the form of a checklist critique and/or a personal note. We are sorry, but Aurealis is not able to respond to queries about rejected stories.

Fiction submission guidelines

All fiction submissions to Aurealis must be by email. Please e-mail submissions to:[email protected]

Hard copy submissions will no longer be read or receive a response.

Please include the following information with your submission:

  1. The subject line of the email must be in the following format:
    Aurealis submission: <“Title of story”> <(word count)> by <Author name>
    eg Aurealis submission: “The Attack of the Cyber-witches” (2500 words) by Sy Fixion
  2. The body of the email should include:
    • A repeat of the email subject line
    • Your name, address, all phone and email contact details
    • A brief cover letter (max 200 words) “Here’s a story that I wrote about…”
    • A brief bio (max 100 words)
  3. Please include on the first page of your submission the author’s name, email address, postal address, phone number, the title of the story and the word length. Do NOT include your name or address in the footers or headers of the file.
  4. Please attach your submission as a file to your email; do not include your submission in the body of an email. Submissions should be included as rtf files only. We cannot guarantee submissions will/can be read if sent as any other file format.

Email submission example


Here is how the start of your fiction submission should look:

Aurealis submission format

  • Please only submit one story at a time. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.
  • Save your story file as the title of the story. Do not include your name in the file name.
  • Stories must be unpublished and if accepted must remain unpublished until they appear in Aurealis. Stories should not be published (made publically available) on personal websites, public writer’s forums, small press publications, POD books/collections, self published collections etc. We are not interested in seeing stories that have been previously rejected by the magazine.
  • All stories are judged on merit through a blind reading process. All identifying information is removed prior to sending it to our readers. Hence, we do not want identifying information in headers and footers
  • Subscriber submissions will be fast-tracked through the assessment process. If you are a subscriber, please indicate this clearly in the subject line: “Aurealis submission: <“Title of story”> <(word count)> by <Author name> (SUBSCRIBER)” and on the first page of your manuscript.
  • All manuscripts should be double-spaced with broad margins and numbered pages.
  • Use 12 pt Times font, or a similar serif font, such as Cambria, Palatino, Baskerville. No other fonts, please. Italise words and passages that you want italicised. DO NOT underline words or passages you want italicised
  • If you have note heard from us after two months, please check your spam filters before querying us.

Please direct all fiction submission queries to: [email protected]

Non-fiction submission guidelines

We are interested in articles between 500 and 2000 words of interest to readers and writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror. These include humorous pieces, serious articles and interviews. We prefer non-fiction where some visuals are included. Non-fiction must be previously unpublished and remain unpublished for 12 months after publication in Aurealis. Our payment is A$20 per 1000 words. Send all non-fiction articles and queries to [email protected].

Review book guidelines

Aurealis reviews novels, anthologies, collections and non-fiction of interest to readers of  science fiction, fantasy and horror. Please send queries to [email protected]. Do not send digital files unless requested to do so. Due to the volume of requests, we only respond if we are interested in seeing the book. A book request from us is no guarantee it will be reviewed.  Please do not send follow-up queries.

If you would like to write reviews for Aurealis, please send an expression of interest to the Reviews Editor at [email protected]. If there is an opening, the Reviews Editor will get back to you with information about how to apply.



Cohesion Press Is Open To Military Sci-Fi/Horror



For us, novellas range from 30,000 to 40,000 words. Novels and collections are 40,000 words and above.
We are not looking for anything smaller than this.



Reprints: Please query.

Please read the entire page before doing anything. Then, read it once more.

What we want:


  • Military thrillers, military sci-fi, or military horror
  • SHTF, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic horror (there are too many bad zombie tales out there already, so if you have the shambling (or running) dead in your story, it better be damn good)
  • Biological/Creature horror ie. beasties rising up against man, giant creatures devouring cities etc.
  • YA in the above genres
  • Collections in the above genres


  • Memoirs of crime or addiction
  • Memoirs of military service or action. We particularly like Special Forces

NOTE: Unique projects will always be considered.
If you have something that is unable to be classified, contact us via the Contact Page


We offer 50% of gross income on all electronic and print sales


Please include a brief ‘hello, this is who I am’ in your email body as a cover letter.
Blank emails with attachments will be deleted.
Pitches MUST be attached as a doc file. DO NOT include in the body of the email.

How to format your pitch:

Your pitch should include the following items in this order:

1. Contact information top left. Total wordcount top right.
2. Title and author name centred
3. Full synopsis; around 400-600 words
4. Author bio
5. Any promotion ability you have, such as website, blog, social media etc. We WILL promote your work, but expect you to do the same.
6. The first three chapters or 10,000 words (whichever comes first) in the same document

  • Courier or Times New Roman; 12pt; italics as they will appear. No underlining. MINIMAL FORMATTING.
  • Double spaced
  • DO NOT use tab or spacing to indent lines. Use ‘styles’ only. If unsure, do not indent at all
  • ONE SPACE after periods
  • NO LINE between paragraphs unless a line-break is required

Send submissions to: [email protected]
Subject line should be: genre_[title]_[surname]

We will respond within 48 hours to acknowledge receipt of your submission.
We will make contact within 2 weeks – at the most – in regard to whether we want to read your novel.
If you haven’t heard back in three weeks from the date of pitch submission, send us an enquiry via [email protected]
The subject line of this email should be in the format: pitchenquiry_


Via: Cohesion Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Apex Magazine


Payment: Original fiction is $.06 per word up to 7,500 words. If we podcast your story, payment is $.01 per word up to 7,500 words.

Submit short fiction through our online form found here.

Our magazine is an SFWA-certified professional market.

Editor-in-Chief: Jason Sizemore
Managing Editor: Lesley Conner

Original Short Fiction:

1) Submit your work in Shunn Standard Manuscript Format.
2) Maximum word length is a firm 7,500 words. Anything more will be auto-rejected.
3) Payment for original fiction is $.06 per word up to 7,500 words.
4) If we podcast your story, payment is $.01 per word up to 7,500 words.
5) Apex Magazine welcomes and encourages submissions from writers of all race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, and military status, in any of its activities or operations. We want diverse voices. We value diverse voices. Having said that, please be aware that we do not collect any information that might clue our editors to any of these attributes other than your name, email, and address prior to any decisions made regarding your submission.


We do not accept unsolicited reprints.

Poetry Guidelines:

1) Your poem must be 200 lines or less.
2) Your poem must be original and unpublished.
3) Poets can submit up to 5 poems at a time. However, please submit each poem in a separate email.
4) Payment is 25 cents per line.
5) Poetry editor Bianca Spriggs provides some tips regarding the type of work she is seeking in this blog post. Reading it is probably a good idea. 🙂

Rights and Rules:

No simultaneous submissions. No multi-submissions. We try to respond to all submissions within 30 days.

Before you submit your work, please review the appropriate contract template. If we accept your work, we will expect you to be familiar with our terms. Thanks!

Original Short Fiction
Reprint Fiction


Please send all queries regarding a submission’s status to our managing editor Lesley Conner ([email protected]).

Submit short fiction through our online form.

Via: Apex Magazine.

Ongoing Submissions: Lakeside Circus: Short Fiction And Other Oddities


Payment: Fiction: 2 cents per word, minimum $10 usd, Audio Bonus: Authors whose works are selected for audio publication will receive an additional 1 cent per word, with a minimum of $10 US, payable on publication

Lakeside Circus publishes very short fiction in several formats, as well as non-fiction essays exploring speculative literature and genre.


We want speculative fiction, particularly science fiction (hard, soft, near-future, etc), urban fantasy, magic realism, mad science, and apocalypse tales. Whether prose or poetry, we’re looking for the same kind of almost-weird fiction we publish in our anthologies. We like fiction with layers of meaning; stories that are odd or different without being too strange to understand.  We enjoy interstitial,  genre-bending, and “literary SF/F” writing. Your work has to encapsulate a complete moment; more than a vignette, each submission must have a beginning, middle, and end. Something has to change along the way, but parts of the story can happen off stage. As always, we want beautiful, dark, unusual, and meaningful.

We rarely like sword and sorcery type fantasy, aren’t interested in “slasher” type horror, don’t care for religious themes (which includes demons/the devil) as the sole plot of the story, and please! Do not send us a romance, no matter what setting it is in, as that just wastes your time and ours.

We encourage diversity in publishing: authors are chosen regardless of sex, gender, race or ethnicity. Non-US authors, or authors who usually work in a different genre, are also welcome.

DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME/ADDRESS INFORMATION IN THE SUBMITTED FILE ITSELF. USE THE ONLINE FORM TO SUBMIT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. We use a blind submissions process and the only way to make that work is if the story/poem doesn’t have your name on it.

Flash: Stories of less than 1,000 words. Must have a beginning, middle, and end, even if some of that happens outside of the story (as long as we can imagine what that is). No vignettes. Submit here

Short Fiction: Stories of 1,001 to 2,500 words. Top word count limit is firmSubmit here

Poetry: Any length. We want lyrical work, lovely word choices; bonus points for interesting forms (hainteny, thanbauk, cobla esparsa, carmen, or villanelle… surprise us!). We’re not big fans of prose poetry–the work has to read like poetry, not a short story with line breaks in it. Speculative elements have to be identifiable, but otherwise the range is anything from hard SF to genre-bending, interstitial, magic realism. Submit here


We are looking for short essays which would appeal to readers of SFF, horror, interstitial, surrealist, and slipstream fiction which has a literary bent. Your writing must be intelligent but clear; assume that our readers are smart and well-read, and don’t talk down to them. At the same time, we don’t want you to render your writing unintelligible by filling it full of sesquipedalian words and obscure references. The goal of this type of writing is communication of ideas, after all.

We want to see discussions of:

  • Literary history as it applies to SFF
  • How SFF writers who influence us now were influenced by non-genre writers
  • Correlation between genre and other branches of literary fiction
  • Relationships with non-genre media and creators
  • SFF poetry themes and forms
  • Anti-colonialism and anti-racism in speculative literature
  • Viewing gender, sexuality, race, disability, and Othering through an SFF lens

… Especially if your topic is one you’ve presented at a genre, literary, or academic conference. Annotations and references expected. If your article could appear on Buzzfeed or Cracked, it’s not for us.

We are not interested in reviews, interviews, or reprints. We publish only original work.

We are open to either finished (written, reviewed, revised, and complete) essays of up to 3,000 words, or pitches for a future essay. Pitches must be under 500 words – please do not send a rough draft of an essay and call it a pitch. If you’d like to convince us to print a longer essay in segments over multiple issues, write up a pitch and send that. Do no submit work of longer than 3,000 words for any reason.

Please use our submissions portal here.


  • No simultaneous submissions.
  • Submit only one work in each category at a time (though, please note, we will only publish one piece by you in each issue, so send your favorite piece first). Do not include multiple works in the same submission.
  • We publish only original works; please, no reprints. (Posted for free on your website is considered “previously published”.)
  • Submissions should be in standard manuscript format.
  • If you’re unclear on what any of this means, please read this post.

Rights Requested

a. The Author hereby grants the Publisher First Worldwide English-language digital rights (permission to include the Work in Lakeside Circus, for digital publication in the English language in all countries throughout the world, in online and ebook formats).

b. The Author hereby grants the Publisher the right to non-exclusively archive the Work online as long as the Publisher maintains the Lakeside Circus website. The Author has the right to request that the Work be removed from the online archive after (12) twelve months from the date of publication on the website, provided that the request is made in writing.

c. The Author agrees not to publish or permit others to publish the Work in any form prior to its publication inLakeside Circus AND for a period of (3) three months after the publication of Lakeside Circus on the website, without the prior written permission of the Publisher. If the Work is selected for a “best of the year” anthology, the Publisher agrees to waive this clause, provided the Author gives the Publisher prior written notice of the selection by such an anthology.

d. The Author hereby grants the Publisher non-exclusive worldwide English Anthology rights to republish the Work or cause the Work to be republished in any book or anthology consisting of material at least 80% of which previously appeared in Lakeside Circus, and which includes works by more than three contributors. Publication in this anthology is not guaranteed, and Works chosen for the anthology will receive additional payment (see below). Authors may withdraw their Work from the anthology if their refusal is given in writing within 30 days of being notified of acceptance in the anthology.

e. All rights not specifically covered by this contract are retained by the Author.

f. Work bought must be published within one year, or all rights revert to the author.


FICTION: Lakeside Circus pays 2 cents per word (fiction or non-fiction), with a minimum of $10 US, payable within 30 days of publication. In addition, Authors will receive a four issue digital subscription to the magazine.

NONFICTION: Lakeside Circus pays 1 cent per word (fiction or non-fiction), with a minimum of $10 US, payable within 30 days of publication. In addition, Authors will receive a four issue digital subscription to the magazine.

AUDIO: Authors whose works are selected for audio publication will receive an additional 1 cent per word, with a minimum of $10 US, payable on publication. Combined with the digital publication payment, that equals 3 cents per word with a $20 minimum payment.

Authors whose works are selected for an anthology will receive an additional payment of $10 US within 30 days of the anthology publication, as well as a print contributor copy.

You can find our entire contract HERE (last update 2/01/2015).

Via: Lake Side Circus.

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