Taking Submissions: Apparition Lit Magazine – January 2018

Deadline: November 30th, 2017
Payment: $0.01 per word, minimum of 10.00 dollars (excluding flash contest, a flat rate of 5.00 dollars to the winning flash)

Apparition Lit is open for poetry and short story submissions four times a year.

  • November 1-30th
  • February 1-28th
  • May 1-30th
  • August 1-31st

(Please see the Flash Fiction drop down below for our monthly Flash Fiction submission guidelines)

As the first issue of our magazine, our theme is Apparition, which can mean a ghostly presence, the act of becoming visible, or the appearance of something strange or unexpected.

Our themes for 2018 will be:

  • Apparition (open for submissions November 1-30, 2017, publishing January 2018)
  • Delusion (open for submissions February 1-28, 2018, publishing April 2018)
  • Vision (open for submissions May 1-30, 2018, publishing July 2018)
  • Diversion (open for submissions August 1-31, 2018, publishing October 2018)


Apparition is a token rate magazine, paying $0.01 per word, minimum of 10.00 dollars (excluding flash contest, a flat rate of 5.00 dollars to the winning flash). If we accept your story, we are purchasing the right to publish the story online and in the quarterly edition. Rights will revert back to the artist after one year.



We will only accept stories between 1000-5000 words. Of course, this number-range is not intended to be a hard stop. If the story is complete with an extra 100-300 words, then it will still be considered.


Apparition is a token-rate magazine, paying $0.01 per word, minimum of 10.00 dollars (excluding flash contest). If we accept your story, we are purchasing the right to publish the story online and in the quarterly edition. Rights will revert back to the artist after one year.


  1. Format the story using the Shunn manuscript shunn
  2. Please retain all proper formatting marks. Keep font italicized and bolded. We’re not in the typewriter age anymore.
  3. Please only use Times New Roman or Arial font in your document
  4. Save as an RTF file and attach to an email
  5. In the text of the email, provide a brief cover letter that includes your name, the title of the short story, word count, and any relevant publications
  6. Edit the email’s subject line so it reads: SUBMISSION: Title of Your Story
  7. Email your formatted email and short story manuscript to [email protected] (Be sure to add us to your email Safe Sender list so our reply doesn’t land in your Spam folder or blocked by your email server.)


All acceptances and rejections will be emailed by the 15th day of December.

If you have not heard back by the 15th, send a query to: [email protected] with the title of your submission [email protected]

(Click on a section above to see detailed guidelines for each classification.)

Apparition Lit is seeking original, unpublished speculative fiction that meet our quarterly theme. Speculative fiction is weird, almost unclassifiable. It’s fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and literary. We want it all. Send us your strange, misshapen stories.

Send us stories with enough emotional heft to break a heart, with prose that’s as clear and delicious as broth. We’re looking for proactive characters and beautiful language, all wrapped up in a complete story.

Diversity is as important in fiction as it is in real life. We want a mosaic of stories, from authors of all identities and walks of life.


While we love dark stories with macabre elements, we will not accept stories with gratuitous and graphic violence or rape. We also will not consider stories that have extreme, purposeless violence toward animals.

We do not publish erotica or thinly-veiled fanfiction.

We do not accept multiple or simultaneous submissions. If your short story is rejected during the reading period, please wait a few days before submitting a new story.

At this time, we do not accept reprints or resubmissions.

Via: Apparition Lit.

Taking Submissions: Allegory Volume 33/60

Deadline: December 31st, 2017
Payment: $15


This is proving to be a recurring problem, so we’re putting it up front. Please, for all our sakes, read this next part carefully.

All submissions should be sent by e-mail (no letters or telephone calls please) to [email protected]. Below are some formatting rules to help us process your submission more quickly.

Email and Cover Letters

Email is accepted in both text and HTML formats. When submitting, please put this in the subject line:

Submission: (Title) – (First and Last name)

Include the following in the body of the email and in the attached submission:

Your name
Name to use on the story (byline), if different
Your preferred email address
Your mailing address
The story’s title
The story’s word count

You may also include a cover letter in the body of the email. We get a lot of strange stuff in cover letters, so if you’re unsure of what goes in them (and especially what doesn’t) please refer to these cover letter tips:

How to write a cover letter | What not to put in a cover letter by Jed Hartman

Submission Formatting

We ONLY accept submissions as attachments!

All stories submitted as an attachment must follow standard manuscript formatting. We will no longer read any story not properly formatted. (And we much prefer Courier New to Times New Roman) For explanations and tips on what SMF is and how to do it with word processing programs, please see this article.

Please send your submission as an attachment in Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX)or Rich Test Format (RTF) only. Other formats, such as Works, WordPerfect, Open Office, etc., have proven difficult to open.

Please note that we no longer accept “inline” submssions – that is: submissions with the stories pasted directly into the body of the email.

Fiction Guidelines

We’re looking for good, solid fiction. We specialize in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres. We will consider other genres, such as humor or general interest, provided that the work possesses an original, “quirky” slant in the Northern Exposure, Ally McBeal vein.

Here are some basic “do’s” and “don’ts”.

DO give us strong characters and good plotting. DO put clever, but logical twists on the end of your tales. DO experiment with new ideas and unusual writing styles, but without falling into traps of contrivance and cliché.

DON’T submit any stories based on movies, television or any printed media not your own. DON’T submit reprints without including the name of the publication in which the work first appeared, along with the date of publication. DON’T send more than one story in the same submission.

There is no minimum or maximum length for fiction. But bear in mind that short-shorts (less than 500 words) and flash fiction (less than 100 words) are usually hard sells for us, as are stories longer than 5000 words. We’ll consider them, but they will have to be exceptional.

We pay a flat rate of $15 (U.S. dollars) for each story.

Payment is made upon publication, either by PayPal or personal check, based on the author’s wishes.

Non-Fiction Guidelines

We publish one or two articles an issue. The subject matter MUST involve the art or business of writing. Research, editing, characterization, narrative style, query letters, cover letters, dealing with editors, agents or publishers – virtually any topic that concerns writing is fair game.

The maximum length for non-fiction is 2000 words.

We pay a $15 (U.S. dollars) flat rate.

Payment is made upon publication, either by PayPal or personal check, based on the author’s wishes.

General Stuff

We publish bi-annually, on the first of January, May and September. The order in which stories and articles appear on the site is solely arbitrary and should not be construed in any other way. All works that are accepted for publication remain on the site for the full four months. With the publication of the subsequent issue, all rights to the works previously displayed revert to the author. We buy First World Rights and World Reprint Rights. Bylines are most certainly given.

Most submissions are reviewed within 4-6 weeks. If the story shows merit, we will respond with a “maybe” letter, explaining that the submission is in the running for a spot in the next issue. At the end of the submission cycle, which is always two months before the next issue comes out, all “maybe” submission are re-reviewed, and the top eight selected for publication. At that time, all accepted authors receive contracts to sign. Since these contracts and, later, the payment checks, go out by snail mail, it is VERY important that all submissions include a snail mail address.

We don’t “buy ahead”. By that, we mean that ALLEGORY purchases only the stories it needs for the current issue, rather than stocking up for the next and the next. This means that every author who received an acceptance from us will see their work on this site with the next new issue.

Simultaneous submissions are “OK”, provided that you let us know at the time of submission that other editors are reviewing this work.

That’s about it. Good luck.

Ty Drago

Via: Allegory Ezine.

Taking Submissions: Arsenika Winter 2017 Issue

Deadline: December 15th, 2017
Payment: $60 USD for fiction and $30 USD for poetry

Our reading periods are as follows:

  • February 1–March 15 for our Spring (April) issue;
  • May 1–June 15 for our Summer (July) issue;
  • August 1–September 15 for our Autumn (October) issue; and
  • November 1–December 15 for our Winter (January) issue.

Feel free to record your submissions at Duotrope and/or the Submissions Grinder. We are also listed on Ralan.

Fiction and Poetry Guidelines

Arsenika is looking for previously unpublished original fiction and poetry up to 1,000 words long. Payment is $60 USD for fiction and $30 USD for poetry for first world electronic rights and non-exclusive audio rights. We hope to raise the poetry rate to $60 as well in the future—please support us on Patreon if you’d like to help us reach our goal.

Submit no more than two flash fiction pieces and five poems at a time, and please make sure you fill out the form again for each piece you send, unless the pieces are meant to be read together (e.g. a triptych of poems).

All work should be in Standard Manuscript Format (fiction format/poetry format). Format poetry exactly as you would like to see it online—use italics for italics, underlines for underlines, boldface for boldface, etc. Send only TXT, RTF, DOC, and DOCX files.

Please do not send simultaneous submissions (pieces that are submitted to Arsenikaand another market at the same time). Multiple submissions are accepted, but please have no more than two flash fiction pieces and five poems in the submissions queue at a time.

We try to respond to all submissions within 14 days. If you haven’t heard from us in 30 days, please send us a query at [email protected].

Remember: Don’t self-reject.

Submissions are currently CLOSED. We will reopen for submissions on November 1.

 Check Submissions Status


Arsenika does not accept unsolicited reprints. Payment is $10 upon acceptance.


Arsenika pays $100 for reprint art. Please feel free to query us at [email protected]with a link to your portfolio.


Q. Can I submit multiple times per submissions period?

A. Yes. Please have no more than two flash fiction pieces and five poems in the queue at a time; once we respond to those, you can send more. For example, if you’ve sent one flash piece and four poems and we’ve responded to all of them, you can send another two flash pieces and five poems. Please note that pieces held for further consideration count as being in the queue: if you send three poems and we hold one and reject the other two, you may only send another four poems and two flash fiction pieces at a time.

Q. Does Arsenika accept microfiction (fiction under 500 words long)?

A. Absolutely! We have no minimum word limit, though we do require that microfiction still tell a story of some sort.

Q. Does Arsenika accept prose poetry?

A. Yes!

Q. Does Arsenika have any line limits for poetry?

A. No, although we do have a word limit of 1,000 words.

Q. Does Arsenika accept horror?

A. Yes; we prefer horror with a speculative element.

Q. Does Arsenika accept translations?

A. Definitely; we’re very interested in translations! Please note that you must acquire translation rights from the original author unless the piece is already in the public domain. If we accept your translated piece, we will need the original author’s contact information as well; we treat translations as co-authored and pay both the author and the translator our rate for individual pieces.

Q. Does Arsenika accept fanfiction?

A. It depends—we’d rather not face potential legal issues with properties that are currently trademarked/under copyright, but we’re fine with reinterpretations of works in the public domain, myths, fairy tales, folk tales, etc. We understand there will be some degree of allusion, but we also would prefer it if the works could stand alone.

Q. Does Arsenika accept interactive fiction and poetry?

A. Yes. Please send a link to your piece and make sure it is password-protected or otherwise not viewable to the public. Be sure to include the password or access details in your submission.

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected].

Via: Arsenika.

Ongoing Submissions: Emerging Worlds

Payment: ($10 if payment in USD is required)


Please send all enquiries and submissions to [email protected].

We are looking for works that are introducing a new world, whether it’s space exploration or being transported to an ethereal realm this theme of discovery underpins the ethos of the magazine.

We accept both short stories and poetry.

We are open to submissions of any length, works longer than short story length of approximately 7,500 words may be serialised across several issues.

There will be no submission or reading fee of any kind. Our mission is to find new and exciting voices in the genre, and we don’t want anyone to be put off submitting to us!

Note: We don’t accept reprints. New, original work only please!

We are open to simultaneous submissions, as this is expected in the current market. We do ask that you let us know if your work is published elsewhere after submitting to us, let’s not waste each others time!



We are open to submissions of artwork for use on the cover of the magazine.



Short Fiction – Payment is at a flat rate of £8 ($10 if payment in USD is required) per accepted work of Fiction or Poetry. Payment for serials will be made in line with the number of issues the work is produced in, with a payment of £8 for each.

Artwork – Artwork is paid at £5 for cover art.


Rights, the legal bit

We buy first worldwide rights for text and audio including electronic and print, and non-exclusive anthology rights for future anthologies or themed releases.

Additionally we require rights of exclusivity from the point to acceptance to six months after the published date of the magazine. Upon acceptance, you can request the planned publishing date for the issue, this date is not binding and the actual date of publishing will apply.

For Artwork, we retain worldwide and electronic complete, royalty-free non-exclusive rights for any use pertaining to Zealot Script and Emerging Worlds magazine, this includes promotional material.

Submission to the magazine indicates acceptance of the terms above.

Via: Zealot Script.

Taking Submissions: Lit Mag

Deadline: November 30th, 2017
Payment: $250 for online selection, $1000 for print selection.
Note: make sure you read what they’re looking for, this isn’t going to be a place for overly extreme work

What We Publish


Short stories, novellas

Creative nonfiction; essays on literature, art, culture, and music; biography, memoir

No restrictions on style or form


Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry
Up to 4,000 words.


LitMag‘s Virginia Woolf Award for Short Fiction 
First Prize: $3,500, publication, and agency review by Sobel Weber Associates (clients include: Viet Thanh Nguyen, Richard Russo, Laura Lee Smith). Enter now. Go to Submittable for full contest guidelines.


What We Look For 
Work that moves and amazes us.
We are drawn to big minds, large hearts, sharp pens

Word Count Limits
Print: 15,000 words
Online: 4,000 words

What to Send
One story or essay at a time, up to five poems.
Please wait until you have heard back from us before submitting again.

Previously Unpublished
We do not consider work that has previously been published either in print or online (including personal blogs etc.)

What We Pay
LitMag Print: Upon acceptance, we pay $1,000 for fiction or nonfiction; $250 for a poem (or the rare short short)

LitMag Online: Upon acceptance, we pay $250

What We Acquire
LitMag acquires First English-language print and electronic rights.
Copyright reverts to the author upon publication.

When to Submit
Regular submissions:

Fiction is open: 10/1/17 to 11/30/17; 2/1/18 to 7/31/18
Poetry is open:  9/1/17 to 11/30/17; 3/1/18 to 7/31/18
Nonfiction is open: 8/1/17 to 11/30/17; 1/1/18 to 5/31/18
LitMag Online is open: 9/1/17 to 11/30/17; 2/1/18 to 6/30/18

Contest Deadlines:

LitMag’s Virginia Woolf Award for Short Fiction. Deadline is 12/15/17

How to Submit
Online. We use Submittable. (Saves trees, prevents paper cuts.) We do not consider emails with attachments or snail mail.

Multiple Submissions
Please submit only once in each category and wait until you receive our response before submitting again.

Simultaneous Submissions
Yes, of course. But please withdraw your submission immediately via Submittable if another publication beats us to your work.

Response time
We try to respond to submissions as quickly as possible and strive to send a decision within two months, but please understand that the volume of submissions may require us to take longer.


Via: Lit Mag.

Taking Submissions: EconoClash Review

Deadline: December 1st, 2017
Payment: $10usd

EconoClash Review (Quality Cheap Thrillsis a biannual print journal of Genre Fiction.

We accept only the best contemporary pulp submissions. Which includes quality Crime, Noir, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Weird, Humor and Other Words for Uplifting Gormandizers.

EconoClash Review believes in free speech and wants to provide our readers with a much needed escape into other worlds. We like stories about Weirdos, Criminals and Pregnant Prom Queens going to great lengths to destroy or keep the status quo. HOWEVER, we don’t want erotica, or pornography, or torture-porn-erotica between characters of any age, race, species both real or fictional. Nothing gratuitous. Avoid the tropes best you can. Just because we wantGENRE doesn’t mean we want STALE.

Above all else–EconoClash Review wants fiction full of energy that feels real. 

We encourage our writers to submit short fiction between 1,500 and 4,500 words.

That word limit is FIRM and STRICTLY ENFORCED.

SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN October 1st through December 1st, 2017. 

EconoClash Review claims the following publishing rights: First English Language Rights, English Language Periodical Rights, World Periodical Rights, and Electronic Distribution Rights. All Rights revert back to the writer six months after initial publication. Should EconoClash Review choose to create an anthology of previously published work, new rights will be negotiated. Bear in mind that most publications will not publish pieces that have been published in print, eBook, or on the web, so for all intents and purposes after your work is published by us it can only be marketed as a reprint, which severely limits the number of markets that will accept it, and drastically reduces the pay rate it can receive. It is up to you, the author, to decide if giving up your First Publishing Right for our  token payment, is really what you want to do.

EconoClash Review will NOT CONSIDER  simultaneous submissions nor will we look at multiple submissions. Send us only one quality pulp story at a time.

***Please wait six weeks after rejection notice before submitting more work***

EconoClash Review will not publish reprints unless requested by the editor.


To Submit:

Send your proof read and spelling corrected story in STANDARD MANUSCRIPT FORMAT as an attached document (.doc or .rtf) to

econoclashreview (at) gmail (dot) com

In your email heading please include (Genre) submission_Title of Story_Your Last Name.

In the Body of the email please provide a brief cover letter and bio.

ARTWORK: we are accepting ORIGINAL submissions for interior artwork only. You must own all elements of your submitted image. Must be attached as a high resolution .jpg

We currently pay our contributors a TOKEN flat fee ten dollars per story/artwork* 

All Payments will be processed through PayPal.

*EconoClash Review is an Indie Genre Rag. Getting paid and paying more’s always gonna be the dream. If you’re a serious indie writer you’re most likely an indie reader. We’re not publishing Quality Cheap Thrills for something as common as money. No thank you. We want to publish something pure and high quality but also rattles your teeth. Think on this: H.P. Lovecraft made an average of five dollars a week being a ghost writer. Barely enough to cover his expenses and died in poverty. While Robert E. Howard was the highest paid person in his backwater Texas town. And they were getting published in the same magazines. Stephen King sold stories to nudie mags to pay his family’s bills. While Charles Bukowski sent out hundreds of stories and poems without carbons and without a return address. EconoClash Reviewpromises to fight the good fight as long as humanly possible…with times as hard as these we know the world could use some Quality Cheap Thrills.

EconoClash Review believes in Diversity. We do not judge our contributors work based on ANYTHING other than the work itself. If you’re quality junk is classy-trashy and sticks to the nitty-gritty then it will be recognized.


J.D. Graves

Via: EconoClash Review.