Taking Submissions: The House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature

Deadline: July 15th, 2019.
Payment: 50 – 75 dollars per story (CND, based on word count)

We are seeking provocative works of speculative fiction and poetry for the inaugural edition of: The House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature.

The HOZ Journal of Speculative Literature is a new literary magazine featuring quality works of speculative fiction and poetry. We are calling for new work in short story and poetry. We have two deadlines per year and produce two editions of the HOZ journal annually. Our first Deadline: July 15, 2019.


HOZ are looking for literature that explores possibilities for the future. We want challenging short stories that are character driven, that reimagine the world and our place in it. We are looking for radical authors, feminist authors, LGBTQ2S authors, authors who experiment. Themes that thrill us: transhumanism, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, new systems, resistance, activism, queer perspectives, feminist perspectives, nature.

We are not interested in stories that concern the reinvention of empire, rehashing of old narratives, or excessive violence. We entertain all genre based stories so long as they concern the future and especially if related to our favourite themes. That said, we are looking for the best speculative fiction stories, so if you think you have something we might want, please consider sending it.

We accept stories from 1,000 to 7,500 words with a preferred word count of between 3,500 – 5,000 words. We pay 50 – 75 dollars per story (CND, based on word count). Please send only one story at a time. Simultaneous submissions are fine with us, just let us know if you are accepted for publication elsewhere.

To submit: Please send your short story attached as a word or rtf document to: [email protected] with the subject line HOZ Journal – Fiction. If possible, please include a short bio in the body of the email.


HOZ are looking for works of speculative poetry that imagine the future of the world, the future of nature, technology, and/or the human being. Any form of poetry is welcomed. Like our call for fiction we are very interested in radical, feminist, LGBTQ2S, and/or experimental poetry. You may submit poems on any future related subject or theme but here are some of our favourite areas: transhumanism, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, new systems, resistance, activism, queer perspectives, feminist perspectives, nature.

We pay $25 per poem (CND)

To submit: Please send 1 to 3 poems attached in a word or rtf document to: [email protected] with the subject line HOZ Journal – Poetry. If possible, please include a short bio in the body of the email. 

The HOZ journal is published as a print and ebook, and journals may be bound together into semi-annual collections.

We ask for non-exclusive, worldwide, serial rights to your work for both electronic and print.

We do consider previously published work, provided you have the rights, but we do not consider reprints that are currently available for free online.

Via: House Of Zolo.

Taking Submissions: Harbinger Press Flash Fiction

Deadline: July 1st, 2019
Payment: $25

Harbinger Press will be accepting submissions for fantasy, sci-fi and horror flash fiction between May 1st and July 1st of 2019. Please read the open call guidelines below, and submit your manuscript to:[email protected] with the subject line “Re: Fall 2019 Flash Fiction”. We will be selecting 20 stories to be released from August-November 2019 on Flash Fiction Fridays.

Flash Fiction guidelines:

  1. Submissions should be no more than 1,000 words maximum.
  2. All themes are welcome but we do not accept purely erotic content for this call (romance themes are accepted).
  3. Any variety or combination of fantasy sci-fi or horror is welcome.
  4. Fiction taking place in established series worlds is acceptable, and can serve as an excellent marketing tool for your series, but submissions should be complete stories.

Payment for accepted fiction is $25. If accepted, Harbinger Press will hold the exclusive rights to the story for one (1) year from acceptance, after which you may publish or submit your story elsewhere with the understanding that it will remain published on the Harbinger Press website and in Harbinger Press flash fiction anthologies published during the exclusivity period indefinitely. Harbinger Press will proofread all accepted manuscripts, but stories should be thoroughly developed prior to submission for the greatest chances of acceptance.

Taking Submissions: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Deadline: June 30th, 2019
Payment: $100 for stories and $25 for poems

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is OPEN for submissions of fiction and poetry in June, 2019. 

Repeat!  We will not be open for submissions in December, 2018.  We hate to spring this on people with only two days notice, but we are actually a couple of issues ahead at this point and we need to all take a break for the holidays.

We plan to re-open to submissions in March, 2019.

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is generally open to fiction and poetry submissions four months per year. The months you can submit are:




December (we are closed to submissions in December, 2018)

If you submit fiction or poetry in any other month, you will receive an auto-response and your tale will not be reviewed.


* * *

As its name suggests, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is a quarterly ezine dedicated to publishing heroic fantasy — in both prose and poetry. We are unrepentant in our goal of elevating unapologetic sword and sorcery to a rightful high place. We pay $100 for stories and $25 for poems, upon publication.  (Scroll down for info on art submissions.) We purchase first world English language electronic rights, electronic rights for 90 days, archival rights for twelve months, and excerpt rights.

Our fiction word limit is a soft 10,000 words, although we are willing to serialize at a maximum of 50,000 words over four issues. You may submit up to three poems, with a cumulative maximum of 30 pages.

While we don’t have iron-clad rules regarding our fiction payment, we roughly pay $25 for stories under 1,000 words, $50 for stories between 1,000 and 5,000 words, $75 for stories between 5,000 and 7,500 words and $100, for stories of 7,500 words and over.

Tolkienesque (as in really long) poetry epics/sagas/vedas will most likely be treated — and paid — like fiction. Similarly, prose pieces of fewer than 1,000 words will be paid at poetry’s standard rate of $25.


Art: HFQ is looking for quality banner art to accompany each new issue. Please review art from the past two issues to see the style we prefer. Image dimensions should be approximately 850 x 250 pixels. We’re not interested in non-banner art at this time. We’ll pay you, but rates are negotiable. If you’d like us to consider your work please email a link to the website where your art is displayed. DO NOT SEND US AN EMAIL WITH YOUR ART ATTACHED; WE WILL DELETE IT, AND YOU’LL NEVER KNOW IF WE EVEN GAVE YOU A LOOK! Follow our submission instructions below, but insert ART instead of fiction or poetry in the subject line of your email. We look forward to seeing what you’ve got!

Submission Method:

We accept submissions by email only.

Make sure the subject line of your email follows this formula:
Submission – [fiction or poetry] – [title] – [your last name].
For example: Submission – Fiction – Red Nails – Howard

You can address your submission “HFQ Editors” or “Editors”, we are not too particular about that.

IMPORTANT: do not send attachments unless we ask for them. Paste the first 10 pages of your story or poems into the body of your email — but don’t kill yourself trying to perfect the formatting.

Feel free to include a paragraph introducing yourself and detailing your publishing history, and anything you think we need to know about your story. Or not. All we really care about is the quality of your yarn.

You have about five paragraphs to hook us and 10 pages to impress us — use them wisely.

Our email address is: editors [at] heroicfantasyquarterly.com

More Detail About Our Editorial Process

If you haven’t heard from us by the time a new issue publishes, don’t worry — you’re in the loop for the next issue.

If we like the cut of your story’s jib, we’ll contact you via email to ask for the rest of your work, which we’ll want as an RTF or Word attachment. At this point your odds of being published with us go way up (+3 modifier!). From that stack we buy and/or make rewrite requests. We try to offer constructive criticism on everything that is rejected from this second tier.

Taking Submissions: Contrary Autumn 2019 Issue

Deadline: September 1st, 2019
Payment: $20

“Turning words into art is unnatural. It begins with a contrary attitude. It says, I am unhappy with the way things are and desire to make things different. Rather than represent the world, I will make something wildly and savagely new. I will defy logic. I will invest in new perceptions. I will combine and recombine and fabricate and juggle until something that I have never experienced is experienced. The process is alchemical. The process is violent. It goes to the heart of creativity. It disrupts and shatters. It is splendid with provocation. It is an aggression against banality. It is sharp and loud like a janitor scraping frost from a window. The hectic bounce of steam on a street after a truck roars by. The anarchy of waters, the comedy of the face, dangerous feelings vented from a cage of skin.” ~ John Olson

Poetry — We believe poetry is contrary by nature, always defying, always tonguing the tang of novelty. We look especially for plurality of meaning, for dual reverberation of beauty and concern. Contrary’s poetry in particular often mimics the effects of fiction or commentary. We find ourselves enamored of prose poems because they are naturally contrary toward form – they tug on the forces of exposition or narrative – but prose poems remain the minority of all the poetic forms we publish. Please consider that Contrary receives vast amounts of poetry and that we can publish only a small percentage of that work. Please submit no more than three poems per issue. Our poetry editor is Shaindel Beers.

Fiction — We ask our fiction writers to imagine their readers navigating a story with one finger poised over a mouse button. Can your story stay that finger to the end? We have published long stories on the belief that they succeed, but we feel more comfortable with the concise. We favor fiction that is contrary in any number of ways, but our fiction typically defies traditional story form. A story may bring us to closure, for example, without ever delivering an ending. It may be as poetic as any poem. Our fiction editor is Frances Badgett.

Lyrical commentary/creative non-fiction —“Commentary” is our word for the stuff that others define negatively as non-fiction, nominally as essay, or naively as truth. We favor commentary that delivers a message less through exposition than through artistry. The commentary we select is often lyrical, narrative, or poetic. Examples from our pages include “Plum Island” by Andrew Coburn, “Ascension” by Kevin Heath, and “A Spring Sunday” by Heywood Broun. Our commentary editor is Jeff McMahon.


Taking Submissions: Midnight & Indigo

Deadline: September 8th, 2019
Payment: $50 for website acceptance, $75 for the literary journal.

midnight & indigo, a new literary magazine celebrating Black female writers, has issued a call for submissions to review short stories and narrative essays. We publish content on our digital platform and in our literary journals (paperback/ebook/audiobook).

Writers are invited to share their original, fictional or personal stories. Stories can funny, entertaining, serious or sincere. Stories must be character-driven and leave readers with something to think about, sparking a personal connection to their own lives. All genres are welcome!


Word count: min 1,500 words

We are looking for previously unpublished, character driven fictional short stories. All genres are welcome.

Stories can funny, entertaining, serious or sincere. Stories must uplift or leave readers with something to think about. Subject matter and plots can run the gamut, but we want emotion, grit, soul and writing that forges an immediate connection with the reader.

  • We offer $75 for Short Stories accepted for publication in our literary journal (eBook, print, possible audiobook)
  • We offer $50 for Short Stories accepted for online publication on midnightandindigo.com.


To be considered, you are being asked to agree to our contract as part of the submission process:

The author retains the sole, individual copyright on her contribution.

You grant midnight & indigo First Rights to publish the above story (online and by subscription, including any method/medium available at the time of publication.

You also grant midnight & indigo non-exclusive anthology rights to make the above story available in e-book, print, audiobook and any additional format available at the time of publication.

You affirm that you are the sole author of the Work, which is original and not previously published. To the best of your knowledge, it does not infringe any third party’s copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights, does not contain any libelous material, and nor does it violate any third party’s right of privacy or publicity. If you are found to be in breach of any of these representations and warranties, you agree to indemnify midnight & indigo for any and all costs and expenses resulting from that breach.

If your story is chosen for publication, you confirm that any compensation will be a one-time payment as noted above.

Via: Midnight & Indigo’s Submittable.

Ongoing Submissions: Short Edition’s Rendez-Vous

Payment: $125 for fiction, $75 for poetry

The world of short fiction can often seem overwhelming and, at worst, impenetrable. With thousands of places to submit your work and thousands of places to read great fiction, where does one begin?


At Short Édition, we want to bring literature to the readers, whether they’re short fiction newbies or long-time veterans. Our Short Story Dispensers serve the democratization of short fiction. They bring the literary world to the streets, for all people, and they do it with flair and free of charge. You simply press the 1-, 3-, or 5-minute button for a tactile literary experience, a rare and treasured thing in our digital world today.


Providing a connection between readers and writers, the Dispensers are quickly becoming meeting points for communities: literary watering holes drawing people together to support local talent and discover stories from other places and cultures. By opening a general submissions period year-round, we hope to give all writers the opportunity to participate in this unique community.


Starting July 1strendez-vous at your local Dispenser. The editorial team at Short Édition will be publishing a monthly selection of original and unpublished short fiction in both the Short Story Dispensers and on our website. So, mark your calendars for the Rendez-Vous, the release of each collection on the first of each month.


What are we looking for, you might ask? Short stories and poems to delight, inspire, surprise, and, most importantly, move our readers. Button fiction — very short fiction published at the push of a button — is found in unexpected places, whether it’s when you’re savoring the last sips at the local coffee shop, waiting in line at the DMV, or strolling through the airport. We want to insert a bit of storytelling into the mundane moments, elevating the role of story in the everyday.

ometimes the monthly Rendez-Vous will be themed; sometimes it won’t. But each collection will be coherent and carefully crafted by our editorial team. If you submit a piece in June and it isn’t published in the July Rendez-Vous, that doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t been selected. It could simply be that it just wasn’t right for that particular issue.

Please give our editorial team up to 4 months to get back to you about your submission.


    • All submissions must be submitted via this submission platform in a copy/paste format. We cannot respond to unsolicited submissions via post or email.


    • We welcome submissions from established and emerging writers alike.


  • Submissions must be short stories and poems of maximum 8,000 characters, spaces included or children’s stories of maximum 7,000 characters, spaces included.
  • Works must be previously unpublished in print or online, including on personal blogs.
  • We will only accept fictional works, and they may be any style or genre, excluding erotic.
  • We pay $125 for each selected short story and $75 for each poem as an advance payment on the royalties that each author will receive on a yearly basis from the Short Story Dispenser subscriptions.
  • Each selected piece will be published as a part of a Rendez-vous collection in our Short Story Dispensers around the world and on our website, short-edition.com/en.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted as long as you inform us immediately if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere.
    • the exclusive right to publish your work in our Short Story Dispensers or any similar vending machine.
    • the exclusive right to use or adapt your work as a basis for audio.
    • the non-exclusive right to publish your work on all other media, such as our website, for example.Concerning rights to your work, we ask for:
    • Please read our Publishing Terms and Conditions here in detail. Submitting your work via this submission platform is an agreement to the full Publishing Terms and Conditions.
    • Only one submission per writer in each category (poetry, short story, and children’s story), but once you’ve received a final response from us, we encourage you to submit another piece.


  • Our response rate could be anywhere from a few days up to four months, depending on the number of submissions we receive.

Via: Short Edition.

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