Ongoing Submissions: Kasma SF Magazine

Payment: 2 Cents CA per word

What I’m looking for:

I prefer short science fiction between 1000 and 5000 words in length, though I’ll consider stories that are longer, and in very rare cases, shorter.

The type of stories I enjoy the most usually come as a surprise (I think I know what is happening, but the underlying reality is revealed to me as I read on). That said, I’ve accepted many stories that don’t fit this model. Sometimes I’m introduced to a new story structure– a style of writing I’ve not seen before (this is great too!). Sometimes the story I like reminds me of another story, but it introduces a slightly different spin on it. Other times, the story introduces such interesting and original ideas that structure and style don’t seem to matter as much.


Kasma Magazine now offers payment of the semi-professional rate of 2 cents per word. Payments are made via Paypal only, and in Canadian Dollars.


Upon having your work accepted by Kasma, you are able to and are automatically giving me non-exclusive electronic publishing rights, or reprint rights if applicable, to publish your story on Kasma’s website. I do not own your story. You are free to publish and sell it elsewhere, as long as whatever publication you sell it to understands that the rights you are giving them are non-exclusive. After a period of one year, all rights revert back to you and you may, if you wish, ask me to remove your story from the site. I hope that you won’t however, as I would like to include your story in Kasma’s archive of great, short science fiction.


Submit to:

Send me your short story by pasting it within the body of an email. No fancy fonts or formatting please, though feel free to underscore italics (e.g. _this is italicized_). To email me, click the “Submit Here” link to the lower right.Submit Here!

Via: Kasma Magazine.

Ongoing Submissions: Bracken

Payment: $.02/word

Submit fiction, poetry, and artwork.

The Fine Print

Bracken supports diversity in speculative fiction and welcomes stories by and about individuals of all ages, classes, disabilities, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, races, religions, and sexual orientations.

Bracken purchases first worldwide English-language serial and electronic rights. Each story or poem we acquire will be published on in an electronic quarterly issue. We may also excerpt stories and poems for promotional purposes. The author retains all other rights.

Send all submissions in the body of an email to subs AT Read on to find out more about what we’re looking for. We aim to respond within 30 days.


We’re seeking lyrical, character-driven myths, born out of the wood. We accept most genres, although we’re biased toward magic realism. Send us your in-between-genre pieces, your heart’s tears, your midnight reveries. We’ll take good care of them.


  • 2,500 words or less
  • original and unpublished
  • no simultaneous or multiple submissions


  • subject line: Fiction Sub “<Your Story Title>”
  • your name and contact information
  • the title of your piece and word count
  • a bit about yourself, including brief publication history
  • your story in the body of the email; no attachments

Payment: $.02/word

VIa: Bracken Magazine.

Ongoing Submissions: Glittership

Payment: Reprints: 1c/word ($10 minimum)
Original Work: 3c/word ($30 minimum)
Reprints Allowed

Short fiction reprints:

Pay: 1c/word ($10 minimum)

Rights: Non-exclusive English language audio & non-exclusive English electronic reprint rights.

Wordcount: 100 – 6000 words

Genre: Science fiction, fantasy, horror, interstitial, speculative, whatever. It’s an SF/F mag, but if in doubt, send it.

Stories must contain some queer content. I believe in queer as a large umbrella term and specifically include trans, genderqueer, and ace/aro identities in addition to LGB. If your story includes an identity not listed here that you feel is queer, please don’t self-reject.

Attach stories in standard manuscript format .rtf/.doc/.docx format and send to submissions at glittership dot com. Please put REPRINT somewhere in the subject line.

Simultaneous submissions: Fine! I mean, it’s a reprint…

Multiple submissions: Please send no more than 3 at a time.

Stories will be reprinted in text on the site and read aloud for the podcast. If you are only able to sell audio rights for some reason, feel free to let me know. I’d rather work with you than miss out!


Short fiction originals: (Open for subs May 1, 2015.)

Pay: 3c/word ($30 minimum)

Rights: Exclusive English language audio and electronic rights for 6 months after publication, non-exclusive right to keep the story in our archive.

NOTE: GlitterShip will consider fiction produced as rewards for Patreon backers, or on locked/non-public mailing lists and accounts as previously unpublished for our purposes.

Wordcount, submissions email, and genre information is as above.

Simultaneous and multiple submissions are okay, but please do not send more than 3 stories at a time.

Please put ORIGINAL somewhere in the subject line.


Podcast readers:

Please drop me a line at submissions at glittership dot com.

If you have read fiction for podcasts or audio books in the past, please include your bio, relevant experience, and provide a link or two to your work.

If you do not have any previous experience, that’s okay! Please record yourself reading fiction for 4-5 minutes and have it available to upload or send. (Please don’t send any audio files to the submissions email, however, they’ll probably bounce. I’ll get back to you as soon as I figure out how to get those files from you!)

Non-native speakers, speakers of world Englishes, and speakers with accents are all welcome to apply as well.

Podcast readers will receive a token payment of between $10-$20 per episode recorded.

Authors and readers do not need to identify as LGBTQ or queer, though LGBTQ authors, authors of color, and authors of other marginalized identities, are specifically encouraged to submit.

Also, remember: don’t self-reject.

Via: Glittership.

Ongoing Submissions: The Overcast

Payment: 2 cents per word
Note: Submission during January, April, July, and October.
Reprints Allowed

We accept submissions quarterly, during the months of January, April, July, and October. 

What We Want

We are interested in speculative fiction, whatever that means to you, be it Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternate History, Steampunk, Magical Realism, or an as-yet-unnamed genre.  Anything that looks at the world from an unexpected angle, we want to see it.  We want the lyrical vision of William Gibson.  The magic and beauty of Erin Morgenstern.  The uncompromising voice of Margaret Atwood.  The technical brilliance of Ted Chiang.  We want to read stories that infuse us with extraordinary feelings, transport us to places we’ve never imagined, and fill our lives with characters that we love and loathe.  We want to still be thinking about a story days after reading it.  Be original.  Be amazing.

We are based in Portland, Oregon, and the focus of our podcast is speculative fiction by authors hailing from, living in, or connected to the Pacific Northwest, as loosely defined by the bioregion of Cascadia.  There is an exceptionally strong talent pool of speculative writers in Cascadia, and we want to celebrate and promote them to a larger audience.  That said, we are not exclusive.  We are open to submissions from anywhere.  While we’d ideally like to feature Pacific Northwest authors in at least 3/4 of our podcasts, we first and foremost want to feature great stories.  So no matter where you live, send us your stories.  If they make us laugh, cry, or turn cartwheels of astonishment, preferably all at once, we will find a place for them in our podcast.

This is an audio format publication.  We feel that stories of about 20 minutes in length are the sweet spot for podcasts.  In preparing for our podcast, we’ve discovered that our average reading speed is approximately 100 words per minute.  Which means that a 2,000 word story falls right in the sweet spot.  We will consider submissions of anywhere from 1,000 – 5,000 words, but if it comes down to a choice between two stories of otherwise equal merit, we will generally choose the story that is closer to the sweet spot.

Reprints are welcome, so long as they have not been previously produced in an audio format.


What We Don’t Want

Fan Fiction

Generic settings or characters we’ve seen a million times before (lithe elves, dour dwarves, charming vampires, etc.)


How to Submit

Please attach your story in standard manuscript format to a brief email containing the following information: Story Title, Word Count, and whether or not you are a resident of Cascadia. Please DO NOT include a bio or list of credits. We do not care how many degrees, publications, or awards you have. We want your fiction to speak for itself. If we love your story, we will ask for a short biography upon acceptance.

Please send your story in standard manuscript format to: [email protected]

Please make the subject line: “Submission: (Story Title)”

We do not accept multiple submissions.

If you have not heard back from us by the beginning of the submissions period following yours, please send us a query.

Also, we have had extreme difficulty responding to AOL users in the past, (our responses keep getting bounced as undeliverable), so please do not submit from AOL email addresses to avoid frustration on all sides.  Thank you.

What We Pay

Our authors are the heart and soul of our podcast.  We are creators ourselves, and we strongly believe that all creators should be paid for their work to the best of our ability.  As we are just starting out, the current limits of our ability are a semi-pro rate of $0.02 cents a word.  We hope, however, that our podcast will quickly become a success beyond our wildest dreams and bring us fame, fortune, and the ability to pay pro rates.  We’d also like a pony.  A genetically modified pony with six legs that runs 100 MPH and urinates a nice, rich stout.

Payment will be made through Paypal upon acceptance.



We purchase first worldwide exclusive audio rights to your story, as well as the right to keep the episode in which your story is produced available in our archives for as long as The Overcast remains in operation.  We do not own your story, nor do we wish to.  You are free to publish and sell it elsewhere in any other format.

Via:The People’s Ink.

Ongoing Submissions: Solar Punk Press

Payment: 3 Cents Per Word

I meant “What is solarpunk?”

Oh. Sorry. Solarpunk is, broadly speaking, near future science fiction that deals seriously with the major environmental and social problems of the 21st century, and approaches them with optimism. The aesthetic starting point for the movement is this August 2014 Tumblr post by Olivia of missolivialouise, which imagined a strong aesthetic relationship to Edwardian and Art Nouveau fashion. Ideologically, this September 2014 Project Hieroglyph article “Solarpunk: Notes toward a manifesto” by Adam Flynn set the map for the conversation.

Since then, both the aesthetics and the politics have diverged beautifully.

Submission guidelines:

We’re looking for short fiction,

Word count: 2,000 to 5,000 words; will consider shorter or longer, but they’ll be a harder sell.

Pay rate: 0.03 USD per word. (Word count will be determined using Google docs and rounded up to the nearest hundred.)

Genre: Near-future SF (Solarpunk)

Multiple submissions: No. Please submit one story at a time, and wait until we’ve made a decision about the current story before submitting another.

Simultaneous submissions: Allowed, but only if you tell us so in the cover letter, and let us know immediately if your story is sold to another market.

What we’re looking for:

“Solarpunk” means different things for a lot of different people in the community, but on here, for the most part, we mean near-future science fiction that deals seriously with environmental crises, systematic oppression, global imperialism and other issues in dire need of solutions. These issues are complex, and we’re interested in stories that treat them with appropriate complexity. Check out the Wikipedia page on wicked problems for an idea of what we mean.

Vitally, we want stories that are optimistic about these problems. They don’t have to be all solved as of the story’s present-day; they probably shouldn’t be; but we don’t want to publish stories that portray hope and effort as absurd or pointless endeavors. We don’t want “Resistance is futile” or “It’s all downhill from here.” We’re fans of Kafkaesque fiction but it’s going to be an extremely hard sell here.

That said, if you’ve got a story that feels to you like it’s solarpunk in its values and attitude, but that’s urban fantasy or historical fiction or far-future hard SF or space opera or anything else, go ahead and send it. We are open to the possibility of being blown away, and we don’t want to limit ourselves to an overly preconceived narrative structure.

Our About page has a more detailed description of what we mean by solarpunk, and the two of us also run a personal solarpunk Tumblr, watsons-solarpunk, which you’re welcome to check out for a lot more content on how we think and feel about the genre.

Call for diversity:

Among the above-mentioned wicked problems we expect our writers to be conscious of is systematic oppression in terms of race, gender, sexual and romantic orientation, physical ability, neurodivergence, mental and physical illness, metaphysical beliefs and associated communities practices and organizations, age, nationality, and, certainly, more that I’ve failed to capture here.

We’re proactively seeking submissions from people in one or more of these groups. We do so to counteract the feeling that many marginalized or oppressed people have that their voice may not be welcome, and we do so because these people bring perspectives that are by definition exclusive.

To be clear: we want to see stories that feature diversity regardless of the author, and we don’t intend to limit marginalized writers to narratives of oppression to the exclusion of other narratives. What we mean to say is that submissions are open to everyone. 

Trigger warnings:

If your story contains prominent segments involving common triggers, please say so in your submission. In particular, if your story prominently features spiders or suicide, say so: these topics are both sensitive for one of our editors, and you’ll have much better odds of being accepted if we know in advance and can arrange for the other editor to give it the first read.

Response times:

We’re not sure. This magazine is currently just the two of us, and we’ve got experience reading submissions for publications but never in a context that tracks closely enough to this one for us to judge.

Rights we ask for:

  • first world electronic rights for web, ebook and audio publishing (first to Patreon supporters and then, usually 3 and no more than 5 days later, for public release),
  • first print rights for a small-run print edition available to Patreon supporters, and
  • an option to buy non-exclusive anthology rights, in anticipation of a year 1 anthology

(Note: the rights section was updated to add print rights on Saturday, July 25, so you might want to read that again if you last checked it before then.)

Via: Solar Punk Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Lakeside Circus: Short Fiction And Other Oddities

Payment: Fiction: 2 cents per word, minimum $10 usd, Audio Bonus: Authors whose works are selected for audio publication will receive an additional 1 cent per word, with a minimum of $10 US, payable on publication

Lakeside Circus publishes very short fiction in several formats, as well as non-fiction essays exploring speculative literature and genre.


We want speculative fiction, particularly science fiction (hard, soft, near-future, etc), urban fantasy, magic realism, mad science, and apocalypse tales. Whether prose or poetry, we’re looking for the same kind of almost-weird fiction we publish in our anthologies. We like fiction with layers of meaning; stories that are odd or different without being too strange to understand.  We enjoy interstitial,  genre-bending, and “literary SF/F” writing. Your work has to encapsulate a complete moment; more than a vignette, each submission must have a beginning, middle, and end. Something has to change along the way, but parts of the story can happen off stage. As always, we want beautiful, dark, unusual, and meaningful.

We rarely like sword and sorcery type fantasy, aren’t interested in “slasher” type horror, don’t care for religious themes (which includes demons/the devil) as the sole plot of the story, and please! Do not send us a romance, no matter what setting it is in, as that just wastes your time and ours.

We encourage diversity in publishing: authors are chosen regardless of sex, gender, race or ethnicity. Non-US authors, or authors who usually work in a different genre, are also welcome.

DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME/ADDRESS INFORMATION IN THE SUBMITTED FILE ITSELF. USE THE ONLINE FORM TO SUBMIT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. We use a blind submissions process and the only way to make that work is if the story/poem doesn’t have your name on it.

Flash: Stories of less than 1,000 words. Must have a beginning, middle, and end, even if some of that happens outside of the story (as long as we can imagine what that is). No vignettes. Submit here

Short Fiction: Stories of 1,001 to 2,500 words. Top word count limit is firmSubmit here

Poetry: Any length. We want lyrical work, lovely word choices; bonus points for interesting forms (hainteny, thanbauk, cobla esparsa, carmen, or villanelle… surprise us!). We’re not big fans of prose poetry–the work has to read like poetry, not a short story with line breaks in it. Speculative elements have to be identifiable, but otherwise the range is anything from hard SF to genre-bending, interstitial, magic realism. Submit here


We are looking for short essays which would appeal to readers of SFF, horror, interstitial, surrealist, and slipstream fiction which has a literary bent. Your writing must be intelligent but clear; assume that our readers are smart and well-read, and don’t talk down to them. At the same time, we don’t want you to render your writing unintelligible by filling it full of sesquipedalian words and obscure references. The goal of this type of writing is communication of ideas, after all.

We want to see discussions of:

  • Literary history as it applies to SFF
  • How SFF writers who influence us now were influenced by non-genre writers
  • Correlation between genre and other branches of literary fiction
  • Relationships with non-genre media and creators
  • SFF poetry themes and forms
  • Anti-colonialism and anti-racism in speculative literature
  • Viewing gender, sexuality, race, disability, and Othering through an SFF lens

… Especially if your topic is one you’ve presented at a genre, literary, or academic conference. Annotations and references expected. If your article could appear on Buzzfeed or Cracked, it’s not for us.

We are not interested in reviews, interviews, or reprints. We publish only original work.

We are open to either finished (written, reviewed, revised, and complete) essays of up to 3,000 words, or pitches for a future essay. Pitches must be under 500 words – please do not send a rough draft of an essay and call it a pitch. If you’d like to convince us to print a longer essay in segments over multiple issues, write up a pitch and send that. Do no submit work of longer than 3,000 words for any reason.

Please use our submissions portal here.


  • No simultaneous submissions.
  • Submit only one work in each category at a time (though, please note, we will only publish one piece by you in each issue, so send your favorite piece first). Do not include multiple works in the same submission.
  • We publish only original works; please, no reprints. (Posted for free on your website is considered “previously published”.)
  • Submissions should be in standard manuscript format.
  • If you’re unclear on what any of this means, please read this post.

Rights Requested

a. The Author hereby grants the Publisher First Worldwide English-language digital rights (permission to include the Work in Lakeside Circus, for digital publication in the English language in all countries throughout the world, in online and ebook formats).

b. The Author hereby grants the Publisher the right to non-exclusively archive the Work online as long as the Publisher maintains the Lakeside Circus website. The Author has the right to request that the Work be removed from the online archive after (12) twelve months from the date of publication on the website, provided that the request is made in writing.

c. The Author agrees not to publish or permit others to publish the Work in any form prior to its publication inLakeside Circus AND for a period of (3) three months after the publication of Lakeside Circus on the website, without the prior written permission of the Publisher. If the Work is selected for a “best of the year” anthology, the Publisher agrees to waive this clause, provided the Author gives the Publisher prior written notice of the selection by such an anthology.

d. The Author hereby grants the Publisher non-exclusive worldwide English Anthology rights to republish the Work or cause the Work to be republished in any book or anthology consisting of material at least 80% of which previously appeared in Lakeside Circus, and which includes works by more than three contributors. Publication in this anthology is not guaranteed, and Works chosen for the anthology will receive additional payment (see below). Authors may withdraw their Work from the anthology if their refusal is given in writing within 30 days of being notified of acceptance in the anthology.

e. All rights not specifically covered by this contract are retained by the Author.

f. Work bought must be published within one year, or all rights revert to the author.


FICTION: Lakeside Circus pays 2 cents per word (fiction or non-fiction), with a minimum of $10 US, payable within 30 days of publication. In addition, Authors will receive a four issue digital subscription to the magazine.

NONFICTION: Lakeside Circus pays 1 cent per word (fiction or non-fiction), with a minimum of $10 US, payable within 30 days of publication. In addition, Authors will receive a four issue digital subscription to the magazine.

AUDIO: Authors whose works are selected for audio publication will receive an additional 1 cent per word, with a minimum of $10 US, payable on publication. Combined with the digital publication payment, that equals 3 cents per word with a $20 minimum payment.

Authors whose works are selected for an anthology will receive an additional payment of $10 US within 30 days of the anthology publication, as well as a print contributor copy.

You can find our entire contract HERE (last update 2/01/2015).

Via: Lake Side Circus.

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