Taking Submissions: Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror

Deadline: May 15th, 2020
Payment: $0.01/word + 1 print contributor copy
Theme: Short stories about summer vacations gone wrong

Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror

Grindhouse Press seeks short stories about summer vacations gone wrong for its upcoming horror fiction anthology, Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror, edited by Samantha Kolesnik. Summer vacation is often romanticized as a time of joy, but sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. Send in your horrifying tales for consideration in Grindhouse Press’s first-ever horror anthology.


●All submissions must be in the horror genre.

●No simultaneous submissions. All submitters will be notified of acceptance or rejection by June 1, 2020 at the latest.

●Submissions must not have been previously published anywhere. This includes personal blogs and social media.

●Submissions must be in standard manuscript format and submitted as an attached MS Word document or Google doc.

●Only one submission per author allowed.

●We welcome fiction which is bold, risky and graphic if it’s in service of the story.

Submissions should be emailed to [email protected] with the name of the author and the title of the story in the email subject line. Please include in the body of the email a brief author bio (2-4 sentences), and submission word count.

Payment: $0.01/word + 1 print contributor copy
Length: 2,000 – 6,000 words
Deadline: May 15th, 2020 or until filled

Via: Grind House Press.

Taking Submissions: Acethetic

Deadline: March 1st, 2020
Payment: 2.5 cents per word
Theme: Stories with a focus on ACE characters

Much of our art, be it written, visual, or otherwise, is based around sexual attraction and the desire for sexuality. Even in stories where the major plot is focused elsewhere, sexuality will often show up in a subplot.

Sexuality is hardly universal, however: though allosexuality may define the media landscape we live in, it does not define all of us!

This anthology is a place for ace characters to shine. Perhaps your character is striving for recognition against expectations placed on them by society. Perhaps they are simply trying to live a quiet life and meeting unexpected resistance. Either way, Acethetic exists for their stories to be heard.

About the anthology

Acethetic is an anthology of short fiction edited by Madison Scott-Clary. It will comprise several pieces from diverse authors. The anthology will be released in both physical and e-book formats, as well as, depending on interest, audiobook format.

Here is what HYBRID will be looking for:

Submission content
We are looking for short story submissions that explore the lives of our asexual friends and family. The stories should focus on characters anywhere on the specturm of asexuality. Aromantic characters also welcome, of course! We are particularly keen on featuring #OwnVoices authors.

HYBRID Ink will not, under any circumstances, publish content that portrays any of the following without justification or in a positive light:

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or other forms of discrimination
  • Pedophilia or sex with characters under the age of 18
  • Rape, torture, dubious consent, or forced seduction
  • Gratuitous violence, gore, or death

For more information, please see here, and remember that we’re all governed by our code of conduct.

Submission genre
While there is no restriction on genre of submitted stories, we will aim for a cohesive anthology after the fact. For instance, if we receive more speculative fiction stories than contemporary fiction, that may play a role in accepting stories. Literary fiction, speculative fiction, shifters, furries…give us your best!
Submission rating
G–R — we ask that authors avoid explicit descriptions of sex, but do understand that sometimes that’s necessary to the plot. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to ask!
Submission length
2,000–15,000 words — if you feel like you will fall outside this range, let us know!
2½¢ per word (maximum $100 per story. Why?)
Simultaneous submissions
Yes, but please inform us if you are also submitting to other sources.
Multiple submissions
Yes — limit 2. A maximum of 1 will be published.
Prior publication
Previously published works are allowed, but preference given to entries that have not yet been published.
Submissions openDecember 1, 2019
Submissions closeMarch 1, 2020
Submissions read and responded toWithin four weeks
Anthology available for salewithin six months of contracts

Submission contracts will include a sunset clause. You may see an example contract here.

Submitting to HYBRID

Please submit via email to [email protected].

Include your name and what you are submitting for in the subject line in the format [Submission type] Submission name (for X) by Author. For example, Jace Doe is submitting their story “Something Awesome,” to the Great Stories anthology, they would use the subject line [Story] Something Awesome (for Great Stories) by Jace Doe.

Alternately, for longer work queries, if Anna Doe is submitting a query for her novel Holy Crap, Birds!, she would use the subject line [Query] Holy Crap, Birds! by Anna Doe.

Please submit the entire short work, or the first 10,000 words or so (about twenty pages) for longer work queries. If your work is longer than 10,000 words, please also submit a synopsis. We will accept the following formats: Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Open Document Format/LibreOffice/Calligra Words (.odt), Markdown, TeX of various flavors. We can also accept Google Docs, but would prefer a standalone file.

If you are submitting to a call for submissions, please be sure to note the following in your submission email:

  • Whether or not you are submitting simultaneously to other markets
  • Whether or not your submission has already been published elsewhere
  • Whether or not you are submitting multiple submissions to the call

We appreciate you following these guidelines, as they help all of us keep submissions organized! If you are submitting to an anthology and do not follow the email subject line guidelines, you will confuse our poor editors, those wily beasts, and we will have to coax them out of catatonia once more.

For published pieces we take non-exclusive print and electronic publishing rights. Bear in mind that most publications will not publish pieces that have been published in print, e-book, or on the web, so for all intents and purposes after your work is published by us it can only be marketed as a reprint. That is, while we accept reprints, that is hardly universal. It is up to you, the author, to decide if publishing your work in print and/or e-book formats is really what you want to do.

Via: Hybrid Ink.

Taking Submissions: Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses

Deadline: March 15th, 2020
Payment: 8 cents per word
Theme: Positive futures, SF, urban fantasy.

Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses – Positive futures, SF, urban fantasy.

The future we all want. Examples might include effects of technology on the young (online learning, socialization), climate mitigation and adaptation, new opportunities to boldly go where none have gone before

The untented Kosmos my abode, I pass, a willful stranger
My mistress the open road
And the bright eyes of danger
 (Robert Louis Stevenson, Youth and Love)

Reading period: February 15 – March 15, 2020
Writer deadline: March 15, 2020
Publication date: June 1, 2020

Third Flatiron Publishing is based in Boulder, Colorado, and Ayr, Scotland. We are looking for submissions to our (approximately) quarterly themed anthologies. Our focus is on science fiction and fantasy and anthropological fiction. We want tightly plotted tales in out-of-the-ordinary scenarios. Light horror is acceptable, provided it fits the theme.

Please send us short stories that revolve around age-old questions and have something illuminating to tell us as human beings. Fantastical situations and creatures, exciting dialog, irony, mild horror, and wry humor are all welcome. Stories should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words. Inquire if longer.

Role models for the type of fiction we want include Kurt Vonnegut, Arthur C. Clarke, Dan Simmons, Connie Willis, Vernor Vinge, Iain Banks, Alastair Gray, and Ken Kesey. We want to showcase some of the best new shorts available today.

For each anthology, we will also accept  a few very short humor pieces on the order of the “Shouts and Murmurs” feature in The New Yorker Magazine (600 words or so). These can be written from a first-person perspective or can be mini-essays that tell people what they ought to do, how to do something better, or explain why something is like it is, humorously. An SF/Fantasy bent is preferred.

See the “Submissions” tab for preferred formats, etc.

If you’re interested in having your work read and getting paid a little something for it, then submit your story to us!

Via: Third Flat Iron Press.

Taking Submissions: Reckoning 5

Deadline: September 22nd, 2020
Payment: eight cents a word for prose, thirty dollars a page for poetry
Theme: Creative writing about environmental justice

We’re currently reading for Reckoning 5! Please refer to the specific calls from poetry editor Leah Bobet and fiction/nonfiction editor Cécile Cristofari!

To understand what we’re looking for, try reading Reckoning 3Reckoning 2Reckoning 1the interviewsthe Reckoning twitter, or LCRW 33.

The short version: creative writing about environmental justice. Fiction preferably at least a tiny bit speculative, nonfiction preferably more creative than journalistic, poetry tending towards the narrative and preferably with some thematic heft, art leaning away from the pulpy heavily towards the political. But the heart of what we want is your searingly personal, visceral, idiosyncratic understanding of the world and the people in it as it has been, as it is, as it will be, as it could be, as a consequence of humanity’s relationship with the earth.

Taking Submissions: Every Day Fiction – March 2020 Themes

Deadline: February 25th, 2020
Payment: $3
Theme: Ideas: Spring Break, International Women’s Day, Purim, Daylight Savings, Ides of March, St. Patrick’s Day, first day of spring (Vernal Equinox), Feast of the Annunciation

We are looking for some suitable stories for March 2020, including:

  • Spring Break
  • International Women’s Day
  • Purim
  • Daylight Savings
  • Ides of March
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • first day of spring (Vernal Equinox)
  • Feast of the Annunciation

The deadline for these stories is February 25, 2020, at the end of the day (11:59 PM Pacific Time).

Writing Guidelines

Every Day Fiction is looking for very short (flash) fiction, of up to  1000 words. There’s no such thing as too short — if you can do the job in 50 words, have at it! — but our readers prefer pieces that tell or at  least hint at a complete story (some sort of action or tension rising  to a moment of climax, and at least a clue toward a resolution, though  it doesn’t have to be all spelled out).

All fiction genres are acceptable, and stories that don’t fit neatly into any genre are welcome too. While personal experiences and other  non-fiction can be great sources of inspiration, please turn them into  fiction for us, or send them elsewhere.

Our readership is adult, so children’s stories are unlikely to be accepted unless they are relevant to adults as well. On the other hand, we are not impressed by gratuitous sex and violence, or pointlessly foul  language; edgy content should be necessary and appropriate to the plot  and characters.

It ought to go without saying that any story submitted to Every Day Fiction must be your own unpublished original creation. If  you publish a story on a blog, even your own personal blog, or any  website accessible to the general public (i.e., if the story can be  found and read online without a password or friend status or other  limitation), it is considered published and therefore inappropriate for  our market.

Since we do not have the time or resources to manage copyright permissions, please do not send us works with quoted song lyrics. You  may use song titles and the names of composers, lyricists, and/or  performers, and you may paraphrase or refer to the song lyrics, but we  are unable to publish stories with directly quoted song lyrics unless  they are in the public domain (written before 1920).

We will not publish stories which feature living public figures as  characters, although referencing them (e.g., in terms of a  concert/event/sighting) is acceptable. Historical/deceased public  figures are acceptable as characters. We do not publish fan fiction and  will not publish stories which feature non-original characters, although  referencing them (e.g., in a film, as a toy, etc.) is fine, and  historical/cultural/legendary characters which are clearly not the  property of a single creator (e.g., Santa Claus, King Arthur) are also  permissible.

Submission Process

All stories must be submitted through Submittable — we cannot accept stories via email or snail mail.

Our maximum response time is 90 days. If for any reason you believe that we have held your story without a response past 90 days, please contact us so we can look into it. We will, of course, do our best to keep our average response time as low as possible; we are currently averaging ? days.

Multiple Submissions & Simultaneous Submissions

We ask that you have no more than three stories in our submission process at any one time. If you have three stories submitted to the regular queue and wish to submit an additional one to the calendar-specific queue for the upcoming month, please query first.

Unfortunately, we do not take simultaneous submissions; please give us 90 days’ exclusive consideration of your story.


We believe in the importance of being paid for your writing, even if  it’s only a token amount. At this time, we are able to offer three dollars (US$3) for each published story, to be paid via PayPal, with the option to donate it back to Every Day Fiction if you are so inclined.

More importantly, publication also includes an opportunity to promote your writing beyond Every Day Fiction. We will gladly provide a link to your blog or website, and if you have a book on Amazon, we can link to that as well.

Via: Every Day Fiction’s Submittable.

Taking Submissions: Cyber Smut

Deadline: February 29th, 2020
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Looking for anything that fits the “How the Internet has impacted your life” category, including genre work

Cyber Lives, has transformed into Cyber Smut. To those who have already submitted under Cyber Lives, rest assured, your submissions will not be affected by this. The theme remains the same: we want to know how the internet has impacted your life. We are seeking poetry and short stories (fiction & nonfiction) from the UK and Ireland. Closing date for submissions is 29 February 2020.

This is wide open in terms of interpretation, and anything goes – poetry, memoir, erotica, literary fiction, sci fi, essays, etc – as long as it aligns with the theme. Things to consider: our daily lives are saturated with the internet, impacting our minds and behavior. Miscommunications and mishaps. Lust and desire for fame and money. Hilarity and tragedy with Tinder or Grindr. This is rich and fertile ground, and surely there are countless ways to approach this theme. We are thrilled about our next anthology and hope you are too.

  • Closing date for submissions – 29 February 2020.

  • Short stories (fiction & nonfiction) – 1000-5000 words.

  • Poetry, up to 5 pages.

  • Writers from the UK & Ireland – this includes anyone living or born in the UK or Ireland.

  • Unpublished work only please. We are not able to accept previously published work, print or online.

  • Standard Royalty Contract for successful submissions.

Click here to submit via Submittable.

Memoir Submissions

We are also open for memoir submissions. Seeking bold writers with ballsy stories. We are interested in narratives about cyber life, art, music, travel, although any topic is fine. If you would like to submit your work, please send the first 5000 words of your manuscript, a one-page summary and your bio. Send to gutspublishing [at] gmail.com. Subject line: Memoir Submission. Attachments are fine. Please number your pages. UK residents are preferred, but anyone can submit. Any questions please get in touch.

Many thanks and we look forward to reading your work!

Via: Guts Publishing.

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