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Being part of a Writing Group
Being part of a Writing Group

Taking Novels For Creepy Little Nightmare all-age series

Payment: 40% royalties for net eBook sales and 20% on net paperback sales OR Contracts will be paid out in the form of a purchase based on word count in the same vein as a short story rather than in the form of royalties.
Theme: Novels that are dark and scary enough to entertain adults but appropriate enough for their kids to read as well.

Our all-age horror series. Novels that are dark and scary enough to entertain adults but appropriate enough for their kids to read as well. This means that the books will be edited to remove things such as sex and gore. You can submit a book that was not written for this purpose, but you think could be edited to fit it. It is preferred that the main characters be under eighteen, but it is not set in stone.

Ongoing Submissions: Bullet Points Blog

Payment: The lesser of $0.10 per word or $500 (in US dollars)
Theme: Speculative military fiction

Bullet Points publishes speculative military fiction that is sensitive to the complexity, tragedy, and hope of warfare and violence in human (and nonhuman) society. The editor considers fiction stories from any author. Original stories run between 100 and 5,000 words, although reprints can deviate from this guideline. Authors retain all rights not specified in the publication agreement (signed only upon acceptance for publication). Payment is $30 for original stories and $20 for reprints, upon digital publication, via PayPal.


Ongoing Submissions: The Dread Machine

Payment: ORIGINAL FICTION: $0.05 per word., REPRINTS: $0.01 per word., POETRY: $10 per poem.
Theme: Futuristic dark fiction, speculative fiction, cyberpunk, slipstream, and science fiction.
Note: Reprints Welcome
Note: I SWEAR I’ve listed this market before and couldn’t find it while prepping this post.


The Dread Machine publishes futuristic dark fiction, speculative fiction, cyberpunk, slipstream, and science fiction. We do not accept religious fiction, fetish horror, or erotica. All submissions must be in English.

We will accept previously published submissions, but not those that are available to the public online. If your story already appears online for free, publishing it would negatively impact both our SEO and that of the other publisher. We will accept previously published stories that are available online only if those stories are hidden behind a paywall.


Ongoing Submissions: Novels – Occult America: Horror Stories in America’s Main Street

Payment: Royalties
Theme: Horror novels based on North American folklore


Occult America: Horror Stories in America’s Main Street
American folklore is rich and varied, reflecting the melting pot of cultures that shaped and continues to mold our populations. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the small, semi-isolated townships and villages that dot our national landscape. In many areas, the indigenous peoples of the area have embraced newcomers, melding their traditions with those of European, African, and even Asian descent into something new and different.
Within this rich treasure of folklore is a variety of creatures of mythology. Some are quite well known, like the Jersey Devil or Bigfoot. Others, like the Chickcharney or the Coyote legends are virtually unknown to contemporary Americans. Where did these creatures come from? Are they native to the vast American continent? Were they brought here accidentally, where they evolved and adapted to their new environment? And if they had to because they threatened the human population, how were they subdued? By whom? And what happens when one of them wakes up as a result of contemporary actions, the increased “noise” of modern society?
Every Small town has a ghost story or a local legend an indication of a darker history right down the street from the place with the amazing mom’s apple pie. We want to explore all of those darker shadows right off of main street.


Ongoing Submissions: Bourbon Penn

Payment: 3¢ / word
Theme: Highly imaginative stories with a healthy dose of the odd.
Note: We are re-listing Bourbon Penn due to the press raising their payment rates and updated guidelines

We are looking for highly imaginative stories with a healthy dose of the odd.  Odd characters, odd experiences, odd realities. We’re looking for genre / speculative stories and are quite partial to slipstream, cross-genre, magic realism, absurdist, and the surreal.

We want character.  For us, stories live and die by their characters.  We’re looking for fully drawn characters who surprise us with their honesty, complexity, and contradictions.


Ongoing Submissions: ALOCASIA

Payment: $10
Theme: A journal about plants, gardens, gardening, parks, and indoor horticulture and stories in any genre
Note: Authors who identify as queer writers

ALOCASIA accepts creative writing of all genres from queer writers on a rolling basis with no reading fee. Please send no more than 6 pieces to [email protected] Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, and we DO accept previously-published work. Please send writing in either .docx or .pdf format.

We appreciate both traditional work, as well as the weird, erotic, explicit, anti-colonial, and whatever you can come up with.


Ongoing Submissions: Seize The Press Magazine

Payment: 6 pence (GBP) per word. This currently equates to slightly over 8 cents (USD).
Theme: Dark Speculative Fiction

Seize The Press Magazine is looking to publish dark, transgressive speculative fiction. Bleak sci-fi, dark fantasy and horror only. We’re looking for stories that aren’t didactic or moralistic. We want stories where everything isn’t wrapped up neatly at the end. We want to promote a diverse range of voices from authors who write messy characters, so give us your problematic queers and your angry women—we want your difficult and morally questionable characters in unpleasant situations who don’t slide neatly into a narrow definition of positive representation and don’t fit the model minority mould.


Ongoing Submissions: Assemble Artifacts Magazine

Payment: 8-10 cents per word for short fiction
Theme: Stories of wonder and suspense
Note: This outlet picks up a lot of rights so do read everything before submitting

ASSEMBLE is a production and IP creation company based in New York City, with a team that includes experts hailing from the distribution, sales, publishing, production, and finance worlds. Assemble’s multi-platform approach to creating content spans across film, TV, digital, comics, and literary.

Assemble projects seek to entertain by bringing a sense of wonder to audiences, while reflecting contemporary issues and inciting meaningful conversation.