Epeolatry Book Review: An Aliens Search-and-Find Book: Find the Xenomorph by Kevin Crossley


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Title: An Aliens Search-and-Find Book: Find the Xenomorph
Illustrator: Kevin Crossley
Genre: Horror; Science Fiction; Fantasy; Fantasy & Sci Fiction Coloring Books for Grownups
Publisher: Titan Books
Release Date: November 14, 2023

Synopsis: Official Aliens search-and-find puzzle book, based on the movie, featuring a host of highly detailed full-colour illustrations by artist Kevin Crossley set in familiar film locations.

‘Find The Xenomorph’ is a gorgeous puzzle book that will entertain and terrify Alien fans of all ages. Fourteen original illustrations present our well-known characters in new and horrifying situations – from colonists hiding in egg chambers to marines hunting for facehuggers, this beautiful search-and-find book gives fans a new way to interact with the classic movies.

I’m sure most readers can remember a time when they picked up a Seach-and-Find book and made a valiant effort to find all the hidden objects. Perhaps you went looking for the candy cane striped sweater on the bespectacled man lost in a crowd. Maybe you stuck around long enough to find the ten red balloons or the eight vampires. You might have enjoyed getting lost in the sprawling image and finding all the little extra details. Imagine doing that with one of the greatest horror and science fiction franchises ever.

An Aliens Seach-and-Find Book: Find the Xenomorph, released by Titan Books and illustrated by Kevin Crossley, offers fourteen graphic scenes of Search-and-Find goodness. Find the Xenomorph is based on the events of the 1986 classic Aliens but starts from the perspective of the colonists of LV-426. There are liberties taken regarding how the first xenomorphs got into the colony, but this is just for fun. 

Each scene has a short description that sets the stage for those lurking around the corner. In a few scenes, you’ll be asked to find facehuggers, chestbursters, and xenomorphs. As the story progresses and the colonial marines arrive, you’ll be asked to find survivors, weapons, and, in a classic case, Newt. I’m gonna admit, Newt was as good at hiding in this book as she was in the movie.

Crossley does an amazing job illustrating the biomechanical anatomy of the xenomorphs and surrounding hive structures. You’ll find yourself tracing out pieces of walls thinking they are one of the creatures but, instead, it’s just a well-drawn wall. H.R. Giger was the original concept artist for the xenomorph. Well known for his biomechanical landscapes, I’m sure he imagined the individual sections coming to life, similar to how the walls start to move in the Aliens movie. That’s the feeling I got from Crossley’s sprawling screens. 

Along with the items and creatures you’re looking for, Crossley added many little details. Skeletons of dead colonists, Newt’s favorite toy, Bishop being a creepy android…er…sorry, synthetic person. The gore is put in check with a bloody chestburster scene. I say that sparingly, too.

An Aliens Seach-and-Find Book: Find the Xenomorph, released by Titan Books and illustrated by Kevin Crossley is a great novelty for movie fans and for those who want a nostalgic yet adult experience. The illustrations alone are worth the price of admission.


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