Authors Helping Authors: Silver Shamrock Publishing Edition

Good morning all.

This post is directly being addressed to the authors of Silver Shamrock Publishing who need a new home for their work after the events of this last weekend. First off, let me say how sorry I am that you are all having to go through this drama with the work that you’ve spent blood, sweat, tears, and likely sleepless nights in crafting your story. To other authors who are looking to place your work, please know that we are always listing new markets and this one is specifically for those who have been impacted to find new homes for their work.

I’m not going to spend time talking about the situation, there have been plenty of reactions to it already from the entire writing community. Anyone who knows me, likely already knows my opinion on the entire fiasco. So, here we go. The following people and publishers are open to attempting to help you out. (For those who use Twitter, you’ve likely come across all of these already though not everyone out there is active on Twitter so I was hoping to help you out.)

Also, PLEASE, if this list is missing anyone do reach out and I’d be happy to add your publishing house or ability to support these authors.


Encyclopocalypse Publications releases “original horror novels, movie novelizations, and resurrected horror paperbacks.”

Eerie River Press who releases dark fiction, horror, and dark fantasy has a special submission window open for you:

Black Spot Books publishes “dark fantasy & horror.”

D&T Publishing

Death’s Head Press published “Quality Dark Fiction, Extreme Horror, Bizarro, Erotica, Splatter Westerns + More”

Weird House Press publishes “fine horror, dark fantasy, and poetry collections”

Brigids Gate Press “is an indie press focused on fiction and poetry.”

ALSO, something to look out for:

Bag of Bones Press is a “Horror, dark, & speculative fiction press.”

Dark Dispatch publishes short fiction and nonfiction.

Crossroad Press Publishing

Tenebrous Press “publishes New Weird Horror”

CatStone Books “is dedicated to promoting and empowering minority voices in speculative fiction.”

Aesthetic Press, “Publisher of diverse, commercial fiction specializing in Thrillers, Mysteries, Dark Humor, Dark Fiction, Anti-Heroes, & Compelling/Gritty themes!”:

Quirk Books “Publisher of All Things Awesome, Geeky, and Unprecedented”

Not directly open to what has been released already but if you’ve got a story that fits this call it sounds like you’re at the top of the list:


Eva Roslin and Cina Pelayo have really stepped up in helping authors out already on this and those who frequent Twitter have likely already benefited from this help.

Kenneth W. Cain, who previously worked on Silver Shamrock Publishing books has reached out to the publisher and been able to get permission to help all of the publisher’s authors who have been released from contract out:

He also has added another resource worth checking out:

For any author who has been directly impacted and could use another sale or two, the following tweets might be appreciated:

You can also get some added exposure to your work here:

For authors and publishers who are ever unsure of their work, here is one of the greatest people in the publishing industry on Twitter giving you a very open offer:


Scarlet Ferret Bookshop is a small online ebook retailer that helps offer limited-edition releases of novels so if you’re looking to do something extra, this might be an outlet to look into adding it to:

WE will be featuring re-releases of any of these displaced titles and the publishers who pick them up in order to try and amplify these artists and those who have supported them:

What an amazing horror community we have. Finally, if you have something that was published and really can’t find a new home for it. Do reach out to Horror Tree directly and I’ll see how we can help.

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