25 T-Shirts That Make Perfect Christmas Gifts For Authors

This holiday season, authors can express themselves through their wardrobes with stylish and punny t-shirts. Writers of all genres will be able to find something special that suits their style and resonates with readers. Whether you’re looking for a simple design or something more complex, there is a range of options to choose from. From clever literary puns to dialogue from classic books, these t-shirts make the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite author.

So if you’re looking for the perfect t-shirt for your writing friends, or yourself, look no further! We’ve got exactly what you need below!

Yep, all of these shirts will be comfortable and, if not stylish, perfect for a lover of words.

So, without keeping you waiting any longer, lets take a look at the shirts that are available!

1. “Bookaholic” From Neatorama

I’m sure that none of you have a reading pile a mile high sitting in a corner, on a desk, overly stacked on your bookshelf… Oh, like me, you do? I guess this one is the perfect shirt for you! 😉

Cute design fitting for Adults and Teens who loves reading Books.

2. “Dinosaurs Didn’t Read” From Snort Tees

I’m not going to lie; when I saw this one, I stopped prepping the post and went to order it. This perfectly combines my love of reading and my youngest son’s love of all things dinosaur. HE’S GOING TO BE SO JEALOUS. Wait, they have kids’ sizes? I suppose that I could have ordered him one as well…

“They were worried the other animals would call them nerds.”

3. “Stephen King Rules” From Five Finger Tees

What Do Readers Enjoy About Stephen King? That he rules! If you’re a Stephen King fan, this shirt is made for you! It really says it all when it comes to what so many think of one of the true masters of horror fiction.

This tee is just like the one worn by Sean (Andre Gower) in the classic 1987 action/horror movie The Monster Squad. Also perfect for any Stephen King Fan.

4. “Choose Your Weapon” From Neatorama

Every author has their own preferred way of writing. From timing to tools, So it doesn’t matter if you like to write on a pen, keyboard, or computer; this shirt has you covered!

So what are you waiting for? Choose your weapon and write!

5. “No Shelf Control” From Snorg Tees

There may be more shirts related to having too many books on this page than any other topic. I wonder if that means that we all have a problem. No. No, it’s the system that doesn’t allow us to have all of the books that we want that is the problem!

“The floor is like one big shelf. Use that space.”

6. “Shakespeare Insults” From The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

If you’re ever feeling the need for a creative insult, look no further than by consulting the infamous bard himself, Shakespeare! He is responsible for so much of our language that there is no shame in borrowing some of his most famous insults!

“This shirt says it all so you don’t have to! Never again waste your breath on a mountain of mad flesh when the Bard put down so many put-downs you only need to point!”

7. “My Name’s Not Frankenstein” From Snorg Tees

A callback to one of the greatest tragedies in horror, misidentifying Frankenstein’s Monster as Frankenstein. Of course, the doctor was the actual monster so it is an easy mistake to make!

“You’d be scared if a mob came at your with torches and pitchforks, too.”

8. “I Am A Writer Therefore I Am Not Sane” From Neatorama

I don’t know about you, but from arguing with the voices in my head to the characters that I’m trying to write, sometimes it is hard to really get a grasp on that whole being sane concept.

If you often pick fights with the characters who are disagreeing with you as to what they should be doing next as you write, this might just be the perfect shirt for you!

9. “It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Books” From Five Finger Tees

I’m pretty sure this is a motto that a ‘few’ of us live by as the books in our TBR piles at home groan in pain that they’re never going to get rid as we’re in the checkout line at the bookstore, telling ourselves…

“Just one more book…”

10. “One More Chapter” From Snorg Tees

This one works for both readers and writers out there. It really is a lie that we all tell ourselves instead of going to bed on time. It doesn’t matter if we’re reading or writing a book… It’s always just…

“One More Chapter” before going to bed. Ssssuuuuuuuuuurrrrreeeee


11. “All Work And No Play” From Five Finger Tees

One of the most iconic scenes that any writer can relate to is what happens when “All Work And No Play” kicks in instead of any real writing!

“Jack Torrance abandoned his latest novel in favor of typing this sentence over and over onto reams of paper.” Available in a large variety of colors!

12. “Christmas Tree Books Merry Christmas” From Neatorama

Okay, this one was kind of a gimme. We’re really leaning into the Christmas theme here with books that make up a Christmas tree.

If you’re celebrating Christmas, this one is a total no-brainer on what to wear while unwrapping presents (and the perfect gift to open as well!) .

13. “All The Cool Kids Are Reading” From Snorg Tees

I mean, let’s be honest, did any of you have any doubt on this being true?

“I learned about it in a book.”

14. “All I Want For Christmas Is Books” From Neatorama

Another shirt that is perfect for any booklover this holiday season!

“I am a bookworm and I cannot lie!”

15. “I’m All Booked” From Snorg Tees

Feel like staying in tonight? Really don’t want to go out with friends? Well, you’re not lying when you tell them that you’re all booked this time!

“Just gonna have a catnap first.”

16. “Retro Horror Writer” From Neatorama

While we do support ALL forms of speculative fiction these days at The Horror Tree, horror is in our blood, or at least our name! It would be hard not to feature this perfect tee that was meant with our original audience in mind.

We, unfortunately, couldn’t find shirts targeting specifically Sci-Fi or Fantasy authors to add to the list. This only means when we re-launch our shirt store that, we may just have to create our own!.

17. “I Am Disappointment” From Snorg Tees

Honestly, my grammar correction tool is making it difficult to even post this shirt for you to enjoy! I think this is a must-have for all of the editors out there. They’ll either love it, or end up burning it out of pure unadulterated rage.

“Their are many problem with this shirts.”

18. “Read Banned Books” From Five Finger Tees

There has been an increase in book banning in the United States as of late. I’m not going to address the politics of those decisions directly and just leave this shirt… right… here…

“People should have the right to choose what they want to read!”


19. “Write Without Fear. Edit Without Mercy.” From Neatorama

For our first drafts, this is very sound advice that we might all want to wear to remember these great works to live by. It is easy to get caught up in nitpicking our work, but in many cases, it is most important to really just get pen to paper and write something.

Perfect for the writer OR editor in your life!

20. “Grammer Police” From Snorg Tees

Now, this one is perfect for all of you editors out there who really try and crack down on authors and writers just trying to get by, without punctuation, or spelling things correctly, or…

“Follow the rules, or get sent back to schools.”

21. “Reading Is My Jam” From Neatorama

Somethings go together, like peanut butter (or nut butter for those with peanut allergies) and jelly. One of those things? Books, and me.

If reading is your jam, this is the perfect shirt for you!


22. “It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Books” From Snorg Tees

I know that we’ve already had one shirt with this theme; I just couldn’t resist another. It is so perfect, and this one is more for those who are into fantasy than just plain text.

“Please do not breath fire near the books.”

23. “Banned Books Baphomet” From Neatorama

Once again, we’re huge fans of being completely open on your book buying options here. For this one, we’re doing a banned books shirt that is a little bit more for the horror crowd.

Just remember folks, “Every night is a good night to read a banned book!

24. “Oxford Comma Appreciation Society” From Snorg Tees

The Oxford Comma is important. We’ve written an entire article on it! So, we’re all huge fans of this shirt for those who agree that this is a comma that cannot be ignored!

“You either use the Oxford Comma, or you’re wrong.”

25. “Hot Tea and Books” From Neatorama

This shirt is perfect for all of our UK readers and those who live in the United States that prefer tea to coffee (like my cousin.) While I don’t understand or agree with it, I appreciate your love of tea and am helping you celebrate it publically with this amazing shirt!


Final Word

In conclusion, these 25 T-Shirts make perfect Christmas gifts for any author in your life. Not only are they stylish, but they also show off their love for writing and the craft of storytelling. Plus, each one offers a fun and creative way to express themselves! So don’t wait any longer – surprise them with the perfect gift this holiday season! With these amazing T-Shirts, you’ll be sure to make their Christmas extra special.

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