Your First Book: What Can Be The Perfect Topic for Success

Your First Book: What Can Be The Perfect Topic for Success

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Writing a book from scratch can be pretty tense and requires ambition, persistence, and a creative mindset. There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to finally have your own book, given the fact that after the rise of ebooks, readers tend to prefer digital versions of reading more and more. Basically, the digitization of books made it more accessible and once you succeeded in writing your best piece, fame may follow you.


The beginning is always difficult since you might find yourself blank and assume your creativity has run dry. Or, you might be bursting with tons of ideas and can’t decide which one to pick. Sometimes you have a perfect idea but struggle with the second novel syndrome – a pressure to satisfy your reader’s expectations. 


You’re not alone in this boat. Even the best-selling authors struggle with choosing the perfect topic.


Below, we have listed a few rhetorical questions to help you narrow down the topic to write on:


  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What is the trendy topic that others are reading?
  • Are there any personal life experiences you might want to incorporate?


This article will list three trendy topics that are sure to draw attention. Make sure to grab your notepads. By the end, we guarantee you’ll be bursting with a million ideas!

Tell Them About the Gambling Industry: Money Talks Are Always Attractive

Who doesn’t love a quick, get-rich scheme? For most people, money is everything, as It can buy you health, security, freedom, and joy. There are many methods for making those fast cash stacks. Some people enjoy making money, other like using some cash for gambling games, and this industry is really living its best days currently, allowing people to not only pay for gaming but also earn some cash with online poker games for real money, and other options. Keep in mind that the gambling industry is expected to grow at an annual compounded rate of 11.7% from 2023 to 2030 and this is your sign that gambling will become a hot topic.


Did you know that the Spider-Man superstar, Toby Maguire, is involved in gambling? This 48-year-old Hollywood star has been rumored to earn a whopping $10 million from playing poker! Many of Hollywood’s most celebrities are addicted to gambling because of the thrill it offers.


Money always appeals to people. Readers will be completely hooked on learning about the gambling adventures of celebrities and how they earned millions from it. For instance, you can engage the readers by telling them about various ways famous people gamble and how gambling works.

Horror Stories Are the Best

Horror ranked as the third-most popular genre in 2021. People love watching and reading horror stories for the sake of experiencing stimulation both physically and mentally. 


When we watch something horrifying, the biochemicals inside us change.  These biochemicals trigger an adrenaline rush that enhances the body’s energy levels. Likewise, horror films also keep the audience totally engrossed in them. For instance, apocalypse-based films allow us to fully immerse ourselves in alternative realities, like zombie outbreaks. These films often incorporate unexpected plot twists and surprises which keep readers intrigued. 


Certain new experiences might even provide a feeling of accomplishment, such as exploring a well-known haunted house. We sense a heightened feeling of being worldly and bold when we embrace such daring endeavors.


Your horror story should contain these four vital elements:


  • Fear
  • Revulsion
  • Surprising twist
  • Terror  

Comics: For Those Who Like Stories but Not Reading

A comic book is a compiled collection of comic strips bound together chronologically. They are just like magazines which feature the adventures of a superhero, or a story.


In today’s era, Comics have gained mainstream popularity. Let’s discover the reasons for their popularity. 


They are a portal to a stress-free life. Life can sometimes feel stressful and monotonous. Comic books provide us with solace. 


They cater to numerous audiences. Some people simply enjoy reading fiction and comic books’ visual format/graphics. Others find it relatable to myths, religious ideas, or science. Their universal appeal welcomes every reader, setting them apart from other means of entertainment. 


Children love comics. Their appeal stems from comics being more fun and easier than reading books. Their breathtaking visuals and easy-to-read sentences attract many kids.


Justice League of America, Batman, V for Vendetta, and Watchmen are among the best comic books worldwide.


There we have it folks. We hope that you’re feeling much more confident about your first book now! The topics we discussed cover just a fraction of the tens of thousands of ideas. Remember, writing is not only about narrating a story. It’s also about forming connections with readers, igniting their emotions, and leaving a meaningful message at the end.


So, make a rough mind map of the plot, jot down the ideas, and voila you’ll be magically crafting awe-inspiring sentences in no time! Oh, and don’t worry about getting stuck somewhere. Initially, it will be a tedious task, but the more you write, the smoother you’ll get!


If you feel upset, remember that every professional author went through this phase to become successful.


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