Unholy Trinity – Marauders, Missing, Mission

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.


The first man checked the device on his wrist, Braunau am Inn, Austria, 20/04/1889.

They’d arrived safely, now to find the hospital. Leaving the seclusion of the forest on the outskirts of town they followed a worn, twisting track towards their destination.

The first man ushered his companion with the surgical bag inside the hospital and followed the signs towards the maternity ward.

Finding their destination they prepared themselves for the task ahead. A porter, pushing a trolley, approached them. He raised a silenced pistol and fired.

They fell.

Why do these time-travellers insist on coming after Hitler? he thought.



Placing a gloved hand upon the door handle he forced his way inside the residence.

A cloaked man was standing over the body of a mutilated and disembowelled woman. He was holding a knife in one hand and her heart in the other.

Aiming his pistol towards the murderer the man spoke, “Put everything inside your bag and move slowly towards the door.”

Puzzled, he begrudgingly obliged.

Pressing the pistol into the murderer’s back, he cautiously escorted him from 13 Miller’s Court.

“Walk slowly towards the yard on your left.”

In an electric blue flash Jack the Ripper disappeared, forever.



“Do you have everything, Lewis?”

One final check and the man gave a solemn thumbs up.

“Great, now go fetch your companion.”

Lewis left the room, momentarily, returning accompanied by another man dressed in a smart suit, top hat and cape, carrying a leather surgeon’s bag. They both presented the appearance of 19th century gentlemen.

Before securing away his pistol Lewis gesticulated it in front of The Ripper, “Don’t give me cause to use this. Just do exactly as I say.”

Lewis directed his fellow traveller towards a futuristic, arched steel construction.

“Good luck, Lewis. Time to go kill Hitler.”

Gary Hazlewood

With two novels to his name and when not watching soccer Gary enjoys writing short horror tales. He lives a hectic family life outside of a small town in the north of England.

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