‘Trembling With Fear: Year 1’ Has Officially Been Released!

After doing battle with the great Amazon over cover formatting, I am thrilled to tell you that ‘Trembling With Fear: Year 1’ is now officially out in physical form!

US Readers can score a copy right here while our friends in the UK can snag copies right here! We of course offer them in every area that KDP allows for as well in case you’re from another location and are interested in picking up a copy.

You can also order it digitally on Amazon US, Amazon UK or wherever else your local market is! At some point, these listings will be combined but we’re still at the mercy of our Amazonian Gods for when that may happen.

Steph and I had spent a lot of time on getting this right (and you can all thank Steph for this being done when it was as I was falling behind on my parts of formatting. As always, Steph is amazing!)

I’d also like to give a huge shout out to Andrew Butcher for all the work on helping us get the formatting correct on the cover!


This Trembling With Fear anthology is a compilation of all the drabbles, flash fiction stories and dark poetry published during 2017 at HorrorTree.com. In its pages, you will find work from both the novice and the established writer, the newbie, and the award-winner. Here, the dead walk and murders abound, demons and ghosts torment the living whilst vampires and wolves compete for space with internet and aliens. Within these pages you will find dark speculative fiction from contributors across the globe, for our world is a world without borders. Nowhere is safe from the dark.

We have had some amazing talent contribute to the first year of ‘Trembling With Fear,’ and we hope that you enjoy reading these as much as we have!

If you’re looking to help spread the word, we’ve included various digital assets below!

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If you need any specific artwork sizes for helping promote the book, please reach out through the contact form!

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  1. Alyson Faye says:

    great stuff @StuartConover and @el_stevie will order a copy