The Unholy Trinity: Missives from Hell

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.

I died waiting for a heart that never arrived.

How could I feel so alive but be dead?

“Follow me,” said the shadowy figure waiting outside my hospital room.

Looking back at my lifeless carcass on the bed, I realized I didn’t live there anymore.

“Where are we going?” I said.

“Hurry,” it said.

I was led down a long, dark tunnel.

A powerful force was propelling me to my fate.

The further we traveled, the longer his teeth and nails grew. Then the biting, ripping

off of my flesh and the despicable degradation began. My welcoming agent from hell.

I was never a lover of truth. I loved my selfish life too much. A lesson learned too late.

A resident in hell for all eternity. My freedom gone forever.

How can the dead feel pain? Because even the wicked get resurrected bodies. Custom fitted suits of torture. One size does not fit all.

Utter relentless hopelessness, my daily fare.

Assigned pain, allotted in proportion to the measure you inflicted on others.

The memories of the evil you did, eats your brain. Others savagely taunt you.

There is no mercy. Only fear, pain, and darkness. Blazing fires scorch my flesh.

The darkest darkness is only surpassed by the silence of God. The loneliness. The noisy nothingness of eternal damnation.

Worms that never die gnaw at my continuous growing flesh. A banquet of pain for their daily dining pleasure. They have no eyes to see, only mouths to feed.

I’m eaten up in small bites every day. From head to toe. Then it starts all over again.

And while that is going on, the hell dwellers tear my flesh, howl and laugh at my perpetual pain.

Did I really choose to come here? Is it fair to say I didn’t know?


W.E. Pearson

W.E. Pearson is a fiction writer working on her third novel. Her first book is a YA/ Middle-Grade novel with magical elements—yet to be edited. She’s in her third draft rewrites with her second novel and hopes to publish it either late this year or early next. One of her Fantasy short stories placed and won in a Wordhaus Online Writing Contest. She writes in several different genres (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery/Thriller, Children, Horror and Literary fiction). Currently, she is writing her third novel. For several years now, she has helped to moderate an online writing forum by critiquing, editing and beta reading dozens of short stories, poems, and novels every week.

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