The Deposit Photo Sale Has Returned!


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We tend to hype this whenever it goes live so I’m thrilled to share with you that App Sumo’s Deposit Photo Deal has returned once more! For any press, author, or book designer who needs stock photos to create their covers, this is one of the best deals that you can find. $50 for 100 photos with one of the largest legal collections of stock photography that you can find online!

Not only that but the possibilities for this artwork are endless as you can give your author or publisher website a fresh coat of paint, beef up your social media profile images, infographics, or use the artwork for flyers, artwork, shirts, and more! All, easy to get for only $50 at App Sumo! (Buying this many directly from Deposit Photos would set you back $500.)

What You Get

  • Gain access to a library of 100+ million royalty-free stock photos and vector images
  • Use Depositphotos images for all your commercial projects, online and print
  • Captivate audiences with high-quality content from professionals all around the world
  • Best for: Bloggers, digital advertisers, videographers, and agencies
  • So if the idea of having access to “over 100 million high-quality and royalty-free stock photos and vector images” sounds appealing to you, be sure to head over to App Sumo today!

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