Taking Submissions: Road Kill: Texas Horror By: Texas Writers, Vol. 6

Deadline: June 1st, 2021
Payment: A contributors Copy and: 10,000 words – $200; 7,500 words – $150; 5,000 words – $100; 2,500 words – $50; 1,500 words – $30.00.
Theme: Texas Horror By: Texas Writers

HellBound Books Publishing is excited to announce that it’s now accepting submissions for Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers, Vol. 6.

Author Madison Estes will be editing the latest incarnation of the series, and she’s looking for original horror stories 1,500-10,000 words in length. The stories must be written and submitted by Texas authors and they must take place (or be based) here–hence the title. Two cents per word and contributing writers will receive one free copy and a 50% discounted wholesale price on any copies of the book that he or she purchases to carry and sell on their own. The scale for writer stipends will look something like this: 10,000 words – $200; 7,500 words – $150; 5,000 words – $100; 2,500 words – $50; 1,500 words – $30.00. All payments will be made upon official acceptance, and when acceptance is communicated each author will need to send a short bio.

HellBound will be requesting two-year non-exclusive rights. This means we will use your story in this anthology and we can print excerpts of it online and otherwise (for promotional purposes, etc.), but two years down the road you can do with it what you like. The DEADLINE to turn in stories is June 1, 2021 and our intent is to have the book printed and available by October 1, 2021, in plenty of time for Halloween.

PLEASE SEND SUBMISSIONS to [email protected]

– Make sure that you check your mss for grammar and punctuation, use our guidelines to help you:

Deadline: June 1st, 2021

Via: Hellbound Books Publishing.

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