Taking Submissions: Into Chaos

Deadline: September 6th, 2022
Payment: €150
Theme: Characters “stepping into chaos”

From Aug 2nd to Sept 6th, we are open for short story submissions for our new collection, INTO CHAOS! We are looking for stories of all genres that respond to our title and/or cover art, and selected writers will receive a flat rate of €150 for accepted submissions.

What calling would be strong enough for one to step into darkness?

When heading into the unknown, the path is always lined by warnings – and yet, time and time again, characters barrel down that road, daring and unafraid. What is it that drives them on, despite all odds? Is it fear or is it desire? The need to escape or the siren song of adventure?

And, perhaps more importantly, what will they find when they lift the veil and peer beyond?

Be it unhinged mayhem or sublime beauty, we want stories of what happens when characters step INTO CHAOS.

For our latest anthology, we want stories inspired by our title – INTO CHAOS – and the cover artwork below, created by artist Dominique Ramsey. All genres of writing are welcome, as long as they explore a story of embracing the unknown (which can be as real or as magic as your heart desires)! More than any specific story or style, we want the emotional response the title and artwork evokes in you.

In the words of William Ernest Henley, we want tales where no matter how strait the gate,
the menace of the years finds me, and shall find me, unafraid.


What lies in wait for those
that embrace the unknown?
What will be lost – and what can be found –past the gates of chaos?

What is beyond the portals
of our reality –

and what would lead you through them?

If you have any issues or questions, you can contact us here.

The Rules

  1. Submissions have to be your own original work, in English, previously unpublished;
  2. One story per writer, up to 5000 words (no minimum word count.
  3. Make sure your name and personal information are not on the story file (only in the form!)
  4. Stories must be typed in readable font and size, with the title as file name (ie. ShortStoryTitle.docx)
  5. Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please inform us as soon as possible if you are selected elsewhere!
  6. Submissions have to be sent via this form.

If a story is selected, the writer will be offered a flat rate of €150, as well as a digital copy of the anthology Into Chaos.

Sans. PRESS will have the right to include the story in the anthology Into Chaos, to be produced across multiple formats (digital, paperback, hardcover and audiobook). The writers retain their rights over their own work, and are allowed to republish it elsewhere after the date of the print publication.

All applicants will be contacted about submissions in a timely fashion, but we are currently not able to provide individual feedback.

By submitting to the anthology, you agree to our stated terms.

If you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can submit your story at the link below:

Via: Sans Press.

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