Ongoing Submissions: The Hungur Chronicles

Payment: The pay for original stories is $25.00; for reprints, $12.00.
Theme: Vampires or creatures with vampiric themes
Note: Reprints Welcome

The Hungur Chronicles presents short stories, poems, articles, and illustrations related in some way to vampires, especially those on other worlds.  Blood is an addiction as well as food for vampires, but in other cultures on other worlds, some other substance may be the object of their desire and need.  You may recall an episode of Deep Space Nine in which a woman had a need for, and knew ecstasy from, ideas.  The object of desire on some worlds might be vegetation, or a mineral, or water (perhaps on a desert world).  In The Skylark of Space by E. E. “Doc” Smith, the salt in human blood was the desired substance.  In “Tree Hugger” (available from our Shop), the substance was sap.

We will also consider stories of vampires on Earth.  However, most of those stories have already been done, in one way or another, and we are not interested in recycling old ideas.  To make an Earth-based vampire story work, it must have something fresh and new.  Something with an unexpected twist.  It need not be gaudy; simple often works.  Just different and unexpected.