Playing With New Toys – The Supernote

I’m not quite ready to delve into a full review of the Supernote but they bill it as a product “For Those Who Write” from Ratta, and I have to say, it really is. Initial impressions have me quite enjoying many aspects of the Supernote and undecided on a few choices. As I said, it is still too early for a full-on review but I’ll be sharing a few thoughts on it below as well as including the general specs and details that are provided. I do have put a disclaimer here. I did receive my Supernote in exchange for my honest review. Not only are you going to get that review, but likely a few features as well and potentially some walkthroughs because from the moment I had it charged and working I quite enjoyed it!

As Amazon hasn’t jumped into sensitive touchscreen Eink devices quite yet, you can’t expect them to have fallen to the price of e-readers which are made in bulk to the point that has driven down prices across the board. Something to keep in mind with these, in particular, is that Ratta uses their own technology as well to make it feel as if you’re writing on paper compared to a solid screen and that textile feeling can truly make a difference.