Taking Submissions: Suction Cup Dreams: An Octopus Anthology

Suction Cup Dreams: An Octopus Anthology

Deadline: January 31, 2012
Payment: $20 and 1 Contributor’s Copy

What We Want

SUCTION CUP DREAMS: An Octopus Anthology, features ca. 15 short fiction stories dealing with the most fascinating and noble of marine lifeforms, the octopus. We welcome all subgenres and forms of fiction, spanning genres and styles, from romance, historical fiction, crime dramas, to sci-fi horror. We are looking for short stories which either showcase or are inspired by the octopus as a central theme.

Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2012. No entries will be accepted beyond this deadline.

What We Don’t Want

We will not accept stories which have the octopus theme obviously shoehorned in after the fact. We do not want stories about tentacled, non-octopus creatures. We do not want tales about Cthulhu – there are enough stories dedicated to him, and he isn’t an octopus (although a Lovecraftian style tale would be allowed if it dealt with octopodes specifically). We are not looking for poetry. And we don’t want a large amount of vulgarity or sexual perversion, though erotica is accepted.

Multiple Submissions and Reprints

We accept up to two (2) multiple submissions for review. Each one must be sent via its own separate email. Reprints are permissable, as long as prior publication is mentioned and described in the cover letter.

Pay Rate

We offer one contributor’s copy of the book as payment.

How to Submit

Please use our submission webform to submit your manuscript. We do not accept e-mail or postal submissions except for compelling exceptions.

Each submission will be reviewed and considered based on creativity, originality, concept, and style. Not all works will be accepted.

We recommend tracking your submission on duotrope.com.

Keep Social

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Legal Rights

Upon acceptance for the anthology, we obtain non-exclusive print and digital format rights to your story.

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