Epeolatry Book Review: Grimoire of the Four Imposters by Coy Hall


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Title: The Grimoire of the Four Imposters
Author: Coy Hall
Genre: Occult Horror
Publisher: Nosetouch Press
Release Date: 7th September, 2021


Presented in six tales, Grimoire of the Four Impostors takes readers on a dark tour of the 17th century, where corners of the world stand in shadow. Here grimoires possess secrets, impostors beguile the unwary, temptation turns macabre, and the night is no friend.

Embrace the Martyr
Touch the Nightshade
Taste the Brine
Wield the Hatchet


This is a wonderful collection of stories, all linked via the thread of the occult and ‘magic’. Two stories ‘bookend’ the four, providing the reference to the grimoire, its nature and its ultimate fate. The four tales inbetween take you from an encounter between a wealthy Hungarian and a scholar, to the destruction of an abbey, to sailors marooned on a Caribbean island, to a journeyman executioner. Each of these stories is ‘tainted’ by a being which is not human, though it may appear so in some aspects. Each tale is tangibly linked to the others with its theme of the creation of life from the inanimate or the dead, the secrets of which are held in the grimoire itself. Richly descriptive, hugely atmospheric, these stories blend the occult with folk horror and the gothic. An intelligent and refreshing addition to the world of literary speculative fiction.

5/5 stars

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