Taking Submissions: Night Terrors Anthology

Night Terrors

Deadline: December 31st 2011
Payment: $20

The submission period for this project is 1 September 2011 through 31 December 2011 inclusive.

Please read these Project Guidelines in conjunction with our General Submission Guidelines to improve your chances of acceptance.

“Night Terrors” will be a short fiction anthology featuring horror stories written by established and upcoming writers from around the world.

“Horror stories” are defined as stories that will make the reader’s skin crawl and have them checking under their beds before they go to sleep. We are not concerned if the stories mix genres or if they are set in our world, the future, the past, on another planet or are set in another world altogether. As long as the story is creepy, we are interested in reading it. We are not interested in reading horror stories
filled with blood and gore just for the sake of it.

The anthology is due for release in paperback and various digital formats in March 2012.

Submissions received before or after the dates stated above will not be considered.

To submit your story click here.

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