Epeolatry Book Review: A Scream Full of Ghosts by Jane Nightshade


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Title: A Scream Full of Ghosts
Author: Jane Nightshade
Publisher: Dark Inn Books
Horror literature and Fiction, Short stories
Release date: 20th May, 2023

Synopsis: Jane Nightshade updates the traditional Victorian ghost story for the age of the Internet in her debut collection of stories, A Scream Full of Ghosts. With 12 terrifying paranormal tales, there is a haunting story for every lover of the macabre.
A young couple trying to figure out why the hardwood floors in their brand-new tract house appear to be haunted: an unemployed single mom who cancels her home meals subscription service but can’t get rid of the delivery man; a couple of YouTubers whose plans to make a viral video go darkly awry; and a jilted young lawyer who finally finds the perfect woman, except that there’s something terribly wrong with one of her arms. These and other ghostly delights are just a few shuddery pages away in A Scream Full of Ghosts.