CLOSED: Turn To Ash


Payment: one cent a word

Turn To Ash is a horror fiction zine. I’m looking for submissions of short fiction and black and white artwork. I’ll also publish relevant essays and interviews.

I’ll be paying one cent a word for either fiction or non-fiction, and $35-$50 per piece for artwork. For fiction, I’d prefer things in the 3k-5k word territory, but I’m flexible either way. Original stories and reprints are both welcome. The zine will be professionally printed and either perfect bound or saddle-stitched.

I’m not going to pitch a theme this time around, so send me whatever. I cast a pretty wide net on what I consider horror. Two of the most horrifying books I’ve ever read are Every Man Dies Alone and Knockemstiff. My favorite stories that are firmly in the genre tend to be quiet horror and capital “W” Weird, but I also enjoy splatterpunk and lots of stuff in between. Send submissions to turntoashmedia at For text submissions,  I would prefer to receive .doc files in Shunn Manuscript Format. Artwork subs can be made in whatever file format works best for the artist. If we agree on printing your artwork in Turn To Ash, we’ll work out the best way to get print-ready files into my hands.  All submissions can be addressed to “Ben”, “Benjamin”, “Editor”, or “hey, you”.    

I’d like to start putting issues out in the summer or fall of 2016. I’ll start posting updates to the Turn To Ash Facebook ( and WordPress pages as I get submissions, and the ball starts rolling. Big thanks to Julian Dassai for the logo.

Via: Turn To Ash.

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