Ongoing Submissions: Nightmares and Phantasms Podcast

Payment: $5
Note: Reprints allowed if not previously done in audio

Have you ever wanted to hear your short horror story on a podcast? Do you have a true scary tale to tell the world, but don’t know how to get it out there?

Nightmares & Phantasms, a podcast of scary stories and horrifying true tales, is now currently OPEN for submissions. We’re looking for your scariest short fiction and terrifying true stories. General submission guidelines apply, only one story per submission and only one submission per month.

Previously published stories are accepted (only if you currently maintain the rights to the story), as long as they have not been featured on another podcast. We are looking for original material only.

If you think your frightening tale is ready to be told, we’re waiting to hear from you!

We are looking for 1000 -6000 words max.

Payment: $5 for accepted submission.


Authors retain full rights to any story performed on the Nightmares & Phantasms podcast. Only previously unperformed work. We also ask that any story performed on the podcast be not performed on another podcast for a period of one month.

LOM Media does not retain the rights to publish or distribute your story outside of the audio performance without written permission from the author.

Audio production of your story remains the property of LOM Media and may not be distributed, altered or sold outside of the Nightmares & Phantasms Podcast without prior written consent.

Send your submissions to [email protected] or click the submit button below!



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