CLOSED: Fiction Silicon Valley

This publisher has closed its doors. We will be leaving the post up for archival purposes.


Payment: 0.06/word up to $100
Note: Reprints Allowed
Note #2: While not specifically stated, this probably isn’t the place for your more gruesome or darker material.




The era of artificial scarcity is over. But in this new world of abundance, discoverability becomes the issue. How do readers find new voices? How do they find you? FICTION Silicon Valley (FSV) is the solution. One of my greatest pleasures is to present engaging stories and poetry to my readers by emerging and established writers. You are the basis for the reading revolution where your writing takes readers away from the drudgery of everyday life and into new places and new experiences. They can resist reality while engrossed in your writing.

Do you have a story or poem that you control the rights to sell? FSV wants to print your story or poem, even if it has been published before. The only thing I ask is if I have accepted or rejected a specific work before, don’t send me that same work again. I’ve either already paid you for that particular piece or am not interested in it. Move on. Send me something new.

PLEASE NOTE: Before submitting work that has been published elsewhere, check with your prior publisher(s) to see if you can sell publication rights again. Trust me, you don’t want to be sued for breach of contract. This is something you are responsible for keeping track of and ensuring that you have the proper publication rights to grant to FSV. Always get verification (in writing) that you can publish your work again from any prior publishers.

My current rate of pay is $.06 per word with a maximum payout of $100 per accepted submission.
See my FAQ page to find out how I can increase both the maximum payout and per word amounts!

Submissions are FREE!
See my FAQ page to find out how I can increase the number of free submissions available each month!

Note from Steve DeWinter, Editor-in-Chief:
I am the cautious type and rarely enter into something without knowing as much as possible about what I am getting into.
For this reason, I have included a viewable/downloadable copy of the current contract you will be asked to sign if your work is accepted.

Just click the words “Download File” to open in your browser, or right-click and select “Save link as. . .” to download to your PC.


Download File

Feel free to look it over before submitting your work.

I consider it to be one of the most artist-friendly agreements on the planet and, dare I say it, your declaration of independence from rights-grabbing contract terms.

Categories for FICTION Silicon Valley

Category: Fantastic Fiction
Number of Simultaneous Entries: Only one (1) free submission allowed per artists per month.
Word Count: 2,500 to 20,000 words. If it runs a little longer go ahead and submit (why not? it’s free). But please don’t send me anything passing the 30,000 word mark as we are quickly moving into novel territory at that point.
Category: Spectacular Shorts
Number of Simultaneous Entries: Only one (1) free submission allowed per artists per month.
Word Count: 2 to 2,499 words. Anything longer should be submitted under Fantastic Fiction.
Category: Perfect Poetry
Number of Simultaneous Entries: Only one (1) free submission allowed per artists per month.
Number of Poem Submissions: Up to five (5) poems may be submitted in the same uploaded document.
Word Count: Not really putting a limit on this. Just don’t send me any epic poems spanning thousands of lines 😉

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