Nerdist Had A Brilliant Idea And Started A Book Club

The geek central known has Nerdist is growing in a big way as they’ve just announced that they’re starting a book club! This is something I really feel I should have thought of for Horror Tree. Is it an idea that you’d be interested in seeing us pursue with indie publishers? This is being done as a combination of YouTube and user interaction in quite an interesting and fun way. I don’t think I’d be able to put something quite this interactive together for us but I do think it is a brilliant idea and something we might look into down the line.

From the press release:

Books, Comics, Graphic Novels  Nerdist’s New Weekly Series
Takes Fans Deep into the Printed Page and Beyond  

Burbank, Calif. — April 6, 2020 – Before it was your favorite TV show/movie/video game, it was our favorite book! Today, Nerdist announced the new series Nerdist Book Club will launch on their official YouTube channel. Beginning Wednesday, April 8, at 5pm PT, book-lovers can join hosts Maude Garrett (GeekBomb), Hector Navarro (DC Daily), and Rachel Heine (Nerdist Editor-in-Chief) and read along, watch along, and chat live, as they take on tomes that should be on every Nerdist fan’s bookshelf.

Viewers will choose the books by online poll, starting with this week’s premiere episode. On Wednesday, they can expect to meet and get to know the hosts, share memories of previous book club titles they have loved, hear what the hosts are reading during the COVID-19 lockdown, and hear about the book options for this chapter of Nerdist Book Club. By the end of the episode, the audience will have chosen the book we will all be reading and talking about on the show for the month of April.

This interactive show is a chance for fans to share in the joy of books with the show’s hosts (and special guests) in always thoughtful, often funny, deeply geeky, and sometimes iconoclastic discussions of the books that made us and the titles that will become the films and TV shows we can’t stop watching.

Nerdist Book Club debuts Wednesday, April 8 at 5pm PT. The series will air live on the Nerdist YouTube channel and will also be available as VOD on YouTube and To participate in book selection and join the conversation, fans should follow Nerdist on Twitter and subscribe to the Nerdist YouTube Channel.

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  1. Varian says:

    I love this idea! Would it be done on a blog tour, or like YouTube videos?