How game developers make you feel fear in games

How game developers make you feel fear in games


Horror games are some of the hardest projects to develop when it comes to being really scared, not being jerked off by real movements and sounds.


To scare the player so that the blood really runs cold in the veins is a real art.


You can make the gamer just twitch during the crown of sorrow raid carries in Destiny 2 when the boss just jumps out of the ceiling and takes a lot of health, but then you get up and all the horror magic disappears.

How to understand that you are playing bad horror

You are constantly pulled by emotions


Here it is important to understand the intricacies of the reference horror – when you are kept in suspense – this is a brilliant idea, and you never understand the source of danger, but if something constantly pops up on you without much harm and makes you twitch, then these are the most primitive screamers, which are considered the easiest a technique for quick scare in movies and games.


You are not scared, but boring


This is a type of horror that can be divided into two types:


  1. The game itself is dangerous and scary, but you have a weapon for any situation, so fear is not leveled.
  2. Everything happens so predictably and monotonously that you are literally ready for any situation, and it does not scare you in any way.


There is no plot


When at the start you are in some inexplicable way brought to a lonely house with one flashlight, where no one lives, and strange sounds are heard and at the same time there is no plot and dénouement, then this is just a boring and monotonous meat grinder if you have a weapon, and running from monsters if it is not until the moment of escape, or logical death.


Signs of a good horror

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You are not issued a weapon, or it is extremely difficult to obtain


When you get into the atmosphere of a really oppressive horror, when you still don’t know the abilities of the enemies, their number, speed and techniques – this really aggravates the situation and the weapon can act as a mitigating factor – you are just ready to shoot at any rustle, but if you take away You have a weapon, then the situation begins to change dramatically, and you have to not only experience more emotions, but also think on the go so as not to fall into traps and hopeless situations.


Good music and soundtrack


Sound is the most important tool for creating mood and atmosphere.


One and the same situation can be perceived in completely different ways due to music and sound. Quiet and forcing sound, which constantly affects the player, qualitatively affects the perception and acts together with other factors that create the final picture.


The soundtrack adds to the final tension when you hear strange or threatening sounds that will make you look for the enemy, understand the degree of danger and look around the rooms and locations and make quick decisions to avoid death.


Not so long ago, an experiment was conducted in the USA – the famous and kind series Friends with good humor and good mood that it carries was taken, but off-screen laughter was removed from it and an alarming background sound was added and the perception and reaction to the series changed dramatically.


Game plot


A correct and interesting horror contains an interesting plot that not only explains the reason for the appearance of the player in the current location, but also develops his role and the means that he uses to survive.


For example, the cult horror project Amnesia, which has repeatedly received new parts, begins with the fact that the player wakes up in the castle and does not remember anything from the past and present and has only a note that he wrote to himself and, as it turned out, he drank the amnesia potion, and now he needs to survive in a creepy castle, find the person indicated in the note and survive more than one night.




A good horror is not only about the atmosphere, but also about the gameplay that implements it.


The more opportunities a player has for violence and protecting himself from the effects of monsters, or his own subconscious, the easier and more banal horror.


It is important that the project gives you the opportunity to think with your head and really experience fear and other emotions that are difficult to experience in the real world and with which you can really tickle your nerves.


For example, Alien: Isolation is an interesting project that allows players to have active gameplay with traps and many tools for their own survival in addition to physical protection.


You will be confronted by a legendary alien, and you will not be able to resist him in any way – if he catches you, or catches up with you on a spaceship, then you will die, so you need to deceive the monster, catch him and not let yourself catch up – by the way, the enemy is made in such a way that he will learn and not fall into the same traps twice.


The project was developed and developed by the 20th Century Fox, so you will find an action-packed immersion in a literally cinematic setting.


The Best Horror Projects You Should Try


Horror is not only fear, but also strange and psychological thrillers – consider all the key and interesting projects.


Resident Evil


A cult horror that, since 1996, has been contributing to the development of the gaming industry and horror films in general.


The player will have to confront a large number of zombies, understand the causes of viruses and find those responsible for the situation.


Silent Hill


The player comes to a mystical city to find the missing daughter, investigate all the events that take place, fight monsters and interact with the locals in order to resolve everything that happens in the region.


The game and its atmosphere have made a significant contribution to the development of the horror genre.


Alan Wake


The player plays as a writer whose stories and mysticism begin to come to life.


The project is imbued with the spirit of melancholy, dark networking and mysticism.


In Alan Wake, there is an interesting and systematically developing plot and integration with light – you have to fight dangerous shadows, and you can only prevent them with the help of light sources – lights, spotlights, lamps.




The previously mentioned horror with an interesting plot and setting where the player does not have a weapon and cannot influence opponents in any way, except for running away from them, hiding on the ground and solving riddles so as not to fall into the clutches of a monster that will become fatal for the player.


You need to strain your memory to remember why exactly you wrote to yourself in a note before amnesia that you need to kill Alexander Brennenburg


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