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Taking Submissions: Another Name for Darkness

Sans Press

Deadline: July 12th, 2023 Payment: €150 Theme: Stories that respond to the name "Another Name for Darkness" that fits with the cover art provided From June 8 to July 12, we are reading short story submissions for our new collection, Another Name for Darkness! We are looking for stories of all genres that respond to our title and/or cover art, and selected writers will receive a flat rate of €150 for accepted submissions. The lion sleeps in the sun. Its nose is on its paws. It can kill a man. Wallace Stevens, Poetry is a Destructive Force The face in the mirror, the eyes gleaming in the night – are they friend or foe? Real or imagined? Or just your own reflection? And if you got close enough to see it for what it is, and hear what it has to say, would you ever feel the same? For our sixth anthology, we've decided to go looking in the shadows to meet what lurks out there! Maybe it's a monster, or maybe it's a hidden side of yourself (or maybe both are the same thing); maybe it's the unexpected, or what you've always known to be true. Another Name for Darkness is an anthology for stories that dare to face the dark, looking at it with honesty and seeing what it reveals. We want the real and the supernatural, joyful and melancholic, light and dark – as long as it's sincere. We are looking for stories inspired by our title – Another Name for Darkness – and the cover artwork below, created by artist WOLFSKULLJACK. All genres of writing are welcome, as long as they explore a story of facing the dark (which can be as real or as metaphorical as you see it)! More than any specific story or...