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Taking Submissions: Strange Stories Volume 1

February 15, 2019

Deadline: February 15, 2019
Payment: $5 for flash fiction, $10 for short story, $15 for book chapter and so on in increasing value as length increases. and a contributor’s copy

Strange Stories is a new pulp anthology to be published annually in May. The idea is to experience the pleasure and thrill that was the pulp era–just on acid free paper. Send us the weird, the thrilling, the wonder filled, the transgressive, the repulsive, the exploitative, and of course…the STRANGE.

Works Accepted
Anything unusual, surprising, unsettling, difficult to understand, infuriating, offensive, freakish, unconventional, surreal, mystifying, standard defying, bizarre, unexplained, unanswered, wonderment, moral breaking, ethics defying, doesn’t fit, “not for us” types, and can’t find a home.

Some examples might include: Talking animal critters, demonic angels, multi dimensional beings which bowl with planets, ghosts on drugs, vampires who only drink the blood of horseshoe crabs, alien restaurants serving human burgers, a society entirely of incestuous clones, forced animal-human hybridization, Catholic priests advocating for Satan, zombies who feel bad, vegetables knocking over a corn silo, and so on.

Works Not Accepted
We do not publish hate. Though we love the transgressive, we respect people and their ways of being. Those who are of the extreme/anti (Muslim, immigrant, black, LGBTQ, etc.) mindset will need to seek elsewhere to publish their works.

Story Types
Short stories, flash fiction, novellas, novelettes, and book chapters which are previously unpublished.

Submission Genres
We are looking for everything. Generally if it’s weird, it’ll fit. Genres included are science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, tall tales, western, meta-fiction, detective, romance, satire, and mystery. You may contact us if your work doesn’t fit to see if we are interested in the piece.

Word Length
We generally follow these guidelines:

  • Novella 17,500 to 39,999 words
  • Novelette 7,500 to 17,499 words
  • Book Chapter 1-17,000 words
  • Short story 1,500 to 7,499 words
  • Flash Fiction 1 1,499 words

Foreign Language
We welcome foreign language pieces. If accepted, a work in another language will be published side by side with the English translation. Persons writing in a foreign language will be responsible for making necessary translation edits based on the final English manuscript of a work that will be for publication.

Editorial Policy
If your submission requires revision before publishing, the editors will contact you and provide suggestions for revision. Forty-Two Books reserves the right to edit your work for publication, which may include clarity, grammatical correctness, typography, or cohesion.

Copyright Policy
The PUBLISHER, Forty-Two Books, will hold exclusive publishing rights for the STORY for twelve (12) months from the date of publication of the ANTHOLOGY. After that date has passed, all intellectual property rights revert to the AUTHOR, but the publisher will retain distribution rights in the format of the contracted anthology. The author agrees not to publish any portion of the work, or the work in full elsewhere during the above-referenced twelve (12) month period without prior authorization from the publisher. Forty-Two Books may distribute the anthology in digital and/or print versions and/or similar other formats that may become available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as other portals that become available, including but not limited to the publisher’s own purchasing portal.

As a small micro-press, all authors accepted for publication will be paid a small token fee per story which will be outlined in author contract. Usual rate is $5 for flash fiction, $10 for short story, $15 for book chapter and so on in increasing value as length increases. Payout is after the publication release. Each author will receive a complimentary copy of the volume in which they are published.

Author Contact Information
If accepted for publication you will be required to sign a publishing contract which includes: email, mailing address, name/pen name, and a bio to be included in the anthology. Only the bio and name requested will be printed.

Please contact the editor, Daniel Cureton, at [email protected]

How to Submit
The deadline for submissions for 2019 is February 15. Please submit using our submission form. After you submit, you can expect a response within a month’s time to your submission. Manuscripts should be in standard manuscript format with 1″ margins, use 12 point font size, and use Times New Roman font.

Via: Forty Two Books.


February 15, 2019