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Taking Submissions: Stairs In The Woods

August 31, 2017

Deadline: August 31, 2017
Payment: 50% of royalties go to the story contributors, prorated to each author by word count.

  • There are stairs in the woods – as if you cut and pasted stairs from a house.
  • The stairs are usually in good shape – strong and sturdy and not rotted. Sometimes they are in immaculate condition, as if somebody is maintaining them.
  • ​They’re locations don’t follow any understood pattern.
  • ​You might or might not be able to find the same stairs twice (up to the individual author).
  • ​Approaching and/or climbing the stairs gives a sense of foreboding and weirdness.
  • ​Sometimes really bad things happen if you approach or climb the stairs.
  • ​The authorities (notably the park service) is keeping quiet about the stairs. Officially, they don’t exist. The authorities do not talk about them – even among themselves.
  • ​You can explain the stairs or leave them unexplained – up to you.
  • Science fiction, fantasy, and horror are most likely – but your story can be in any genre. One author I contacted told me I wasn’t likely to get many Romantic Comedies – but if you’ve got a good one, submit it!
  • ​You can submit as many stories as you like, but we’ll only publish one story per author in this anthology.
  • ​Submissions should be in the 3000-20,000 word range.
  • ​Submissions should be never before published, and we’re asking for exclusive rights on this one.
  • ​Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format (doc or docx) and should be in a legible font and size.
  • EMail Submissions to [email protected] and must include contact information (name, e-mail, etc). Submissions are due by August 31, 2017.
  • Payment will be the Silver Empire anthology standard: 50% of royalties go to the story contributors, prorated to each author by word count.

Via: Silver Empire.


August 31, 2017