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Taking Submissions: Road Kill Vol. 2

July 1, 2017

Deadline: July 1st, 2017
Payment: $25-$200 depending on length and three free copies.
Note: Texas writers only

I attended a meetup today and got information on an open call for Texas-based writers (either born here or living here) for Road Kill: Texas Horror from Texas Writers, Vol. 2. They are eager to hear from authors who have been traditionally marginalized, excluded, or unrepresented because Texas has many voices and it’s important to include everyone.

Here are the details straight from the Editor’s hand.

Hello, E.R. Bills and Bret McCormick here. We are the editors of the upcoming horror title, Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers, from Eakin Press. Due to the success of the anthology, we are accepting stories for Road Kill Vol. 2. We are looking for original horror stories, 1,500–10,000 words, give or take. If we receive a 14,00-word story that knocks our socks off, we will consider it. And the same for an 800-word yarn. We prefer not to receive stories that have already appeared elsewhere.

Submissions should be sent to ba.mccormick (at) yahoo.com.

The primary objective of Road Kill is to promote new, up-and-coming horror writers in Texas, but the collection will include some works from established wordsmiths. The stories must be written and submitted by Texas authors and they must take place in Texas—hence the title. No one will be making a fortune, but we will be paying one-time fees (based on word count) and if the anthology sells over 5,000 copies, royalty percentages—1% per writer—will kick in. Every writer will receive three free copies and every contributing writer will receive 50% discounted wholesale pricing on any copies of the book that he or she purchases to carry and sell on their own.

The scale for writer stipends will look something like this:

10,000 words – $200
7,500 words – $150
5,000 words – $100
2,500 words – $50.00
1,500 words – $25.00

All payments will be made upon official acceptance and when acceptance is communicated, each author will need to supply a short bio.

We will be requesting one-year non-exclusive rights. This means we will use your story in this anthology and we can print excerpts of it online and otherwise (for promotional purposes, etc.), but you can still sell it a year down the road to someone else, we simple request that you note in later publications that it appeared here first. Authors retain all TV and/or film rights—you own them outright—but, again, we request that the writer of any story that receives TV or film treatment note that the story appeared in Road Kill Vol. 2.

The deadline to turn in stories is July 1, 2017, and our intent is to have the book printed and available by October 1, 2017, in plenty of time for Halloween. eakin Press will be promoting Road Kill Vol. 2 and my co-editor, Bret McCormick, and I will be submitting it for review to local, state and national media outlets. We will also be setting up signings and appearances around the state for the authors themselves to promote the book.

If your work is chosen to appear in this collection of Texas horror, you will join a talented group of upcoming and accomplished authors and expand your reach in the competitive field we are all trying to excel in. Hope to see your work soon!


Bills and McCormick.

P.S., Your submission does not have to be double-spaced. Thanks!

Via: Pulled It Outta My Ass.


July 1, 2017