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Taking Submissions: Leather, Denim, & Silver

February 15, 2011

Taking Submissions: Leather, Denim, & Silver

Legends of the Monster Hunter

Imagine Clint Eastwood in a classic Western. Then make it a hair-raising hunt for werewolves. Picture an elite military group chasing Djinn through war-torn Iraq, or a Victorian vampire hunter sacrificing their own life to save the children in the next room…

History is filled with those that keep us safe by hunting the things that hunt us, and now is the time for their stories to be told.

Give us your meanest, your baddest, your most clever and inventive, or your frail but tragically fated slayer. Make them heroes, or make them more evil than the creatures they hunt. Give them blind determination and a hell bent desire to win no matter what the cost, or let them face a moral uncertainty that they’re doing the right thing by killing…

Please keep in mind:

  • The story must include a human hunter, or a group of hunters, after a monster (any fictional monster. No human monsters…).
  • New takes on the classic Vamp and Werewolf myths are most welcome.
  • The hunter(s) can live or die.
  • The monster(s) can be killed, kill the hunter(s), or get away.
  • The story may take place in the past, in current times, or the near future (no sci-fi please).
  • The story can, and in most cases should, include the hunter’s chase and confrontation with the monster.
  • Guns, knives, explosives and steel-traps are good.
  • Falling in love with the monsters is unacceptable, unless the hunter dies.

Make it an open-ranged Western. Make it a gas-lit London mystery, or make it a modern chase through the streets of New York. Just make sure you make it 3,000 to 7,000 words in RTF or DOC format. No reprints or sim-subs, please, and keep it to one sub at a time.

All of the usuals apply: no gore, hard-core adult content, or anything that isn’t vital to the story. No needless cruelty to animals or children. Keep the story tight, action packed, and write it like you want to see it splashed on the big screen.


Expected response time is under THREE months (please query if you have not received a response within 90 days). We regret that, due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to give personal criticism. No reprints, no multiple submissions, no simultaneous submissions

Word count should be approximately 3,000-7,000 words;

DEADLINE: February 15th 2011


5,000 words & under – ¼¢ per word, payable upon publication; no contributor’s copy
5,001 words & above – ¼¢ per word, payable upon publication; one contributor’s copy

[via: Pill Hill Press.]


February 15, 2011
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