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Taking Submissions: Insignia 2022: Best Asian Speculative Fiction

June 30, 2022

Deadline: June 30th, 2022
Payment: $5
Theme: Speculative Fiction reprints set in an Asian country and must have Asian main characters

About: This is our annual reprint anthology, started in 2020. ‘Insignia 2022’ will feature new Asian speculative short stories. Pieces should be set in an Asian country and must have Asian main characters. (Exceptions are for non-human characters, or non-Earth settings, but your story should still have recognizable Asian elements in these cases. If you’re not sure, please query).

Theme: Anything speculative: horror, light or dark fantasy, and science fiction. As usual, we aim to have a good mix of Asian settings and cultures, as well as speculative sub-genres, so the more original your ideas are, the better chance your work will have of being accepted.

Reading period: JUNE 1st to June 30th, 2022. (by midnight USA/PDT time please).

Word Count: 1000 – 6000 words preferred. (A little under or over will still be considered).

No. of Submissions: Only 1 story per author will be ACCEPTED, however you may submit up to 3 stories initially. If any stories are rejected, you may submit new pieces.

Other Conditions: Reprints only are accepted. Please be sure that your story is not still under exclusive contract elsewhere. Include the publisher and first publication date in your cover letter and/or in the story document. If your story was self-published on your own blog it will still be considered, however preference will go to work published in known literary markets.

Formatting: Times New Roman and 12pt preferred. Include the story title, your pen name, and email address in the story document (top left, above story). Each story in its own document. No italics for non-English words please.

Payment & Rights: $5 per accepted story. In addition, each author will receive a review copy of the finished anthology (MOBI or EPUB). Rights remain with the author. We only seek permission to include your story in this single eBook. Contracts will be sent with each acceptance.

Publication: For eBook release (no print). We distribute via Amazon, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital. We’ll be looking for 10-15 stories total.

How to Submit: email your story/stories to insignia.submissions(at)gmail.com. Include ‘Insignia 2022 Submission’ and your pen name in the subject line. Please include a short introduction letter and your author bio in your email. You may send up to 3 stories together (in separate Word doc/docx files please). Please list them in your email to confirm they are all received and get read.

DO NOT SEND A BLANK EMAIL – your submission will not be read without a proper email message, including a greeting such as ‘Dear Kelly/Ms. Matsuura’ or even ‘Dear Editor’  is ok. Also, please sign off with the name that you would like to be addressed as when I contact you.

We’d be happy to answer any queries during the reading period. Email us at the above address, send us a tweet  at @InsigniaStories, or contact us via Facebook: The Insignia Series Facebook page. 

Via: Insignia Stories.


June 30, 2022