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Taking Submissions: Infinite Urban Fantasy One

December 31, 2014


Deadline: December, 31, 2014
Payment: 1¢ per word for the first 4,000 words

Submissions start on: 2014-09-30
Deadline: December, 31, 2014
Theme: NA
Accepted genres:Urban Fantasy
Minimum number of words: 1000
Maximum Number of Words: 17500
Accepted types:Flash Fiction, Novelettes, Novellas, Short Stories
Accepted languages:English

Infinite Urban Fantasy One will be a collection of  urban fantasy short stories. We are looking for great UF that breaks away from the tired tropes of the genre. Think Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes or The Skyscraper Throne Trilogy by Tom Pollock. Sure, throw your vampires at us, but have you seen the sheer number of stories (good and bad) about them–they damn well be special if we’re going to consider using them ourselves. Same goes for werewolves, witches, and little faeries living in Bon Temps.

The following is a list (far from exhaustive) of things that’ll get us excited about your submission:

  • The mythology is of your own making, i.e. you’re not borrowing from Bram Stoker
  • You’re not sending us Horror stories or SF stories (worry not, though; their time will come)
  • You didn’t forget the ‘urban’ part of urban fantasy, i.e. your characters evolve in contemporary settings.
  • If your mythology isn’t of your own making, it’s at least something that moves away from the ordinary. Think Kitsunes (à la Teen Wolf) or some African monster/deity or if you’re very well acquainted with Western mythology, delve deeper; show us something we haven’t seen a dozen times.
  • If you do decide to show us something we’ve seen a dozen times, you’ve approached it from a dazzling angle.

There are more of course, but these will give you cookie points and will put a smile on our faces. Of course, nothing trumps story and great writing, and that’s chiefly what we’ll be looking for when we start processing the urban fantasy short story submissions.

Pay is 1¢ per word for the first 4,000 words.

Via: Infinite Acacia.


December 31, 2014