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Taking Submissions: Ghostlight, The Magazine of Terror Summer 2015 Issue

June 1, 2015


Deadline: June 1st, 2015
Payment: Contributor’s Copy

Formerly known as Ghostlight, Ghostlight, The Magazine of Terror is open for submissions in 2015 during the specified periods! Please click on the link below to see our updated guidelines.

Ghostlight, The Magazine of Terror is a magazine devoted to horror fiction, non-fiction, art, and poetry. It is published twice a year (Spring and Winter) by Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. Unlike Erie Tales, Ghostlight, The Magazine of Terror is open to all writers of horror, sci-fi, dark fantasy, and dark humor – especially dark humor.

It is edited by our very own Nicole Castle.

If you have any questions not covered in the guidelines, please feel free to contact Nicole [email protected]


March 1 – June 1 (Summer Issue)
(Publishing target: August)

We at the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers (GLAHW) are looking for stories that are well written and character driven, preferably with a Michigan or Great Lakes connection, but any well written story with a dark side has a chance with us. All stories need to be Horror, Dark Sci-Fi, Dark Fantasy, or Dark Humor, especially Dark Humor. If you can make us laugh and creep us out at the same time, you have a good chance of acceptance.

Please don’t send us sword & sorcery or space opera stories. Tolkien and Lucas have their place, but not here. Also, we don’t and can’t accept “fan fiction” which includes anything based on a video game, book, movie or any other creator’s work or conception unless you have written permission from the creator. If you don’t own the copyright to the characters in your story, we cannot publish your work. By submitting to GLAHW you, as the author of the work, accept responsibility for any possible copyright infringement.

Please don’t send us “Slash”, “Fem-Slash” or anything graphic sexual descriptions. Sex is okay as long as it’s integral to the story, but don’t overdo it. Please don’t use gore for gore’s sake.

Again, gore is okay as long as it’s integral to the story. After all, we are horror writers.

Though we cringe at the thought of violence toward children or pets, we understand that this type of violence does occur in real life, but please make sure it’s integral to your story. Any story that insinuates an act of sexual violence between an adult and a child will be automatically rejected.

Please use spell check and proof your work before sending to us. As writers, we should be doing this already, but it surprises us how often this is not done. Multiple submissions are okay but please send them under a separate email. Also, only three submissions per author per reading period. Simultaneous submissions are also okay as long as you let us know if you sell your story elsewhere.

We are asking for non-exclusive First North American Print and Digital Rights.

We do accept reprint for inclusion in our magazine. Please tell us at the time of the submission when and where your work first appeared.

Read the full guidelines for further details such as how to submit as well as formatting as trying to copy a PDF into a WordPress site is driving me batty but that shouldn’t deny you the option to have the details for this magazine!

Via: Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers.


June 1, 2015