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Taking Submissions: Broken Worlds

May 31, 2015

broken-worldsDeadline: May 31st
Payment: $15 and contributor’s copy

It’s that time again. Broken Worlds submissions begin today and end on May 31st! We want your stories, as always. We’re still working with Submittable to make all of this happen, and we’re all eager to see what stories you have brewing around in your heads.

Are we all about horror? Maybe a little bit, but not really. Broken Worlds caters to a large swath of stories, and I hope that your creative juices will flow. There’s no doubt this will be a wonderful anthology full of very talented writers. We honestly cannot wait to read your work.

Theme: We are never alone, not truly. We exist within systems; families, societies, governments, countries, continents; all within a singular planet in a singular solar system in a singular galaxy in a singular universe. And none of these are perfect. Many are broken, some beyond repair. Some could become broken over time. Others need to be destroyed to be improved. This anthology is about broken worlds, from families to a multiverse, where things are not what they seem or seem to be what they are: utterly broken from the top down and vice versa.

We’re looking for original stories involving broken or breaking worlds. This anthology will run the gamit from fantasy to science fiction to horror (eldritch or otherwise) and beyond, all exploring the caprices of our fragile existence. Whether it’s a piece on a dysfunctional family or the end of the world, we’d love to consider it. For some guidance, think 1984 or Fahrenheit 451. We want fiction prose only, 500 – 13,000 words. We may consider pieces longer than that, but if you send them in, make sure they’re awesome. Must be original works: no fan-fiction.  Reprints will be considered, but unpublished works will receive priority consideration.

Simultaneous Submissions: No

Multiple Submissions: Yes

Reprints: Yes, but let us know where it has been previously printed and make sure you have the rights to have it reprinted.

Questions? Send them to [email protected]. Make sure to put “Broken Worlds” in the subject of your email.

Via: A Murder of Storytellers.


May 31, 2015