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Taking Submissions: Futuristic Canada

April 30, 2017

Deadline: April 30th, 2017
Payment: For flash fiction, the pay is $5 USD per story; For short stories, pay is $10 USD per story; For poems, pay is $2 USD per poem.

This anthology is a 150 Alliance project, created to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017!

Dark Helix Press is wondering – where will Canada be in  the future?

Will the next 100 years be peaceful with lots of technological advances or will Canada become a colony on a spaceship after Earth blows up? Robot beavers, poutine currency, there’s no limit to what can happen!

Canada in the future must be a well defined landscape in the stories submitted, so it’s essential that the world built by the author resonates well with the readers. Bonus points for those who can sneak in Canadian cultural references and diverse characters is a must.

We are aiming to release this book before July 1, 2017.


 Submission Details

We are looking for poems, flash fiction and short stories. Ratio of each will depend upon quality of submissions received.

Since this is a project celebrating Canada, preference will be given to Canadian writers. However, if you are an international writer who sends in a fantastic story and understands our country, we are open to this as possibility as well.

For guidelines, compensation and formatting details, visit our submissions page.

Submitting is a two step process:

1) Fill in and submit this Google form to ensure your name is listed in our database for review
2) Email in your submission to  “darkhelixpress at gmail.com” with subject headline: “Canada- (author name) – (title)”

Any questions can be sent to “darkhelixpress at gmail.com”.

What We Are Looking For
Each anthology may feature flash fiction, short stories, essays, and poetry. Ratio of each depends on submission quality received.

Specific guidelines are:

Flash Fiction – 500-1,500 words. We want stories which address the theme of the anthology and captivate readers.

Short Stories – 1,501-3,500 words. Longer stories which explore more possibilities of the theme and contain deeper character developments.

Non-Fiction Essays – 1,501-3,500 words. Based on a true story, presentation of some revelations or lessons learned from the experience.

Poems – 10-100 lines. Narrative poems that address the theme. Freestyle accepted, please make sure the words make sense somewhat. If you feel over 100 lines makes your poem stronger, please note this in your correspondence and we may ask for more when we accept your submission.

For fiction submissions, we prefer complete stories – with a beginning, middle and end. No excerpts will be accepted.

Note that we are not impressed by gratuitous sex and violence or pointless foul language; any edgy content should be necessary and appropriate to the plot and characters.

What We’re Buying
Dark Helix Press wants first worldwide publication rights, electronic rights, reprint rights, and digital archival rights. Rights revert back to the author upon publication and author retains all other rights. Any story submitted must be your own unpublished original creation. If you have already published it on a blog or website accessible to the general public, it is considered published, please do not submit.

Multiple Submissions & Simultaneous Submissions
You may have up to three submissions in each submission. Note that we are short staffed and it may take up to 12-18 weeks before you may receive a response. If you wish to withdraw, please send us an email and we will discard your submission.

Submissions follow a 2 step process at the moment: Step 1 is filling in a Google Form and Step 2 is emailing in the submission.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Submit all manuscripts in Word format – if submitted in the body of the email, it will not be read
  • Top right hand corner, first few lines should contain your real name, pen name if any in brackets, address, telephone, email address for contact/Paypal payment, type of writing (flash fiction, short story or poem) and word count
  • Title should be in Times New Roman, 16-point, bold
  • Manuscript should be single spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font
  • In between paragraphs, double space
  • Indicate the end of manuscript with three stars (***), then two spaces afterwards include a bio of 100 words which may include a maximum of 2 links to website, blog or social media profiles, etc.

We believe it is important to be paid for your work, although our rates are token amounts. Projects are created for the love of writing and stretching our imagination.

The compensation amounts will be paid via PayPal, with the option to donate it back to offset production and marketing costs of the books. The playing field is a tough one these days with lots of free writing available to readers…

For flash fiction, the pay is $5 USD per story;
For short stories, pay is $10 USD per story;
For poems, pay is $2 USD per poem.
In addition, each contributor will receive a digital copy of the anthology

By publishing through Dark Helix Press, we will be listing your author bio along with your website/social media links on the anthology page.

During marketing campaigns for the book, we may post your name and story/poem title in advertisements to attract readers. Feel free to contribute by letting readers know about the book or your story/poem via social media (we will re-tweet/share your posts if you let us know about them) or guide us to potential reviewers that may help elevate book success.

The more well known the anthology is, the brighter the spotlight will shine on your writing! We believe collaboration is the key in all projects.

Privacy Policy
During the submission process, we collect some personal information, including your email address and physical or snail mail address; we will never send you anything without your permission, nor will we publish or distribute that information to any third party. This information is kept on file for tax purposes only.

Via: Dark Helix Press.


April 30, 2017