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Taking Submissions: Hic Sunt Dracones

May 31, 2017 - June 1, 2017

Deadline: May 31st, 2017
Payment: 1 cent per word advance and royalties
Note: Reprints ONLY

Dust off your dragon stories. It’s time to “releash” them on the world in the first DFF Dragons anthology. No word on publication timing as this will depend on the quantity and quality of reprint short story submissions.

The Basics
Theme: Dragons
Open: Now
May 31, 2017 (Or upon receipt and contracting of a full TOC; so don’t wait.)
: Approximately 30 Reprint Stories;
Total Words: Approximately 150,000;
Story Words: 750 – 10000 Words – Or by prior invitation/permission more or less words;
Type: Reprint Only – prefer semi-pro to pro prior publication;
Rate: 1 cent per word advance – (less fees charged to author by PayPal). Participation in royalty sharing after advance;
Rights: Non exclusive World English print (paper & hardcover), ebook/digital, audio – all for the complete anthology only.
Publication: Complete anthology only – no one offs and no individual story license.
Response Time: Could be 3 weeks, but if we’ve short listed your story it could be considerably longer while we build out our TOC. You may submit your reprint to other markets; just us know if it is no longer available (and congrats). However, we will do our best to keep authors in the loop.

Submissions will be reviewed for inclusion upon receipt. Please submit only ONE story for consideration at a time; multiple entries will be rejected. IF your story is rejected you may submit another story for consideration – but just one at a time, please. IF your story is accepted then additional stories require pre-approval to submit.

We are not looking for and will not license stories that are available to download on-line for free as a stand-alone story from any venue.


Dragons – bad-ass dragons. Dragons that destroy things and eat people, and the people/robots/aliens/time lords that fight them or out-smart them – or get eaten by them. No story book dragons that live in forests helping orphans or peddling psychedelics. My dragons eat orphans for breakfast. Timeline and setting is wide open. Your dragons aren’t necessarily getting stabbed by swords – but swords are welcome too. I want dragons – awe inspiring fear provoking monsters. They can be mechanical, mystical, steam-powered, alien, aquatic, from another dimension, or from outer space — but they must be terrifying beasts of destruction. Here be dragons.

We will accept any well polished reprint and forego the pro to semi-pro distinction for this anthology. We don’t content edit these though so your submission has to be great out of the gate.

Expanded Terms (subject to formal contract)
The following is a general, non-binding, statement of the terms under which Digital Fantasy Fiction publishes submissions but is superseded by the Publishing Agreement and DFP League terms and conditions that will be provided for review and agreement prior to publication and payment.

Authors are paid one (1) cent per word in United States dollars ($0.01 USD) based on final proofread word count. Accepted submissions are paid 100% within thirty (30) business days of first publication date. Payment is via PayPal less PayPal fees. There are no fees, charges, or expenses of any kind charged to the author by the publisher; however, transaction, exchange rate, or banking fees charged by PayPal or third party banks are the responsibility of the author.

We buy non-exclusive second world rights to a short story for one anthology, in the English language and any electronic, audio, and print format, with a six (6) month no new use clause. (You must agree not to reuse or republish the selected Work for a period of 6 months from first payment; but existing publications are fine.) Rights apply only to one anthology (Hic Sunt Dracones), not general use of a work.

The work is initially published for Amazon e-books and subsequently in a print collection of stories as a digital and print anthology. We provide copy editing, proofreading, and formatting at our cost. Copy editing will be performed on your work prior to publication to bring it in line with Digital’s style guidelines and for technical errors. You may be provided with a copy of the editing changes prior to publication, but your consent is not required. However, no substantive content changes will be made without the consent of the Author.

Authors must warrant, state, represent, and agree that the author has full and unrestricted right to re-license the work to Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. for publication in accordance with the Publishing Agreement, and that the author is the owner of the copyright to the work, without material encumbrance.

Author shall be required to fully indemnify and save harmless the publisher for any failure to abide by these requirements. (Please do not license us something you don’t own or can’t license as intended. Digital Fiction is relying on, exclusively, the representations of the author in this regard.)

Additionally, if your story otherwise qualifies and is selected for publication, we require that no self-published or other versions of the stand-alone story remain or be made available on-line for free as a stand alone story. That is, if your otherwise qualifying story was ever published by you or a third party on-line as a stand-alone story for free, then you must agree to remove or have removed the story from on-line publication for a period of six (6) months from the date of Digital’s first publication. If you don’t have control over your on-line content we will not license your work – sorry.

Digital Fantasy Fiction is a fantasy fiction imprint of Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. and we want dragon stories. We will in this case consider any genre as long as your reprint short story prominently concerns a dragon or dragons.

We want stories for a young adult to adult (not children) audience. Content should be PG to R rated. No erotica, adult content, or gratuitously offensive content will be acceptedPlease don’t submit anything that fits these categories as it’s a waste of your time and ours, thank you. Because we want bad-ass dragons that eat people, and the like, we will tolerate a considerably higher level of gore and general violence where the same is for the sake of a great story — not for the sake of gore and violence. That is, avoid sending us gratuitous anything – violence, sex, profanity, etc. If it is not integral to the story and it’s not advancing the plot or character development; we don’t want to see blood, gore, or sex just for shock value’s sake (this goes for language too). But dragons eat people, sometimes three or four at a go, so we’re cool with that.

We don’t get too hung up on sub-genres or specific requirements. If you think you have a bad-ass dragon short story, then there’s a good chance we will too. Just be careful to avoid trying us out with wimpy dragons that help people — you’ll hurt our feelings.

Thank you for considering Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please consider white-listing @dfpcorp.com and @submittable.com to ensure receipt of submission related emails.

Via: Digital Fantasy Fiction’s Submittable.


May 31, 2017
June 1, 2017