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Taking Submissions: FRIGHT MARE – Women Write Horror

October 31, 2015


Deadline: October 31, 2015
Payment: $30 and contributor’s copy
Note: This one is for the ladies!

I don’t see as many horror stories from women as from men in anthologies. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t submit or if they’re rejected. I do know one thing. Women write horror well and I hope this anthology will show the reader the truth of the statement.

Women, since the time of Mary Shelley, have written great horror works.

If you’d like to submit, this editor will be pleased to read the story.

I want horror the way only great women can write it. There is no theme because I like the idea of giving you leeway in subject matter.

Try for at least 3000 words up to 10,000 words. Submission date: August 2015-October 31, 2015. (Or when anthology is full. Please don’t delay to submit until deadline). Distribution will be through Amazon and possibly other online markets.

Stories needed can be either supernatural horror or realistic horror. Naturally if you write about a serial killer it better be a new take and unique to the genre since this type of killer is overdone. Likewise, vampires, werewolves, and the walking dead are pretty much played out so if you use these, make them new and refreshing (in an evil sort of way). No simultaneous submissions and don’t send more than one story, thanks.

No gore for gore’s sake. Creepy scary horror is the ticket. While this is an R-rated anthology, please no stories involving graphic rape, child molestation, or animal torture. No gratuitous sex—if you include sexual content, make sure it is germane to the plot of your story. Use profanity strategically and sparingly. An unedited story with many errors will, of course, have less chance of inclusion as one that needs little editing. (Given similar quality of storytelling ability.)

Send in email as a doc or docx with Fright Mare in subject line to [email protected]. If you do not put FRIGHT MARE SUBMISSION in the subject line I may overlook the email as spam and not get your story. Allow at least a month for feedback. Once I get your story I’ll let you know it was received.

The anthology is scheduled to be released in conjunction with Women in Horror Month in February 2016.

Pay is $30 a story. The AUTHOR grants Exclusive Rights to the PUBLISHER to publish the WORK globally in both print and electronic form. The AUTHOR retains the right to republish the WORK six months after the publishing date and all other rights to the AUTHOR’S WORK revert to AUTHOR. There will be a digital and paperback edition. Authors receive one copy of each after publication. Payment will be made after contract is signed, either through Paypal (send your Paypal email account) or a check in the mail, whatever the author’s preference might be. Original stories preferred, but a reprint with previous publication credit will be considered.

Single-spaced. Name, address, email, and word count on the first page. No headers or footers. New Times Roman 12pt font. Short bio at the end of the manuscript to be used in the anthology if story is bought.


Billie Sue Mosiman is a novelist and short story writer. She co-edited anthologies with Martin Greenberg in the 1990s. She also co-edited an anthology with David Drake. Her experience as an editor comes from working for a literary magazine in Houston, the anthologies she’s co-authored, and as a writing instructor for Writer’s Digest magazine and AOL Online.

Send in your best. FRIGHT MARE expects competition to be high. The work will need to be superior. Write on!

Via: Frightmare Ahthology.


October 31, 2015