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Taking Submissions: Fossil Lake III: UNICORNADO!

August 22, 2015

Deadline: August 22, 2015
Payment: $5.00 for poetry/flash; $10.00 for short stories and a contributor’s copy
Note: Reprints Welcome

The theme for Fossil Lake III: UNICORNADO! will be unicorns and/or natural disasters … preferably both! We want gothy unicorns, metal unicorns, uni-adult content, pretty princess unicorns, whatever! We want thunder and lightning and devastating rainbows, we want quakes and storms, cyclones, tsunamis, avalanches of glitter! We want majestic herds of unicorns galloping out of the clouds, wreaking havoc with their jabby horns. Violence, carnage, and gore. Candylandslides. Thinly-disguised ponyfics. The weirder the better. Go wild. Have fun.

Submission Period: July 22, 2015 — August 22, 2015

Word Limit: poetry/flash fiction up to 1000 words; short stories 2000-5000 words.

Compensation: contributor copy, $5.00 for poetry/flash; $10.00 for short stories.

Standard manuscript format; Times New Roman 12-point preferred. Italics for italics and whatnot.  Send submissions attached as a .doc or .rtf to: christinemariemorgan@gmail.com. “Fossil Lake III” in the subject line, please.

What we look for: the dark, the transgressive, the controversial, the surreal. Horror, humor, bizarro, erotica, suspense, fantasy, historical, Lovecraftian … pretty much anything goes genre-wise and content-wise as long as it’s well-written and entertaining to read. Bonus points for somehow involving thematic elements of fossils and/or lakes.

What we’re NOT looking for: Crap writing (hey, let’s be honest).  Some editorial pet peeves and tough sells include adverbs, non-“said” dialogue tags, passive voice, “was (verb)ing” and “could (sense)” phrasing, excessive blocking or stage direction.

What we’re hoping for: close communication with authors who are willing to work with an editor, can handle criticism, and are just generally personable and fun.

What we’re asking: One-time non-exclusive anthology rights. Reprints are welcome; just let us know where and when the piece has appeared before.

Via: Fossil Lake.


August 22, 2015