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Taking Submissions: Dieselpunk Fairy Tales

December 15, 2015


Deadline: December 15th, 2015
Payment: 3% of sales

Twit Publishing is going far afield again with this one and hoping to help establish a new genre that we’ve already published in an earlier anthology. We’ve already covered the older genres from the 1920’s to 1950’s pulps with Twit Publishing Presents: PULP! anthologies, and are looking again at a young genre that re-examines the 20s, 30s, 40s, and early 50s: Dieselpunk. But this anthology will have a twist, Dieselpunk: Fairy Tales.

What is Dieselpunk? Dieselpunk is a re-imagining of the diesel-era (the post-World War I era to the early 1950s). It’s gangsters, bootleggers, swing, Mexican revolutionaries, Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde, U-Boats, the Depression, the end of the Wild West, Bolshevik agents, greasers, zeppelins, jazz, art-deco, roadsters, hobos (anything that fits into this era of time along with cross-genres), and the Red Scare. It is the beginning of mechanization of the military and the beginning of the mechanization of the factory.

Of course, though, there will be a twist. Each story will be in the Dieselpunk genre, but will also be based on a fairy tale.

We’re looking for over-the-top storylines that fit into this mash-up of genres. Horror, action, detective, crime, and even fantasy can be fit into this genre. Think steam-punk, but with petroleum-fueled engines. All submissions will have to be based on a retelling of a fairy tale.

There are a few common fairy tales that writers will want to base their stories on, so if you have any doubts if your fairy tale has already been submitted, please email submissions@TwitPublishing.com.

The word count should be between 4000 and 9000 words. U.S. writers only, please.

Please submit stories to submissions@twitpublishing.com.

Payment will be based on 3% of sales.

Submission deadline 12/15/15

Via: Twit Publishing.


December 15, 2015