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Taking Submissions: Elf Saga: Beyond Doomsday

April 30, 2018

Deadline: April 30th, 2018
Payment: $50 and royalties

Do you really love classic fantasy, but also love making totally modern snarky jokes? Have you always wanted to write an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural? Do you want to write about an amazing fantasy heroine who doesn’t seem to fit into any other setting? Then this is the anthology for you!

ELF SAGA is a series about heroines from all over the world coming together to solve mysteries, slay beasts, save innocents, and deal with family drama (usually). It’s also about making fun of your situation, even as your situation is trying to eat you alive. It’s about pointing out absurdity, even as you’re forced to be friends with that absurdity. It’s about laughing at death, even as you’re dying. (But mostly laughing.)

This new anthology, ELF SAGA: BEYOND DOOMSDAY, is set around the time of the novel ELF SAGA: DOOMSDAY. Writers are invited to create their own original characters to explore new corners of this vast fantasy world. You are encouraged to read the novel (it’s free) to get a sense of the world and the tone, and then let your imagination run wild. You can set your story before, during, or after the novel (the world changes a lot during the novel, so it may matter to your story). Let’s get right into the details:


Anthology Title: “Elf Saga: Beyond Doomsday”

Submission Length: 5,000 – 10,000 words

Pay per original story accepted: [1] Flat fee $50, payable upon publication, plus [2] one (1) equal share of all profits generated in the first six (6) months after publication. The anthology will be priced at $3.99. (For example: if the anthology were to make 2,000 sales, this would result in $5,400 in revenue. Subtracting costs for artwork and initial fees would result in profits of about $4,400. Dividing between 10 stories would result in a royalty payment of about $440 per each story.)

All payments will be made via PayPal.

Submissions due: April 30, 2018

Notification of Acceptance: May 31, 2018

Projected publication date: August 1, 2018

Joseph Lewis, Producer and Managing Editor, will select the stories that will appear in this volume.

Cover Artist: Series artist Linggar Bramanty

This release will NOT be published as part of Kindle Unlimited (KU). After 90 days, authors of stories not previously published will be free to publish their stories independently.

Idea pitch: You can send me an email ([email protected]) to pitch your idea and get a little feedback up front, or you can dive right in, write your story, and let me see it for the first time when you submit. Your choice. (Choose wisely!)

Authors who are accepted agree to supply one-sentence blurbs about their story, representative photographs of their faces, and a brief author biography.

Authors who are accepted will be expected to promote the series to the best of their ability.

For reference, see ELF SAGA: DOOMSDAY on Amazon (free): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R706OLK/

Send submissions to Joseph Lewis at this address: [email protected]

Prepare your submitted stories in Word (.doc or .docx are both fine), Times New Roman, Font size 12. Single spacing, only one space after a period. When you have a scene change, indicate it via a line with three asterisks, centered, with a space in between, like this: * * * Nothing else fancier!

Preface your story with the title, your name, your email address, and the word length. All of this makes your story easier to read and edit, and then quickly format for publication.

When submitting, include in your email any pertinent facts, such as: You’re a New York Times Bestselling author (which would be great, but certainly isn’t a requirement), you have a notable social media presence, a large list of newsletter subscribers, etc.

Guidelines for Acceptance: Here are some of the key things I’m looking for in your submission: strong characters, imaginative imagery, humorous dialogue, relatable relationships, some action and adventure, maybe a little social commentary, and of course, decent writing/editing. Bonus points if your story fits beautifully into the ELF SAGA world. Extra bonus points if you can make me laugh out loud.


The following is not a proper series bible, but a collection of notes that should help you get started.

This short story collection is set during the events of the novel DOOMSDAY. The following people, places, and creatures are available for you.

The World: “Vaenos” is a world very much like ours. It has several continents, dozens of nations, and diverse ecosystems. Across these lands are many elf societies and cultures loosely modeled on real peoples and places.

People: Everyone is an elf, which is short-hand for “ethnically diverse humans with pointy ears”.

The Drogori: A group of elves who bond with and ride dragons. By consuming the powdered bones of dead dragons, these elves have acquired (over generations) the ability to sense the presence of dragons, to commune telepathically with dragons, and to become immune to dragon fire. They are easily identified by the small red scales dotting their skin. Individuals with long Drogori lineages may also have horns. A longer lineage is easily seen by the greater size of the horns, and the individual has stronger connections to dragons. They can be found anywhere in the world, but recently have been hunted and pressed into service for either Tenjia or Varada for the ongoing dragon wars.

The Alcani: A group of elves who bonded with and rode unicorns. Once found all over the world, the Alcani (and unicorns) went extinct 100 years ago. At the end of DOOMSDAY, there are only two Alcani in the world.

The Feyeri: A group of elves who bonded with faeries. They can only be found in the mountains of Varada. At the end of DOOMSDAY, there is only one Feyeri in the world.

Ambermagi: A group of elves dedicated to scientific pursuits, generally centered on the electric-like power that can be stored and extracted from amber. Known for tinkering in all areas, including vehicles, weapons, tools, and more. Mostly found in Aram, but also known to wander.

Witches: Mysterious individuals, usually Drogori, who can manipulate arcane forces in many ways, including bending time, cursing victims, seeing the future, and controlling gravity.

Shamans: Unique and revered individuals who can see and speak to ghosts. Mostly found in remote northern communities. Known to help lost spirits pass over to the next world, and to battle evil spirits who refuse to leave.

Sword Saints: Unique to Shihoku, these skilled warriors can move and fight with superhuman power.

Dragons: Your standard fantasy monsters, available in all sizes and colors, with various numbers of eyes and wings and tails, with a variety of breath attacks. To most people, they are natural dangers. To certain governments, they are weapons of war. To the Drogori, they are sacred companions.

Unicorns: Fearsome black steeds with golden horns and manes, and the magic power to shield the land from dragons. At the end of DOOMSDAY, they are resurrected and returned to the world.

Faeries: Your standard little person-shaped flying creature. They drop trails of green glitter as they fly about, causing lush plants to randomly grow in their wake. Capable of more complicated healing and resurrection magic under the command of a Feyeri.

Mermaids: Also known as ningyo, these half-elf, half-fish creatures are as intelligent as they are cruel and dangerous. Known to hunt and devour elves at sea, and sometimes to transform their victims into ningyo as well.

Spirit Creatures: Ancient beings of unknown origin, they include Coyote, Raven, Inari the Kitsune, Horus the Falcon, and others. Fond of elves. Known to meddle in elven affairs, and to transform individuals into powerful warriors and sages.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Joseph Lewis at [email protected].

Via: Elf Saga.


April 30, 2018