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Taking Submissions: Be Careful What You Wish For

June 15, 2016


Deadline: June 15, 2016
Payment: $5.00 plus equal share of 50% of the anthology’s royalties.

With all the various labels we apply to each other – and ourselves – more polarization is taking place in the world. So we
are challenging you to create a universe where two opposing groups (i.e., conservatives, liberals, or any others) have
colonized worlds in the same solar system. They can be on the same planet, but geographically separated. The idea is
adversarial groups have separated themselves and set up new societies along their own ideological lines.

We’re not looking for stories making an argument for a position. We want stories harkening back to the golden age of
Speculative fiction. Stories asking, WHAT IF?

What if ideologues are able to set up their perceived utopias?  What could go wrong?

Here are some ideas:
•        Now that the old ‘monsters’ are gone — who (or what) become the new monsters?
•        What becomes of ideologues when they’re responsible for running things? Not grand social issues, but mundane
things (like getting parts for the sewer plant from the hated others)?
•        What does your own ideology taken too far look like?
•        When utopias turn into ‘private Idahos,’ do you try to fix or flee? Where’s the decision point?
•        What holes in ideologies were covered by conflict that — now the conflict is gone —society is left to deal with?
Facing such problems, how to remain true to the ideology? Or, to remain in power, does it turn to lip service?
•        Give the characters the utopia they want then put a monster (human or other) into the mix.
•        How does the new utopia handle someone who violates its beliefs?
•        Historically revolutions have been over control of established societies. How will the needs of colonizing a new
planet change an ideology?

Caveat: If you choose to write about the side opposite your own ideology —you must do your research. But it must come
from sources from that side — not just yours. (When everything we ‘know’ about the motivations of the other side
comes from our own sources, we end up with mustache-twiddling villains.)

Be creative, be brave. Ask WHAT IF? Break the story-writing rules if you want. If you use a tried and true plotline, twist it
in an original and interesting way. Original stories are preferred. Query for reprints.

We’re splitting questions and submissions.
Questions. To set up a phone consultation, contact:  [email protected]
Submission. In the Subject line please put Submission: Careful What You Wish For : Title of your story : Your name.
Attach as an .rft or .doc file, please send to: [email protected]

Length 1,000-7,000 words. Will consider flash fiction if it’s well-written. Font should be Times Roman 12.  Standard
manuscript submission form must be used (e.g., double-space) Any manuscripts submitted incorrectly will be rejected.

This will primarily be an anthology by invitation – but we will consider unsolicited stories, as well.
Unsolicited submissions: May 1, 2016 (DO NOT SUBMIT PRIOR TO THIS DATE)
Submissions close: June 15, 2016

Release Date:  Oct 2016
Payment:  $5.00 plus equal share of 50% of the anthology’s royalties.

Will accept: Science fiction, Fantasy, Science fantasy, Steampunk, Alternate history, Space opera, Dieselpunk.
No fan fiction, shared universes, or continuing serials. No erotica.  No simultaneous submissions.

ALL writers are encouraged to submit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro with years of credits, a beginner just starting out,
or a teenager, please feel free to send the editor a story. In your cover e-mail, please tell the editor a bit about yourself and
give a quick one-line synopsis of the story. Include genre. If experimental, please explain the type so the editor doesn’t edit
out the form or reject it out of hand. Thank you.

Via: Wolf Singer Publications.


June 15, 2016