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Taking Submissions: The Society Pages

June 1, 2016


Deadline: June 1st, 2016
Payment: $30USD + a contributor’s cop

The Society Pages is a new anthology produced by Scratchpost Press. We intend to release the anthology each year in September. Each issue of the anthology will feature 10 – 20 pieces from 2,000 to 8,000 words.

I am currently OPEN for submissions. My preliminary reading period for submitted works will be through 1st May – 30th June
I will close for new material on the 1st of June.

If you need more time to prepare your piece you need to get in touch with me before the reading period opens. This will make both our lives easier.

The Society Pages is a collection of short stories exploring civilized furry society. How does this work? What makes a society constructed of so many different species function? Who are the winners in society? Who loses out for the ‘betterment’ of the whole? Has society divided along diet? How does the rule of law cross these barriers? Genre and style are open to the author, but I would prefer these pieces to be story-driven. Character explorations are possible but something needs to happen. Erotica is possible  if tasteful and in moderation, outright brutality is not.

This is about CIVILIZED society. Feral is not permitted.
Kids in adult works are also not permitted.
Aliens, humans etc are okay, but this is not about them. For a good example of anthros and humans mixing consider the series Bojack Horseman.

Prospective Authors need to submit a query to the email address listed on my profile. This should include an introduction and a pitch for your piece. This can consist of an outline, an idea, or a synopsis. I will not appreciate having a complete work to proofread upon first contact.

Send this query to: [email protected] with the subject line: The Society Pages: <YOUR NAME> Query (Please only submit one piece per reading period.)

All authors for the first installment will be paid $30USD + a contributor’s copy. Authors will also get a code for extra discounted copies. We would greatly prefer that each piece be an original.

Via: Scratch Post Press.


June 1, 2016