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Taking Submisions: RECONSTRUCTING THE MONSTER – An Homage to Classic Horror Films

June 15, 2014

Deadline: June 15th, 2014
Payment: $25.00, payable upon acceptance, and 1 trade paperback and electronic copy of the book provided upon publication.

The late 19th century saw the invention of film, and almost immediately after, the Horror genre.

The earliest examples were depictions of paper or cloth ghosts and haunted locales, but it was only a short time before titles likeDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein made their first appearances.

The 20’s gave us Nosferatu and the first Universal Monsters, The Phantom of the Opera and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s were dominated by Universal, but Hammer Film Productions jumped in toward the end to help carry the torch for monster films another couple of decades.

It was a golden era for the genre and there is not a writer among us that doesn’t count at least a few of these films as major influences and inspirations.

RECONSTRUCTING THE MONSTER pays homage to these classic films.

We are looking for stories inspired by any Horror film released before 1974.

If the work the movie was based upon exists in public domain, give us a continuation of the story, a side story or a reboot. Tell us a story of Dracula living in a modern Manhattan penthouse with Frankenstein’s Monster living in the tunnels beneath the city, or maybe the other way around. Just don’t mention any neck-bolts. Do your homework!

If the work is still under copyright, give us a re-imagining of the tale and theme. Instead of discovering a Gill-man in the Amazon, discover a large, ultra-aggressive and poisonous species of jellyfish or Octopus on a scientific expedition in Melanesia.

Or tell us a completely original story for which a movie served as inspiration.

Each submission should begin with a short paragraph naming the film(s) which inspired the story and its personal significance to the author. Being an homage, we understand if it gets a little emotional.

Edited by: Miles Boothe and Brian P. Easton
Submission Period: 10/15/13 through 6/15/14

Reading Period: 6/16/14 through 7/15/14.
Acceptances will be announced 7/15/14.
Tentative Publication Date: October 2014

Payment: $25.00, payable upon acceptance, and 1 trade paperback and electronic copy of the book provided upon publication.
Word Limits: 2000 to 8000 words.

Format: Submissions will only be accepted as .doc (.docx is fine) or .rtf formats. The entire text will be reformatted, so no need to worry about margins, spacing, etc. Please use a standard font.
Genres Accepted: Dark Fiction, Horror and Sci-Fi. No Fantasy or poetry accepted for this volume.

Reprints will be considered upon query.
Simultaneous Subs: (submitting to Emby and another press at the same time) can be avoided by *-requesting an early response.
Multiple Subs: Each author may submit up to 2 stories. Only one story per author will be accepted.
Exclusive Rights: The contract will stipulate 1 year exclusive worldwide print and electronic rights. However, the contract will also state that under certain circumstances, Emby Press might be willing to permit the author to place the story with additional publications.


June 15, 2014